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Undoubtedly, Toyesi rates highly as being Australia's most reliable manufacturer of technically advanced commercial quality HEATER - CHILLER HEAT PUMPS suited for a diverse range of water temperature control applications including aquatics, aquaculture, hydronics, geothermal, air conditioning, horticulture, industrial machinery and plant, and many others.

When you buy Australia's favoured brand of heater chiller heat pumps, be prepared to give up things like rattles, rust and poor quality workmanship as there is no engineering limit when it comes to specifying Toyesi products ranging from 'basic user-operation' to highly advanced 'self-learning and adaptive' multi-function heat pump systems.

Toyesi's stainless steel range of heat pumps has been engineered to cope with climatic extremities aimed at delivering enhanced operating performance efficiencies that maintain water temperatures during critical periods.

A wholly AUSTRALIAN OWNED company; Toyesi offers in-house engineering and technical application expertise that custom design and manufacture heat pump systems to perform economically with high levels of CONFIDENCE AND SATISFACTION which is what you would expect from a premium and practical heater chiller heat pump.

When it comes to heating or chilling of reticulated water, you can trust Toyesi has the ideal heat pump system to suit your requirements. Innovative and versatile, Toyesi's renowned high-end systems offers superior flexibility of being configured quickly for installation indoors, outdoors or in a plant room, making it the PERFECT SOLUTION with a variety of choices rather than adapting that 'off-the-shelf' type system that has no configurable options.

Easy to install and simple to maintain, you’ll find the Toyesi heater – chiller a pleasure to work with. Regardless of the site’s topography or building design, there are over 32 single chassis models with capacities ranging between 1.75HP to 36HP which can be coupled together to provide larger capacity systems; with either front, side or vertical fan discharge configurations available, and a choice of heat exchange technology.

Be assured that installation, commissioning, scheduled maintenance, service fault and technical difficulties are fully supported by our technical sales engineers, making Australia’s Toyesi heater – chiller heat pumps the right solution for every kind of project.

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We develop commercial heat pumps