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Managing your pool for maximum enjoyment many people buy a water heating system, whether gas, electric, solar or heat pump.  A nice warm pool all year round can add a real level of creature comfort and is especially loved by the kids.

Heating your pool can actually be an expensive operation across the year, and because of this many people only heat their pools during the warmer parts of the year. But there are a few things you can do to reduce running costs and keep your pool warm all year round.

The first thing to consider is running costs. Being smart and investing in a Toyesi pool heat pump will go a long way in reducing your yearly bills.  With massive 40% to 60%, lower operational costs compared to an equivalent gas-based system. With COPs ranging from 5 to 8 through the year.

The next best thing you can do for yourself is to invest in a pool blanket. After performing hundreds of heat loads and running costs for pool heating projects, I can confirm that a pool blanket will constantly save you over 40% of your yearly operational running costs.

So by swapping out your gas heater and installing both the Toyesi Heat Pump and a Pool Blanket will reduce your year operation running costs by about 70% savings or more.

We have chosen to offer our clients Daisy Pool Blankets and rollers as we love to keep supporting Australian companies as well as their attitude in providing quality products.

The original and best, all Daisy Pool Covers are Australian made and designed to withstand the tough Australian conditions. We back our products with years of research and development to deliver world-leading, high performing pool covers and rollers that last longer.

When you purchase a Daisy Pool Cover you are saving in costs and pool maintenance while gaining more benefits.

Pool blankets do not just keep the heat in, they reduce evaporation saving you on water requirements and they keep leaves and other materials out of your pool as well.  A pool blanket will usually pay for itself through savings in about 6 to 18 months depending on blanket selection.

daisy logo 175x96 - Other Products - Daisy Pool Blankets

Daisy Premium 525 UltrDome+

The Daisy 525 UltrDome+ swimming pool cover is a premium product offering maximum heat retention and durability. The 525 range is 525um (micro) thick and comes with a variety of stylish colours to match pool designs and landscapes.

The reason we love these covers is due to their ability to reduce evaporation up to 97% and the “Solar” range can even add up to 8oC to the pool increasing their value add and the savings of running costs throughout the year.

However, if you did not want extra heating as you prefer a slightly cooler pool then try the “Cool” range which comes with a total sun block-out.

525b blue - Other Products - Daisy Pool Blankets
525B Blue Solar Pool Cover
525tb titanium blue - Other Products - Daisy Pool Blankets
525TB Titanium Blue Solar Pool Cover
525tg titanium green - Other Products - Daisy Pool Blankets
525TG Titanium Green Solar Pool Cover
525tc titanium cool blue - Other Products - Daisy Pool Blankets
525TC Titanium Cool Pool Cover

Daisy Pool Rollers

Daisy rollers come in quite a variety of choices. These include Stationary, Mobile, Electric Powered, Below Ground, Under Bench, Wall Mounted and more.  They also have different materials and colouration to fit in with your pool landscape.

daisy roller sq 320x320 - Other Products - Daisy Pool Blankets
Stationary Rollers
daisy roller - Other Products - Daisy Pool Blankets
Rollers on wheels
dp daisy power series 320x320 - Other Products - Daisy Pool Blankets
Electric Powered Rollers
ubr charcoal shimmer tag e1579382615295 320x320 - Other Products - Daisy Pool Blankets
Cleaver Bench & under ground hidden rollers

Pool Blanket Sizing

pool blanket 2 250x250 - Other Products - Daisy Pool Blankets
Small Spas to Large Pools
pool blanket 1 250x250 - Other Products - Daisy Pool Blankets
Home Pools to Swim Schools
pool blanket 3 - Other Products - Daisy Pool Blankets
Custom Shaped Pools
sizign blankets - Other Products - Daisy Pool Blankets

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