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Water & Air Quality beyond heating & cooling

Toyesi is famous for its high quality premium heat pump solutions, however over the years the importance of water quality and air quality has become obvious.

We have worked with several companies, suppliers and customers to develop a range of supportive products and services, like UV Water Treatment, to ensure that our clients have options available to them beyond just heating and cooling systems.

Some of these solutions include:

  • Turf Jet – Environmental Air Handling Systems to create air flow where nature can’t.
  • UV Water Treatment – UV-Guard & Quantum Purity
  • Bio-Filters, & Water Pumps – from WaterCo
  • Pool Blankets
  • Fire Dampers Grills
  • Prihoda Ducting and 4 Zero Rated Flexi-Ducting
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Creating Air Flow Where Nature Can’t

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Giving the Breath of Life

Air-flow is as important to a healthy environment as water and warmth is. Crops, Orchards, and Turf are amongst a few areas that suffer if their is inadequate air flow.

Air flow helps to prevent frost build up, humidity build up, and moisture accumulation all of which can lead to disease and damage to plants and crops.

Known Air-Flow issues include but not limited to:

  • Frost management – prevention & dispersion.
  • Humidity management – disperse humidity and improve air-flow.
  • Dampness management – increase natural evaporation.
  • Disease management – reduce humidity, dampness and prevent excess frost by increasing air flow can help keep diseases and rot from setting in.
  • Plant health – gentle air flow has been known to strengthen and improve grass and other plants health.
  • Safer working & play environment – by reducing dampness and slippery surfaces by evaporating the excess surface moisture through air flow.

Airwave – Laminar Flow Technology

Turf Jets utilise Super Lamina Flow Technology to throw (push) air up to an astonishing 25m to over 50m (165ft) (model dependant). Furthermore, the Turf Jet uses airwave technology to oscillate the throw of air from side to side to maximise greater area coverage and mimicking natures natural wind movement. and can assist:

  • The natural evaporation process of excess water across turf canopy and plant foliage and the space above and surrounding it.
  • Help prevent frost build up & its dissipation.
  • Dissipate humid micro-climates through air-flow.
  • As part of a disease preventative plan. Can significantly assist in reducing the use of chemicals required in turf management.
  • Linear, oscillating – natural flow technology


Healthy Water Equates to Healthy Life

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Benefits of UV Water Treatment

Regardless what type of aquatic project you have in mind from aquaculture, horticulture, palpable water through to the humble swimming pool, water quality is paramount.

Most people know about filters that take solids and dirt out of the water, and they chemically treat for pathogens, however these methods are not fool proof and many organisms, bacteria and viruses can survive even the most rigid treatment.

There are many reasons to look into UV Water Treatment, UV Sterilisation and filters.

  • Simple installation
  • Filters are required to be back-washed less frequently, resulting in less water usage
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Effective disinfection
  • Economical and cost effective
  • Less need for chemicals – Chlorine use can be reduced by up to 90%, providing swimmers a much healthier experience.
  • Chemical free
  • No microorganism known to be immune to UV Water Treatments

Because every project has different Sterilisation requirements we have researched different brands available and have selected to support two quality systems:


  • Australian designed and manufactured UV Water Treatment Solutions
  • Wide range of solutions covering both water and air treatment
  • Supported right here in Australia
  • Backed by Water sanitation engineers.
  • Designed & built by water sanitation engineers
  • Australian WaterMark certified
  • Broad range from small to large pool and aquatic UV Water treatment applications.
  • Supported by water quality specialists
  • 4 different series available covering over 42 sizes to handle a wide range of solutions
  • AS/NZS 4801 & ISO 9001 Certified

Quantum Purity

  • UK Designed and Built UV Water Treatment Solutions
  • Proven history
  • Advanced Nano Crystal Technology
  • 3 Sterilisation process going on
    • UV Sterilisation
    • Photocatalytic Oxidizer (PCO)
    • Hydroxyl Radicals(HO)
  • Breaks down chemicals & urea
  • Ideal for domestic and swim schools when health of children is important.
  • 2 Sizes available – 55W & 110W
  • Self-contained & ready to install
  • AU/NZ & CE Approved
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Swimming Pool, Spa, Aquaculture & Water Treatment

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Filters, Bio-Filters & Water Pumps

Waterco pioneers reliable solutions for healthy, safe water environments, which are used in residential, commercial and industrial applications in over 40 countries. Established in 1981 with a single pool pump store in Sydney, Australia, it has since become a global brand recognised for designing and manufacturing filtration and sanitation innovations for the swimming pool, spa, aquaculture, and water purification sectors.

Toyesi can source any Waterco product including:

  • Filters
  • Bio-Filters
  • Water Pumps
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Usually the most cost-effective energy conservation measure – other than adjusting air and water conditions – for both indoor and outdoor aquatic projects is to cover the water.

A cover eliminates up to 95% of evaporation from the water body depending on the cover used. As evaporation makes up 60% to 70% percent of your heat loss, you can see that a cover alone can save a good 50% of your energy losses, let alone the water savings benefit as well.

Many covers are designed to not only trap radiant energy inside the water body but let solar energy in, and trap that as well. So, make sure you use the right cover for your aquatic project.

As newer cleverly designed pool covers can even increase the water temperature by up to 8oC during the day for outdoor aquatic projects, saving you even more on heating costs.

Blankets are your most economical and cost-effective way of saving heat loss associated costs, very much worth their investment.

Quality Ducting Solutions.

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Quality Ducting is Critical to our Business

Toyesi specialises in in-plant heat pump design, manufacture and installations and so ducting has become very important to us. After much trial and error we have found some brands that offer us and our clients quality ducting solutions.

4 Zero Rated Flexiducting

  • Complies to Australian Standard AS 4254
  • Test Certificate available
  • Aluminium Inner Core
  • Polyester Insulation
  • Aluminium Outer Jacket


Lorient LVH44 Intumescent Fire Damper

  • Manufactured for over 25 years, the Original Lorient LVH44 Intumescent Fire Damper is the trusted, versatile fire containment solution.


PŘÍHODA Fabric Ducting

  • Comes in almost any PMS colour
  • Can be printed and personalised with your own image or logo
  • Cut to length
  • Metal Bracket or Wire hung
  • Washable
  • Comes in different shapes and set ups.

From Swimming Pools to Aquaculture we have a UV Solution for you.

Australia’s most reliable manufacturer of technically advanced commercial quality
Unmatched For Technical Expertise & Meticulous Manufacturing

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