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If you'd like to beat the cold pool syndrome - well now you can. No matter how you intend to use your pool or spa, whether it is active training or just simply relaxing, the Toyesi TET SERIES high efficiency pool heat pump will let you enjoy the benefits of a HEATED pool or spa throughout the swimming year.


  • Distinctive, robust and corrosion resistant stainless steel case and fasteners throughout.
  • Cold 'winter' capacity design ratings.
  • Compact slim case design offering small footprint.
  • Commercial grade compressor technology.
  • High heat transfer coefficient pool-spa water heat exchangers for use with salt or chlorinated water.
  • Self-managing 'reverse-cycle' defrost logic.
  • Optimum flow rate water balancing valves.
  • Visible operating performance needle gauge.
  • Self-diagnostic energy management control board.
  • Slow rotation 'quieter' side fan operation.
  • Digital LED display thermostat controller.
  • Compressor 'soft-start' control.
  • Fully welded condensate recovery drip tray.
  • Factory operation and performance tested.
  • Long-term after-sales technical support and service.
  • Warehouse stocked spare parts 'ready to ship'.


  • Harsh environment '316 Marine' grade stainless casings for added corrosion protection.
  • Dual pool-spa changeover thermost and motorised water valve control.
  • Season dependent heater and/or chiller operation.
  • Water temperature sampling pump operation timer.
  • Positive flow paddle safety switch.
  • Compact in-plant unit casing design with various high-static fan discharge positions.
  • In-plant ducting and ventilation installation kits.
  • Thermostatically controlled mechanical air space ventilation of pool hall.
  • Passive dehumidification cooling and/or ventilation of pool hall with waste air energy recovery.
  • Sound attenuator 'fan noise reduction' kit.
  • Automatic air purge relief valve.
  • Tamper proof and pad-lockable control covers.
  • Multi-function pool controller compatibility.
  • On-site unit build for sites with limited access.

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We develop commercial heat pumps