Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers

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Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers

Toyesi specialises in heat pumps and chillers and has done so for over 30 years. We also have become the go-to company for indoor swimming pool solutions. A growing part of that solution includes blankets and swimming pool dehumidifiers.

But why are dehumidifiers needed?

The Humidity Battle

Pool humidity refers to the amount of moisture or water vapor present in the air within a swimming pool area. Maintaining an appropriate level of humidity is crucial for the comfort, health, and safety of swimmers and other individuals in the pool environment.

In a swimming pool, water constantly evaporates, increasing the humidity levels. This high humidity can lead to various issues if not properly managed. Excess humidity can cause discomfort, making the air feel heavy and sticky. It can make breathing difficult, especially for individuals with respiratory problems like asthma. It can also contribute to the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria, which can pose health risks.

water damage - Industry Page - Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers
Humidity Damage

To control pool humidity, proper ventilation and dehumidification systems are essential. Ventilation systems help circulate fresh air, reducing the level of moisture and preventing the buildup of harmful contaminants. Dehumidification systems complement ventilation by actively removing excess moisture from the air. They work by condensing the water vapor and collecting it in a reservoir, effectively reducing humidity levels.

Maintaining the ideal humidity level in a swimming pool area benefits not only swimmers but also the structural integrity of the building. Excessive humidity can cause corrosion and damage to the pool structure, surrounding areas, and the pool equipment.

Regular monitoring and maintenance of the pool’s humidity levels are crucial to ensure a comfortable and safe environment. By controlling humidity effectively, pool owners and operators can create a pleasant atmosphere for swimmers and mitigate the risks associated with high humidity levels.

Small home-based indoor pools through to the very large ones all suffer humidity issues. Below are a couple of options to help you get hold of and control your humidity issues.

Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers & Solutions

  • Wall Mounted Solutions – Dantherm
  • Roof Mounted Solution – SIREN
  • Energy Recovery Solutions – PCVER
sweat box humid pool space 200x200 - Industry Page - Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers
The Sweat Box Effect
img 1410 e1622776509436 200x200 - Industry Page - Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers
Foggy Indoor pool room.
evaporation 200x200 - Industry Page - Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers
Heat Loss through Evaporation

Wall Mounted Solutions



Dantherm is a market-leading and innovative supplier of swimming pool dehumidifiers. Ideally suited for domestic indoor pools, indoor spas, swim schools, wellness centres and indoor hotel pools.

Dantherm products are manufactured in Denmark and are distributed worldwide. They have become synonymous with exclusive design, high quality, reliability and energy efficiency.

Dantherm has developed a new range of CDP dehumidifiers for the discerning owner of indoor pools and spas etc. The new dehumidifiers are in an exclusive design that blends well with any interior.

In keeping with Dantherm tradition, they are also developed with a focus on quality, functionality, and energy saving. Highly efficient fans with low SFP value, and high-efficiency compressors, combined with new advanced remote control and monitoring options, contribute to cost-efficient operation and significant energy savings.

  • Ship Australia-Wide - Supply Only
wall mounted - Industry Page - Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers
Dantherm Wall Mounted
hidden wall mount - Industry Page - Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers
Dantherm Hidden Wall Mount

Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers?

  • Danish design & made in Denmark
  • Low sound levels
  • Low energy consumption
  • Energy-efficient and long-lifetime
  • Evaporator and condenser coils are epoxy-coated
  • Metal parts are powder-coated before assembly (EN/ISO 12944-2, Class C4)
  • Optional remote control & humidity and temperature alarms.
  • Integrated control of heating and humidity (ON/OFF)
  • RS 485 Gate for BMS communication (Modbus ready)
  • USB gate for PC tool
  • Pool room wall-mounted and through-the-wall versions
  • Better air quality and swimmer comfort
  • Optional Floor Mounted kit
  • Optional through wall duct kit with filter & grille
cdf 40 50 70 - Industry Page - Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers
How it Works

The DCP swimming pool dehumidification recirculates the humid pool air through the evaporator, actively removing the moisture from the air. The air is then reheated and the dry, warm air is delivered back to the pool room.

In this way, the DCP swimming pool dehumidifier maintains a comfortable humidity, minimises condensation and keeps heating costs at the lowest possible level.

dantherm wall system - Industry Page - Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers
flow through - Industry Page - Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers
controller - Industry Page - Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers

Technical Information

Technical InformationMeasureCDP 40 CDP 40T CDP 50 CDP 50T CDP 70 CDP 70T
Air Flowm3/Hr400400680680900900
Dehumidification Capacity60% RH343452526969
PowerV230 / 50Hz 230 / 50Hz230 / 50Hz230 / 50Hz230 / 50Hz230 / 50Hz
Operating Range% RH40 - 10040 - 10040 - 10040 - 10040 - 10040 - 100
Operating TempoC10 - 3610 - 3610 - 3610 - 3610 - 3610 - 36
Dantherm is a quality European solution that brings you a choice of wall-hung or hidden (T) solution. Simple yet powerful solutions for domestic and commercial indoor pools. Contact Toyesi for more - Click Here 

Roof Mounted Solutions


Breathtaking Dehumidificatier

MICROWELL DRY SIREN is the ultimate superstar, the first ceiling swimming pool dehumidifier in the world. Combining all what Microwell technology has to offer, DRY SIREN is an intelligent and visually captivating solution of paramount performance, setting a new tide in the industry.

