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House Heat Pumps – Heating, Cooling and DHW

House Heat Pumps

House heat pumps, also known as multi-function heat pumps, are innovative heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems that have gained popularity in recent years. These advanced systems offer superior energy efficiency and enhanced functionality, providing both heating and cooling solutions for residential and commercial spaces. The term ‘House Heat Pump’ however is often used only in domestic home solutions, with Multi-Function heat pumps used in a more commercial application.

Multi-function heat pumps operate based on the principle of heat transfer. They extract heat energy from the external environment (air, ground, or water) and transfer it indoors for heating purposes. In cooling mode, the process is reversed, with heat being extracted from indoor spaces and expelled to the external environment.

Multi-function heat pumps represent a significant breakthrough in HVAC technology, offering energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions in a single system. With their cost-saving benefits, enhanced comfort, and environmental friendliness, they are steadily replacing traditional heating and cooling methods. As technology continues to advance, multi-function heat pumps are expected to become even more efficient, making them an integral part of sustainable building design and energy management.

For more domestic home applications Toyesi utilises the Platypus houses heat pump range, and in a more commercial space Toyesi uses the Transthermal Toyesi build systems.

Benefits of House Heat Pumps

Energy Efficiency: Multi-function heat pumps are designed to maximize energy efficiency, significantly reducing heating and cooling costs. By utilizing a single system for both heating and cooling purposes, they minimize energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Cost Savings: The efficiency of multi-function heat pumps translates into cost savings for users. With the ability to provide heating and cooling functions, they eliminate the need for separate systems, reducing installation, maintenance, and energy expenses.

Enhanced Comfort: Multi-function heat pumps offer precise temperature control, ensuring optimal comfort throughout the year. They can quickly adjust room temperatures, maintain consistent humidity levels, and effectively distribute air to create a comfortable living or working environment.

Applications of Multi-Function Heat Pumps

Residential Buildings: House heat pumps are an ideal choice for residential buildings, providing year-round heating and cooling solutions. They offer homeowners the convenience of maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures with a single system.

Commercial Spaces: Multi-function heat pumps are also suitable for commercial spaces like offices, hotels, and shops. These systems efficiently regulate indoor temperatures and help businesses save on energy costs.

Industrial Facilities: In industrial settings, multi-function heat pumps can be used for process cooling as well as heating. Their versatility and energy efficiency make them valuable assets for various industries, including manufacturing and warehousing.

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Platypus House Heat Pumps

Platypus House Heat Pumps

Toyesi’s Platypus House Heat Pumps are advanced multi-function heat pumps.

Offering a unique stylish house heat pump with an amazing range of options. From environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant, ultra-quiet ECO mode at only 38 dB(A), 3 temperature modes, and is Wi-Fi connectable with the use of the “Smart Life” mobile App.

The Platypus multi-function house heat pump also offers full DC inverter technology for its compressors and fans coupled with advanced low ambient (down to -30°C) EVI technology. Meaning that even the coldest of climates can enjoy the advanced features of a house heat pump.

Ideally suited for domestic dwellings with multiple needs where multi-function heat pumps can come into their own. Allowing households to enjoy floor heating, cold water, and domestic hot water.

  • Multi-Function Heat Pumps for home heating and cooling solutions
  • 3 Set Temperature Modes ~ Heating + Cooling + DHW
  • 3 Power Modes ~ ECO/Silent, Power & Intelligent Mode
  • Ideal for Floor heating 35 to 45°C
  • Cooling loops down to 7°C
  • Domestic hot water up to 60°C
  • Will ship Australia wide - Supply only.

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Platypus – House Heat Pumps
  • Energy Class A+++
  • 3 Set Temperature Modes ~ Heating + Cooling + DHW
  • 3 Power Modes ~ ECO/Silent, Power & Intelligent Mode
  • Quiet 50 to 58 dB(A) normal operation
  • Ultra-quiet ECO mode at only 38 dB(A),
  • Full DC Inverter Panasonic Compressor
  • Full DC Inverter Fan Motor
  • Low Ambient -30°C Inverter EVI
  • WIFI Smart Control with Smart Life App
  • Environmentally Friendly R32 Refrigerant
  • Outlet hot water temperature up to 60°C & Cold water 7 °C
  • Multi-Function Projects.

Ideal for many household projects

  • Floor Heating or Hot Water or Cooling
  • Floor Heating & Hot Water
  • Cooling & Hot Water


Technical Information

MHC-080707-S12.50 ~ 8.302.30 ~ 7.621.80 ~ 7.101 Phase
MHC-121110-S14.20 ~ 12.203.85 ~ 11.202.60 ~ 10.301-Phase
MHC-161513-S15.30 ~ 16.504.90 ~ 15.104.50 ~ 13.5011-Phase
MHC-201917-S16.20 ~ 20.506.30 ~ 19.905.50 ~ 17.501-Phase
MHC-121110-S34.20 ~ 12.203.85 ~ 11.202.60 ~ 10.303-Phase
MHC-161513-S35.30 ~ 16.504.90 ~ 15.104.50 ~ 13.503-Phase
MHC-201917-S36.20 ~ 20.506.30 ~ 19.905.50 ~ 17.503-Phase
MHC-262620-S36.50 ~ 26.106.90 ~ 26.105.20 ~ 20.303-Phase

Advanced Features

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Panasonic DC Inverter Compressor with EVI

Efficient and stable working compressor down to -30°C

Full DC Stepless inverter for both fan and compressor.

Ultra-low temperature full DC inverter frequency modulation can save up to 59% more energy and money over other stepped inverter systems.

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High Efficiency Plate Heat Exchangers

Patented designed high efficiency plate heat exchangers.

Working together with the EVI technology increasing refrigerant flow up to 20% more and allows for two-stage compression function.

Solving poor heating at ultra-low ambient temperatures.

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Blue Hydrophilic Coated coils

Enlarged size fins coupled with a unique hydrophilic coating.

Patented 3-min intelligent defrost technology coupled with the hydrophilic coated coils quickly removes moisture after defrosting.

Greatly improves heating efficiency and longevity of the heat pump and coils.

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38dB(A) Super low noise fans

Borderless axial fan with high heat dissipation material.

Lower resistance, lower vibration and lower noise
(50 to 55 dB(A) @ 1m.

Smart real-time precision control automatically switches into low frequency Eco mode as set point temperature is reached, dropping down to a whisper quiet 38 dB(A)


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This feature-packed multi-function heat pump trully offers the advanced home a unique and stylish heat pump solution.

Platypus Multi-function heat pumps allow homes to enjoy slab heating in winter, cooling in summer, and ongoing hot water for showers.

With several temperature modes, it is easy to swap between slab heating, water cooling, and domestic hot water, as well as modes to couple slab heating with hot water and cooling with hot water.

Also with several power modes, you can swap smoothly between ECO, Power Boost, and Intelligent Modes. The Eco mode not only reduces running costs the unit goes into ultra-quiet operations at 38 dB(A) @ 1m.

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House Heat Pumps & Swimming Pools

House heat pumps offer a valuable system for both the heating and cooling requirements of a home. Many people have asked if their house heat pump can be used for pool heating.  Although technically yes you can use a house heat pump for pool heating it is not advisable. Home heating is seasonal and deals with temperatures up to 35 to 55 degrees and then switches to cooling mode at temperatures as low as 7 degrees.

A swimming pool is usually all-year-round heating with no call for cooling. Thus normally do not gain the full benefits of these systems. With that said, places in Australia where summers overheat swimming pools, can gain the benefits of cooling the pool over summer.

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