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When it comes to commercial pool heating solutions we understand that having the swimming pool heating is not just one of luxury or human comfort. But, one also made as a business decision. Providing environments that please customers, will bring them back time and time again, as well as give great reviews to bring in new traffic.

When you are dependent on your commercial pool heat pump’s performance and reliability, as your business livelihood is directly linked and paramount to your business success, you need to know the equipment will be there with you for a long time and with minimal fuss.

In Australia, there are a lot of brands of heat pumps, some very well known and some less known. However, a trend this century is the importation of low-cost heat pumps, even by brand name companies. How does a commercial entity, which is trying to reduce costs, pick from amongst them?

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Are all Heat Pumps the Same?

Actually no!!

Most lower-cost imported brands skimp out of important features. Although these features do not prevent the units from working, they do provide essential safety, longevity and reliability concerns.

Not only that many pool companies are just box movers. Providing systems at low cost to win the pool project, without taking any of these short cummings into consideration.

  • Low level or no internal safety system protection, like HP & LP, cut out switches.
  • Many also have freeze-up issues or long defrost cycles. We see this so often, especially with hot gas by-pass defrost systems.
  • Lack of flow switches that prevent heat exchanger burnouts during periods of no flow.
  • Top discharge only options – causing mushrooming effect of cold discharge air and recirculating the cold air increasing freeze up issues and lower performance.
  • Always quoting COPs at 27C water temp and 26C ambient. A key sign of hiding inefficiencies.
  • Inverter systems quoting COPS where the workload is so low that they are almost in standby modes. But when they are at full working conditions have lower COPS than standard units. Easy to be efficient when there is no work to be done.
  • Using prop fans in indoor applications, causing a significant reduction in airflow and system efficiency.
  • Using A2L, such as R32, or higher flammable rated refrigerants in indoor applications with no safety considerations.
  • Basing pool heat loads on water volume only. Often under sizing equipment to get the sale.
  • Thin-walled titanium or titanium alloy heat exchangers in PVC shells. The titanium may not fail but the PVC shell is usually the first to give.
  • Installing domestic style heat pump in a commercial application.
  • Often hiding their cheap build quality behind inflated warranty periods, creating a throw-away mentality.
  • and many more.
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What Makes Toyesi Different?

First, we are 100% Australian Commercial Pool Heating Solutions Company – We are not just an off the shelf generic heat pump seller. Instead, we have designed our heat pumps right here for the Australian conditions.

Since 1989, Toyesi has been designing, manufacturing and servicing the owners of our Toyesi heat pumps. This experience ensures that our customers have confidence when in time of need, assistance is never far away.

Built To Last – Our heat pumps have been designed to last 10 plus years by using 304 or 316 stainless steel chassis, full metal jacketed tube in tube heat exchangers and a multitude of internal system safeties. From our smallest 4kW system to our largest commercial heat pump, are all designed and built with the same love and attention to detail. Every unit is commercial grade.

Reduced defrost issues – using an advanced defrost system incorporating reverse cycle defrost in most of our systems as standard. With typical defrost cycles lasting 5 to 10 minutes the Toyesi heat pumps do not suffer long downtimes or freeze up issues. Also, each stage in a larger system manages its own defrost further decreasing any potential downtime with no heat loss.

High COP – Every heat pump has a compressor at its core. Regardless of the system around it, the compressor dictates the potential output of the heat pump. Rather than building heat pumps for a generic fit most design styles. We take the time in selecting the right compressor and match the components around it to maximise potential COP efficiencies. Leading to our units having genuine COPs of 5 during the cooler months up to COPs of 8+ during the warmer summer periods.

Ease of Service – Toyesi systems have been designed for ease of service, allowing for almost any qualified tradesman to service and maintain our equipment.  Also, we have where possible, used readily available quality parts, meaning that your heat pumps’ downtime will be minimised during your time of need.

Implant & Plant Room Designs – Specialised designs for plant room applications. Reduces noise, increases airflow, improves efficiency and design for the job.

Front Air Discharge – Knowing how cold air goes down and can suffocate heat pumps, we made the choice to make front fans a standard. Thus blowing the cold air away from the heat pump. However, we have the flexibility to relocate fans to suit a given project.

No Pool Too Big – Toyesi units are also totally stackable creating an almost endless amount of pool heating power for even the largest of pools, and like all Toyesi equipment they are built to last the distance. Ideal for all your 25m to 50m or larger commercial pools, where reliability means income and customer satisfaction.

Local Support – Being an Australian company, selling our own brands. If there is an issue you can speak directly with the Engineers who have a hands-on design, construction and installation experience. Most companies who just sell the boxes will have no hands-on knowledge of how they work and would have to email overseas for support. Being local has its benefits.

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Indoor Pool Specialist

Commercial pool heating solutions for indoor swim centres have unique difficulties as they manage not only pool heating, but also high humid or high chlorimide conditions. Trying to solve each issue may require different solutions and supporting equipment. Also installing a solution to fix one thing can actually make another one worse.

For example: Adding room ventilation to reduce Chloramine levels has the effect of increasing evaporation levels and dropping the pool temperature. This may then require a larger pool heater, or adding a pool blanket.

Toyesi has over 30 years of seeing these points and how they interact with each other. Unfortunately, we cannot solve all the needs of an indoor pool, but we can go a long way in addressing and resolving many of them.

In fact, our PCVER system is well worth considering for most indoor pool aquatic projects, as it addresses pool heating, space cooling, ventilation, dehumidification, and reusing waste energy to increase efficiency, all in a single system.

Sound Attenuation

Regardless if it is a domestic pool or a commercial pool, many people will find noise an issue. Heat pumps just like air conditioners have moving fans and the hum of compressors. When positioned near a neighbour or resident they can generate a few complaints.

There are a few options to resolve these sound issues. You can limit the use of the heat pump today hours or use quieter systems. However, in a larger commercial application, even the quietest heat pump can be noisy.

Toyesi has addressed this noise issue by designing an add on to our heat pumps. A Sound Attenuator. Designed to firstly absorb excess noise through internal additions. Then to defuse the airflow at the same time muffling it.

These working together will often halve the sound output of our heat pumps.

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TET 7200 With Sound Attenuaters

Sound Attenuation

Page Under Construction Call to find out more

Installation Flexibility

Every commercial pool heating solutions from the smallest to the largest swimming pool heating system are different when it comes to installation requirements. Outdoor, under houses, in-plant rooms, under pools or on the roof to name just a few locations heating pieces of equipment find themselves.

Unlike an off the shelf product, Toyesi offers truly flexible options for installation. We can build systems lower than normal, change fan location, be dedicated in plants systems or even prefabricated air handling systems.

For certain projects that are between a rock and a hard place, we can even assemble on site. Ideal for those locations designed for a system to never be replaced, but now it needs to be.

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