About Toyesi

About Toyesi

  • Value For Money
  • Long Life-cycle
  • Quality Equipment & Parts
  • Lifetime Serviceable Design
  • Reduce Downtime with Local Support
  • Proven Efficient & Economical Performance Right Across Australia
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Toyesi began its journey way back in 1989, when it opened its first humble factory here in Sydney. Since that time it has been a privilege to design, build, and in many cases install our equipment, into hundreds of clients over the years.

With a real focus on providing quality Heat Pump & Chiller solutions and equipment, right from the beginning, a real pride of excellence seeped into the process of their construction.

Toyesi builds its heat pumps and chillers with quality materials.

Toyesi builds its heat pumps and chillers with quality 304 & 316 Stainless steel chassis, baked epoxy dipped Coils and provide internal segregation of critical components. We also select quality & proven readily available parts and components where possible for true ease of service.

Our mission is to build truly versatile systems that offer our clients more than just an off the shelf product. With a focus on premium quality, efficiency, serviceability and longevity over the cheap pricing and throw away mentality.

Covering single function highly efficient heat pumps through to superior multi-function heat pumps with Smart Transthermal Technology.

  • Heat Pumps and Chillers from 4 kW up to 300 kW capacity
  • Heat Pumps that can be custom designed or even built on site for difficult projects.
  • Dedicated outdoor & in-plant designs for maximum reliability.
  • All outdoor systems have front fans as standard to remove cold air reticulation issues.
  • Transthermal Systems to manage energy capture & reuse, ventilation, dehumidification and much more.

Our designs are also built with old school mentality to make sure that they last the distance with units still in operation 10, 15 and 20 years on. This longevity coupled with our equipment designed to be as close to 100% recyclable as possible means we can offer  a true “Green” solution.

It may cost a little more to focus on such quality in our builds, but our systems are designed to last. We have seen many of our units being purchased as second hand systems, still at premium prices, showing that our units are still holding their true value.

Proven Efficient & Economical Performance Right Across Australia

Toyesi’s Market Focus

  • Commercial Pools - Resorts, Apartments, Leisure Centres, ect
  • Domestic Pools - Premium Quality & Long Life-Cycle
  • UV Sterilisation, Bio-filters, Filters & Pumps
  • Transthermal - Energy Management
  • Aquaculture, Aquaponics & Aquariums
  • Horticulture - Greenhouse & Hydroponics
  • Education & Training - Universities, Tafes, Private Research, DPI's, ect
  • Air Handling - Ventilation & Temperature Control
  • Process Chilling - Scientific, Food, Beverage, Manufacturing, ect
  • Other - Turf Jet, Ezy Lever

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There is no substitute
for product life cycle

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Valued for Efficiency & Environmentally Friendly Solutions

Green Leadership Award
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There is no substitute for product life cycle

We stand behind our product to have a lifetime serviceability life-cycle.


2/27 Binney Road, Kings Park
NSW 2148, Australia
ARC Licence RTA AU02886
Email: toyesi@toyesi.com.au
Phone: (612) 9679 9400
Phone: (612) 9679 9402

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