DRY SIREN - 2nd generation that brings new unique features:

  • 5 Products in 1
  •  Internet connectivity
  • microSAFETY+
  • with AI for faster app pairing
  • easier installation
  • Load speaker and LED lighting
  • new generation of motherboard
  • MICROWELL DRY SIREN is the ultimate of modern Dehum choice.
  • Will ship Australia-wide - Supply only.

drysiren image pool 529x400 - Industry Page - Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers




DRY SIREN is a split dehumidifier consisting of a ceiling unit and a compressor unit. The ceiling unit is equipped with an evaporator, condenser, fan, Bluetooth speaker, LED light, and microLIGHT+. Ceiling units are connected to compressor units with refrigerant copper tubes.

Ceiling Unit Placement

The ceiling unit is designed to be fixed directly on concrete or wooden ceiling structure or into a lower gypsum ceiling, by using the adjustable bar.

Condensate Drain

DRY SIREN ceiling unit is equipped with a condensation drain pump with 40 cm vertical discharge. The pump is of energy A+ class.


microSAFETY+ is a supervision in DRY SIREN models. The system monitors each DRY SIREN. In case of any sign of a technical problem or possible malfunction, the system creates a report and automatically sends it to Microwell.  microSAFETY+ effectively protects your property 24/7. The data is securely ciphered.


drisiren 5in1 600x179 - Industry Page - Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers

dri siren mono - Industry Page - Swimming Pool Dehumidifiersdri siren deuo - Industry Page - Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers




Technical Information

Technical InformationMeasureDRY SIREN MONODRY SIREN DUE
Pool Surfacem260120
Extraction Rate 60%RHL / 24hrs67134
Extraction Rate 80%RHL / 24hrs104208
Air Flowm3 / Hr10002000
Noise Level dB(A) @ 1mdB(A)3535
Power ConsumptionW12002300
Heat OutputW45008750
Dimensions (W x H x D) Ceiling Unitmm1205 x 2781205 x 278
Dimensions (W x H x D) Compressor Unitmm251 x 467 x 404(2 x) 251 x 467 x 404
Weightkg40 / 6050 / 56
The Siren is a premium quality solution and can provide you with 5 functions in one including, dehumidification, lighting, and WiFi with a sound speaker all in one very attractive solution.  Why not drop us a line Click Here

Energy Management Solutions


A True Green Environmental Venting System

Toyesi has spent much research in developing a system to battle these indoor pool issues, but at the same time help reduce running costs, and significantly reduce wasted energy losses, yet provide a system with significantly lower capital equipment costs than buying a multitude of equipment to achieve the same results.

When you consider these capital costs.

  • Pool heater $5000 to $20,000 +
  • Air-conditioner $5000 to $20,000 +
  • Ventilation $1000 to $10,000 +
  • Dehumidifier $5000 to $20,000 +

If you can combine all these elements into a single system you end up with a powerful solution. There are very large and expensive system indoor pool solutions, and for much larger commercial pools they are ideal. However, for indoor swim schools or larger home indoor pools, these commercial systems can be out of reach.

From this, the PCVER was born.

Passive Cooling, dehumidification & Ventilation, Energy Recovery. - PCVER

pcver 672018 005 533x400 - Industry Page - Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers
  • Will ship Australia-wide - Supply only.
  • Supply and install Sydney - Wollongong to Newcastle & Sydney to Blue Mountains

How does the PCVER Work?

  • Heats the Pool
  • Draws in humid space air
  • Captures lost energy
  • Removes Humidity
  • Cools the room
  • Reduces Humidity
  • Ventilates the room
pcver image - Industry Page - Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers
For more information Click Here

Technical Information

Custom-Design based on pool heating load. Contact Toyesi for more information or clink the link below

Other Indoor Pool Solutions

PCVER In Detail

img 1410 e1622776509436 250x250 - Industry Page - Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers

Benefits of Pool Blankets

daisy pool blankets e1622775496803 250x250 - Industry Page - Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers

Pool Heat Pumps

img 1421 e1622776916249 250x250 - Industry Page - Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers

Contact Toyesi 

home worker mq20upexgzw8dwlqcysavh4uf0hq3cboepl6d47zq0 250x250 - Industry Page - Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers
wall mounted - Industry Page - Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers
Dantherm Wall Mounted
hidden wall mount - Industry Page - Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers
Dantherm Hidden Wall Mount

If you have a humidity issue then we can assist you with small, medium dehumidification project solutions. Contact Toyesi today on  02 9679 9400.

For larger Projects including commercial pool sover 25m we work with an industry expert & Engineer in dehumidifcation and togther we will assist all your humidity needs.

Contact Toyesi for more on how we can help you and Dehumidification or pool heating solutions.

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