UV Filter Purification Solutions

Water & Air Purification Solutions

UV Filter Purification Solutions
– For Water & Air Purification

Regardless of what type of aquatic project you have in mind from aquaculture, horticulture, palpable water through to the humble swimming pool, water quality is paramount.

Most people know about filters that take solids and dirt out of the water, and they chemically treat for pathogens, however, these methods are not foolproof and many organisms, bacteria and viruses can survive even the most rigid treatment.

There are many reasons to look into UV Water Treatment, UV Sterilisation and filters.

  • Simple installation
  • Filters are required to be back-washed less frequently, resulting in less water usage
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Effective disinfection
  • Economical and cost-effective
  • Less need for chemicals – Chlorine use can be reduced by up to 90%, providing swimmers with a much healthier experience.
  • Chemical-free
  • No microorganism known to be immune to UV Filter Purification Solutions & Treatments.

After a review of many different brands, we decided to support an Australian Company UV-Guard.  They have units covering most applications from Hot Water Systems, Aquaculture, Swimming pools, Water softening and Air treatment.

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  • Australian designed and manufactured UV Filter Purification Solutions & Treatment systems.
  • Wide range of solutions covering both water and air treatment
  • Supported right here in Australia
  • Backed by Water sanitation engineers.
  • Designed & built by water sanitation engineers
  • Australian WaterMark certified
  • Broad range from small to the large pool and aquatic UV Water treatment applications.
  • Supported by water quality specialists
  • 4 different series are available covering over 42 sizes to handle a wide range of solutions
  • AS/NZS 4801 & ISO 9001 Certified
aquafides product 200x200 - Other Products - UV Filters
Aquafides UV Disinfection System
pseries product 200x200 - Other Products - UV Filters
P-Series UV Systems for Aquaculture
s series 200x200 - Other Products - UV Filters
S-Series UV Treatment for Swimming Pools
x series 200x200 - Other Products - UV Filters
X-Series for UV Treatment at Commercial levels.
t100 hwc hero 1 200x200 - Other Products - UV Filters
Water Softener Inline Water Treatment
t series product hero 1 200x200 - Other Products - UV Filters
T-Series For Air & Water Tank Treatment

Aquafides – Ideal solution for drinking water. They provide high reliability, high performance, low power consumption in a compact design.

S-Series – 316 grade stainless steel, Water Mark certified, robust and dependable UV system with 16 models. Used in many applications covering Agriculture, Aquaculture, Food & Beverage and Swimming Pools. 20W to 440W.

P-Series – A durable & versatile UV disinfection system for saline waters, thermal liquids and corrosive liquids. Ideal for Fish, Shellfish, Hatcheries, Aquariums and Zoos. 80W to 450W.

T-Series – Designed to sit inside water tanks or air duct boxes. Allowing for safely prolong storage of water or beverage and safe guard against air born pathogens. 20W to 75W.

X-Series – High flow rates require highly efficient industrial grade UV solutions. Ideal for waste water treatment. 185W to 450W

HWC – Series – Unique WaterMark certified hard water conditioner. Helps with water hardness caused by dissolved Calcium and Magnesium minerals. Helps prevent limescale problems and fouling of UV Systems and heat exchanges.

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