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Heat Recovery Ventilation & Room Temperature Control

Heat Recovery Ventilation, & Air Handling System for Wet, Humid or Damp Spaces

Air quality is paramount in the indoor pool or aquatic environments, especially if you are heating a significant amount of water. The heat from the pool rises off the pool as latent energy in the form of evaporation, leading to humidity. This humidity can fill the room, creating a muggy horrible environment to be in. Also, this moisture tends to settle on windows, roofing, walls, and can even rain inside.

This problem also occurs in wet rooms and wash bays, due to the amount of water being sprayed around.

water damage - Solutions - Heat Recovery Ventilation PAS
Humidity Damage

Current Solutions

If you go back across to the pages on PCVER System you will know that there are many different processes and methods in dealing with humidity and air quality issues. One of the main solutions used is air-conditioners.

The reason they are used is based on the theory that if the space temperature is the same or close to that of the pool temperature, evaporation and heat loss from the pool is minimised. If this heat loss can be reduced then evaporation is reduced and thus humidity levels can be partly controlled.

However, Air Conditioners appear to have on going Issues. Split system air-conditioners tend to break down with rusting electronics, shorting out, all due to the levels of condensation and room moisture!

mould - Solutions - Heat Recovery Ventilation PAS
Mould build up due to humidity issues
  • Rusting components
  • Mildew & mould buildup
  • Constantly changing circuit boards
  • Water damaged wiring and parts.
  • Not able to maintain ideal temperatures
  • Constant downtime
  • Large service and maintenance bills due to frequent ongoing service needs.

“If you are frustrated with having to replace your Air-conditioner every few years.”
Then Toyesi may have the solution for you.

Process Air System (PAS)
Internal Tropicalised Environmental Conditioning System

Toyesi has been known for its water handling, heating and chilling capacity for nearly 30 years. Through the invention of our PCVER System, we have been able to utilise the lessons learnt to give life to our New Range of Process Air Handling Systems or PAS Units.

Our PAS Units have eliminated or significantly reduced and addresses most of the issues associated with Wet Room Air Conditioning and can suit a variety of applications including:

PAS Units Applications:

  • Wet Rooms & Wet room air conditioning
  • Aquaculture Spaces
  • Wash Down Bays
  • High Humidity areas
  • Back rooms in Aquariums
  • Cool Rooms
  • Science or research labs

Process Air System (PAS)

PAS Units are genuine commercial-grade Air Handling Systems and not just Air-Conditioners.

With a design that keeps critical components well away from the internal space. The PAS Units can maintain a wet and humid environment, utilising advanced reverse cycle heating and cooling technology, to economically maintain the internal environmental temperature without all the headaches and maintenance issues associated with air-conditioners.

Features and benefits include:

  • Space Dead Band temperature control
  • Reverse Cycle Air heating and chilling
  • Remote Digital Controller
  • Packaged or Split systems
  • Suits high condensation areas
  • Electrics outside and not affected by internal moisture build-up.
  • Long Lifecycle – designed to outlast traditional air-conditioners in damp, humid or wet areas.
  • Variety in Sizes – With various sizes to suit most applications.
  • Easily Serviced & Readily available parts
  • Auto Temperature Equaliser System
fans - Solutions - Heat Recovery Ventilation PAS
Pas Internal Fans
pas unit - Solutions - Heat Recovery Ventilation PAS
Transthermal - PAS System

Why a True Reverse-Cycle System.

Air conditions are usually set in heat or cool modes. This means that they monitor a preset temperature value, and in heating mode, will heat the room once the ambient temperature drops below this value, and stops once it has been reached. The same happens in cooling mode, but in the reverse direction.

This limitation is typical in most air-conditioner refrigerant cycles.

Overcoming this limitation

Toyesi’s Transthermal heat recovery ventilation PAS technology has overcome this refrigerant cycle limitation and opens the door for a true reverse-cycle air handing system.

By setting an upper and lower temperature range, the PAS unit will either heat or cool the space as required to maintain the ideal comfort levels of the occupant.

temperature - Solutions - Heat Recovery Ventilation PAS

Air Handling System for
Wet, Humid or Damp Spaces

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