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Toyesi worked closely with some of the industries best aquaculture minds and developed the Trident range of aquaculture heat pumps and chillers to ensure our clients success. We understand that water temperature is essential to continued client’s success and the livelihoods of the stock on hand. Thus we put more love into our systems than your standard off the shelf budget system.

The Trident range of heat pumps and chillers are premium priced aquaculture products due to selecting the highest quality components, full metal jacketed titanium heat exchangers and built here in Australia to ensure a long life cycle and customer satisfaction.

Highest quality titanium heat exchangers.

Most heat pumps use a Tube in shell heat exchanger . That is titanium piping with a PCV or plastic outer shell. Although low cost and versatile, they are prone to cracking at the plastic shell joins. This is for a couple of reasons.

  1. Titanium is a difficult metal to work with, and so plastic washers and nuts have to be used to join the titanium pipework to the PVC Shell. This is where most of the leaks will occur.
  2. In single heat or chill projects this may not be an issue, however in projects requiring temperature control and the heat pump is required to heat and chill, the PVC shell with expand and shrink and over time crack.

To overcome these issue Toyesi invested in full metal jacket heat exchangers. This solution removed the two main heat exchanger issues. Easy braised connections and no cracking under stress.

Product Features.

  • Water in the inner coil and gas in between the inner and outer coil to enhance turbulence intensity and heat transfer coefficient.
  • Spirally corrugated tubes increases heat transfer area to also increase efficiency.
  • Reliable with higher pressure standard and less welding points
  • Titanium inner tube with high corrosion resistance.
  • Enhanced groove line inner tube surface further boosting heat transfer efficiency.
  • Full metal inner and outer to ensure no plastic component failures or leaking connections. High pressure rating compared to U-PVC.

For those looking for budget focused aquaculture products, we now offer the Titanium Monoblock heat exchangers.  Designed and built by the same manufacturer as the tube in tube, however it offers a compact design and a unique removable casing that allows for cleaning. Its only draw back is we require additional refrigerant accumulators to allow for the lack of internal spacing.

titanium heat exchanger - Product Information - Trident Aquaculture
Full Metal Jacket Titanium Heat Exchanger
steel plastic shell pipe heat exhcangers - Product Information - Trident Aquaculture
Titanium Monoblock Heat Exchanger

Intelligent Energy Management Controller

  • Intelligent energy management controller ensures reliable operation throughout the year.
  • Coupled with this controller is electrical, refrigerant and water flow safety devices ensuring equipment protection and peace of mind.
  • External Contact points for BMS System connectivity via Voltage free contact points. +15V power from board.
  • Advanced, yet simple to use, thermostat for trouble free easy operation

Increased system safety inclusions and special features for longevity and peace of mind

Toyesi has spent a lot of time on product development and longevity and includes more safety features than many other brands. Even our smallest heaters and chillers are given the love and attention renown across our range.

  • 304 Stainless steel chassis & upgradable to 316 Stainless
  • Water flow detection
  • Low and high-pressure detection
  • Anti-freeze thermostat for protecting the heat exchanger
  • Suction accumulator to protect compressor from liquid refrigerant return failure during defrost.
  • Soft Starter available for our 1-phase systems
  • Advanced in-house designed defrost cycle system.
  • Lower water flow requirements compared to other heat pumps.
domestic range e1622777882608 - Product Information - Trident Aquaculture

Solving the Plug and Play Water-Flow Issues

Most heat pumps are just plumb in, and you hope you have the correct water-flow to provide the heating or chilling performance levels for the unit. To little or too much water-flow will provide a very under-performing heat pump.

Toyesi’s Unique Water Balance Valves are used to adjust water flow levels through the heat exchanger, allowing for excess water-flow to safely bypass the heat pump and delving the correct amount of water through the heat pump for optimum heat pump performance.

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mini chiller - Product Information - Trident Aquaculture

COP & Efficiency Data

250 cop graph - Product Information - Trident Aquaculture
300 cop graph - Product Information - Trident Aquaculture
400 cop graph - Product Information - Trident Aquaculture
trident performance range 1 - Product Information - Trident Aquaculture

COP & Efficiency Data

500 cop graph - Product Information - Trident Aquaculture
trident performance range 2 - Product Information - Trident Aquaculture
600 cop graph - Product Information - Trident Aquaculture
800 cop graph - Product Information - Trident Aquaculture

COP & Efficiency Data

1000 cop graph - Product Information - Trident Aquaculture
1200 cop graph - Product Information - Trident Aquaculture
mni chiller - Product Information - Trident Aquaculture
Mini Heater Chiller

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