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Toyesi Heat Exchangers

Toyesi has been successfully building its own range of Cu-Ni heat exchangers using unique patent design inside our heat pumps for over 30 years. However, many of our projects have required alternative heat exchanger use, as well as external stand alone heat exchanger set ups.

These requirements has lead Toyesi to research an array of different brands, some local, some imported. But the most important hing to Toyesi has always been quality, reliability, performance and efficiency.

This page will cover some of the basics of these systems, however if you need more information or have questions do not hesitate to call or email.

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Toyesi Heat Exchangers

Patent Efficient Design – As refrigerants release heat to the pool water, it goes from a gas state to a liquid state inside the heat exchanger. This liquid can build up inside the heat exchanger, taking up valuable space and significantly reducing a heat pumps heating capacity. Toyesi’s patent design addresses this liquid refrigerant build up with a space saving design with room to spare, to allow for the liquid build up, without compromising heating capacity or loss of efficiency.

In-House Patent Design

Using in-house patent designed and built heat exchangers, we can offer energy efficiencies that others are envious of.

  • Seamless copper-nickel coaxial tube-in-tube design
  • Extremely high heat transfer coefficients to deliver optimum performance and efficiency.
  • Designed to last and hold up against any titanium heat exchanger for longevity. With units still in operation 20 years on.
  • Full metal inner and outer to ensure no plastic component failures or leaking connections. High pressure rating compared to U-PVC.
  • Full metal inner and outer to ensure no plastic component failures or leaking connections.
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Titanium Heat Exchangers

Full Metal Jacket Titanium Heat Exchangers

We do not use the pool heat exchanger industry norm of having titanium in plastic shells. Although they considerably reduce the cost of manufacture of a heat pump, we have found that are prone to premature failure due to excessive pressures, temperatures, heat stress elongation, distortion and the melting of plastic fittings as well as suffering from water turbulent vibration stress crack fracturing causing leaks and failure. Often this is not from the titanium failing, but the PVC outer shell.

Our refrigerant-to-water heat exchangers are made of full lengths all metal titanium tube and tube type heat exchangers that are fully welded or braised and have been produced for many years, and are specifically made for refrigeration, air conditioning and marine industry applications with known and predictable lifetime for fresh, chlorinated water or marine saltwater conditions. They have easy to silver-braze connections for refrigerant and water connections.

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Heat Exchanger Design

  • Water Circuit in the inner coil and gas in between the inner and outer coils to enhance turbulence to intensify the heat transfer coefficient.
  • Spiral corrugated tubes to increase heat transfer area.
  • Continuous tubing and less welding points increases the reliability even under pressure.
  • Anti-freezing and self-cleaning properties.
  • Outer insulation for chilling projects.

Titanium heat exchangers work very well in aquaculture, horticulture and any project that has chemically treated water, salty water or low quality water.

Titanium Heat Exchangers

Steel-Plastic Shell Pipe Titanium Heat Exchangers (Mono-Block)

Toyesi’s titanium heat exchangers are of the highest quality, however they do come at a premium. Seeking a lower cost alternative without compromise we identified that the same manufacturer had a very unique mono-block design titanium heat exchanger.

Holding international patent design, this unique heat exchanger combines the advantages of both shell & tube heat exchangers and plate heat exchangers. Incorporating leading technology in internally insulation, high heat transfer coefficients, tube strengthening and can come in single or twin circuits. Coupled with unique anti-freezing technology for long life problem free use

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Heat Exchanger Design

mono bloack titanium - Product Information: Heat Exchangers
  • High efficiency in heat transfer from -20oC to 200oC
  • Anti-freezing technology that prevents water spilling into refrigeration system even after freeze ups.
  • Detachable & Corrosion resistant shell – Steel & Plastic Shell detachable for easy cleaning.
  • Suitable for Swimming Pool & Salt-Water projects alike.

Plate Heat Exchangers

Steel-Plastic Shell Pipe Titanium Heat Exchangers (Mono-Block)

Plate heat exchangers offer a small yet versatile design. They also provide typically a larger coefficient of heat transfer, as they have more contact area between fluids.

They offer a small footprint that requires little to no maintenance space and are easy to maintenance, repair, and service.

Both SWEP and Alfa Laval offer a unique high quality solution that allows Toyesi a flexibility of offering both internal heat pump heat exchange, but also external water to water solutions for energy capture and management.

These systems are often used off boiler systems for heating pools, hot water, or to capture leaving water for preheating incoming water to save running costs and increased efficiency.

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Other Heat Exchangers

Apart from our standard heat exchange, we can support a variety of quality products. These heat exchangers allows us to diversify and assist with many of the custom designs and builds we do.

  • Larger Tube in Shell
  • Plate – both single and double walled.
  • Assorted sizes of Titanium tube in tubes
  • Alternative mono-block or clam shell heat exchangers.
  • Cleanable heat exchangers.
  • And more.
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True “Green” Production Solutions

Toyesi’s satisfaction guarantee promises long life-cycle and easily serviceable equipment
and our true “green” approach reduces plastic components making equipment as close to
100% recyclable as possible – a mission significantly reducing landfill.

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By designing and building energy efficient equipment
we reduce operating costs and demands on natural resources.


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