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For Sea Change Apartments Indoor Pool Heating, Dehumidification, Ventilation Air Conditioning, Heating, Energy & Water Recovery, Filtration and Sanitation Architects Developers Designers Planners Specifiers Consultants Building management some considerations for the science of indoor heated swimming pools:

  • Comfort Levels of space temperature and pool temperature.
  • Guests patrons and the levels of activity (bathers and spectators.)
  • Moisture evaporating from the water and spill surface.
  • Fresh air unconditioned outdoor air being introduced.
  • Exhaust air ventilation humidity.
  • Building thermal dynamics
  • Air Conditioning Cooling & Heating.
  • Dehumidification
  • Pool design, Filtration, hydraulics and sanitation.
  • Water make up, Back wash, Water & Energy retention.

Evaporation rates is the largest source of energy loss for swimming pools and is a function of pool surface area and air velocity over water surface, along with saturation vapour pressure of air and water and the level of bather activity.

Activity factors need to be applied to indoor pools when they are being used, as the surface area frequently increases due to wave action by bather loads-per-square metre, and when wet spills onto surrounding decks,

Toyesi manufacture Pool Heat Pumps for pool heating and developing Hybrid fresh air ventilation, passive cooling air conditioning and dehumidification with ambient ventilation systems. For some of the answers to indoor pool heating and the use of waste energy for direct energy recovery.

Most indoor pool enclosures are notoriously known as having the potential of becoming hot and humid with saturated walls, ceilings and glass windows.

In the absence of operating space conditioning and dehumidification apparatus, pool owners will often attempt to counteract this undesirable state by waste ventilating the pool enclosure by introducing unconditioned or pre-heated make-up air that has lower moisture content.

In warmer months this method of waste ventilation can be reasonably feasible when outside air is not of higher relative humidity. However, in colder months, this approach usually becomes like the ‘dog chasing its tail’. A most uneconomical decision with no real benefit.

Improving standard pool heat pump heater’s operating efficiencies for indoor pools was being measured from around 400 percent (4 to 1COP’s ) up to 700 percent, and lowering running costs maintenance and repair costs due to combining functions of fans for heat pumps, fans for ventilation, pumps for pool heating, pumps for filtration there by reducing or eliminating the individualistic equipment functions required.

Symutech Heat Pump HVACE Energy Technology with Direct Digital Control Systems (DDC’s) which has been selected in this application overcoming problems including air ventilation, fresh air supply, air energy recovery, cooling, heating, dehumidification of indoor air space & pool heating. The fusion of DDC, EMS, Refrigeration, Air conditioning, Ventilation & Mechanical Services. Multi-functioning heat pump technology, HVACE Heat Pump Energy Technology, “The energy efficiency equation” by servicing multiple demands at a time, with proportional control we can predict control & manage the synergy of dynamic energy load requirements increasing operational efficiencies to an unprecedented amount as much as 1010 percent, when tested by a leading thermal research laboratory. incorporates these advantages, E.G. Space cooling, ventilation, pool heating, water filtration with water & energy recovery, all at the same time, intergration of variable speed drives (VSD”s) & (DDC’s) for commercial, industrial and domestic applications, increasing operation efficiency of equipment to reduce our carbon footprints on high energy usage applications.

We have created a very powerful energy system to control natural or forced energy flows to their optimum as energy is an expensive commodity with ever increasing costs. By carefully designed hydraulics, mechanical & thermal dynamics, a balance of equipment load functions. We have the ultimate control of natural and created energy flows with this new art with lineal control which can’t be controlled with mere on/off operations.

When Toyesi or Symutech heat pumps are in operation, their by-products are capable of countering this warm humid air by delivering a total control Symutech ems system or passive dehumidified cooling and/or ventilation effect to the pool enclosure.

"We have made it a simple process of recovering and re-using the thermal energy that is typically waste ventilated,"

For those commercial or private pools and spas that maybe or not currently heated, beat the low performance syndrome this winter, the Toyesi Tet Series high efficiency pool heat pump will allow you to enjoy the benefits of reducing running costs reducing carbon foot print a heated pool or spa throughout the year.

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