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Easy Hand Brake Lever Easily Levered to give Peace of Mind

After years of enjoying caravanning, I finally joined the elite fold of the Grey Nomads with my partner Pam. Together we have gone all over Australia, from Sydney to Perth to Darwin and Cairns. However, I have noticed that slowly things are getting tougher as arthritis and other aches and pains are starting to play a role in enjoying our nomadic lifestyle.

A few years ago, I was fixing the caravan up at a campsite and found I just could not put the hand brake on hard enough, as my hands hurt from arthritis from years of career painting. I spoke to others at the site and found that many other people also suffered similar issues. One elderly couple told us about an issue where their breaks failed and did not hold whilst he was changing the caravan tire, and how lucky not to be under the caravan at the time.

Sitting right there in my caravan, Pam and I came up with a simple solution and this idea gave birth to The Easy hand brake lever or Easy Lever we called it.

A simply shaped rod ideal to slip over your hand brake lever or stabiliser rods to give you just the extra leverage you need, that even with the shakiest of hands the lever can help put that extra oomph onto the breaks for that extra peace of mind.

This became a personal project of mine, to assist others out there with these simple effort saving easy levers. And at only $25 I do not think they will break the bank, and will certainly add value for years to come.

Karl Savtchenko

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What’s the Easy Lever for?

  • Multi-purpose Rod Extender
    • Sway-bar Rod Extender
    • Hand brake Lever Extender
    • Car Jack Lever Extender
  • Two sizes available  – Standard & Large diameter
  • Increase leverage
  • Great for people with reduced mobility, arthritis, etc.
  • Allows for increased braking strain when working on the trailer.
  • Easily stored away
  • Please Note: May not suit every make and model
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Easy Lever Handbrake Lever

Available on eBay or contact Toyesi direct

Market Potential

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  • Caravan owners
  • Car Trailers
  • Boat Trailers
  • PWC Trailers
  • Horse Trailers
  • Box Trailers


  • Caravan sales
  • Trailer Sales
  • Boat Trailers sales
  • Caravan Parks
  • Trailer Hire
  • Retail Sales – Camping, Boating, etc.

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Relax and Enjoy Easy Camping

Just like our Heat Pumps, I wanted to create something
useful, simple & that just works.

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