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Toyesi is a specialist in pool and aquatic heating projects utilising heat pump technologies. We specialise in both outdoor and indoor plant system set ups. When it comes to indoor plant rooms it is critical to bring air into the room as well as reject air out of the room.

This air movement is to prevent air recirculating back into the heat pump. When you take heat out of the air for use in a pool, colder air is rejected from the heat pump. If this cold air is allowed to recirculate you will begin producing colder and colder air till there is not energy left in the air and the heat pumps can freeze up.

This is why Toyesi has designed specialised ducted systems just for this requirement.

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Lorient Fire Dampers

These ducted heat pumps require air grills or similar air ingress areas to allow fresh air to enter the plant room, as well as air exhaust grills to allow for air to escape.

This process is normally quite simple, however in some buildings it is very important to retard the spread of fire. Any opening from one area to another is a potential source of air flow to fuel the fire, or for the fire to spread easier too.

Using specialised Lorient Fire Dampers are a critical part of this solution.  These grills are not just Australian made, they are scientifically designed that once the room heats to a certain temperature the material automatically expands closing off the air grill. This prevents both air going across the threshold and retards the ability of the fire to spread. Providing valuable time for the fire fighters.

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Key benefits of Lorient Fire Dampers

  • Allows free airflow at ambient conditions to provide up to 240 minutes of fire resistance and limits the spread of hot smoke.
  • Slim-line, heavy steel construction.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Contains no moving parts.

Standard sizes

300mm x 300mm
450mm x 450mm
600mm x 300mm
600mm x 600mm

LVH High Performance Wall & Door Dampers

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Air Intake or discharge air grill.
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