Greenhouse Humidifiers

Improve Greenhouse Growing Conditions.

Greenhouse Humidifiers

Toyesi specialises in heat pumps and chillers and has done so for over 30 years. We then began to branch out using heat pump technologies to manage the dehumidification of indoor swimming pools. In the form of our PCVER system.

Several years ago we began working with horticultural clients in NFT water temperature control, hydronic heating loops and other greenhouse space heating, and cooling solutions. This then branched out with our PCVER system to handle dehumidification.

The dehumidification led us to the Dantherm dehumidification range of products. However many greenhouse growers actually need high moisture levels, rather than just remove the humidity.

We can now offer the support of a new range of Greenhouse Humifcation solutions through the driSteem product range.

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driSteam is a United States Company and has been around for over 50 years. They design and manufacture humidification systems to meet multiple market segments right across many HVAC applications. They perform through extensive research and development to stay on top of the industry.

Here at Toyesi we are focusing more on their solutions and how they may help growers with greenhouse humidifiers and other associated solutions.

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Why Humidify Indoor Agriculture Grow Rooms?

Humidification systems are a part of the gear needed to successfully grow plants indoors.

  • In the first stage of plant growth, or the propagation stage, the cuttings and seedlings need a high level of relative humidity.  65 to 80% RH or even more. Plant species like cannabis like 65 to 70% RH in this early stage
  • High humidity help prevent the soils from drying out, as well as allowing the plant to absorb some moisture from the air as the roots are not yet established.
  • In the growing phase, when plants are developing stems and leaves, the plants need a moderate level of relative humidity. Typically between 55 to 70% RH species dependent.
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Issues Caused by Low Relative Humidity.

Plants take in water through both the soil and through the stomatal openings in their leaves.

  • Plants perspire as well adsorb moisture through their leaves via the stomatal openings. A process used by the plants to moderate their temperature. Similar to sweating in humans.
  • In low humidity conditions, especially where soil moisture is also low, the plants defense mechanism is to close their stomata to prevent moisture loss.
  • Closing the plants stomatal openings has several consequences. increased water stress, slowing photosynthetic process and leads to slow growth and compromised yields.
  • Under severely low humidity, the plants will wilt and eventually die as their protective mechanisms cannot offset the water stress.

Issues Caused by High Relative Humidity.

With very high humidty, the plant, can be subject to powdery mildew or be subject to other forms of bacteria and fungus.

  • The result is that the plants are at risk and could produce wasted produce and reduce total plant growth, and ultimately poor yield.
  • High humidity is these applications is controlled by dehumidifiers, however great air flow, movement and a humidifier control can help maintain healthy levels of humidity.
  • If you need both humidity and dehumidifying control you can look at the Dantherm dehumidifiers or our PCVER or similar solution.
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Humidity Level Guide for Different Plant Stages.

Each plant type, species and life stage have different room temperature and  humidity requirements. But as a simple guide:

  • Adult plant Rooms ~ 50 to 60% RH
  • Cloning Rooms ~ as high as 80 to 95% RH
  • Vegetative growth rooms ~ 50 to 75% RH
  • Flowering rooms ~ 40 to 60% RH
  • And Packaging / Curing Rooms ~ 40 to 50% RH

Depending on the room size, set up and requirements different humidifiers are available.

  • Electrode Humidifier (XT Series) ~ For small to medium applications.
  • Gas to Steam humidifiers (GTS LX Series) ~ Ideal for clean room applications.
  • High Pressure Atomizing System (HP-A Series) ~ Ideal for medium to large capacities from 100 to 2500 kg / hour.

For more information click on the below button (link) to the Webinar ~ Optimizing Plant Growth and Production with Correct Relative Humidity Levels

Dristeem Steam Humidification

Electrode Humidifier – XT Series

The XT Series humidifier is a compact, cabinet style unit comparable with all water types (tap, softened, deionised, reverse osmosis) and numerous dispersion options. Install in a snap – Just attach the frame to a supportive structure and connect electrical and water services.

  • Utilises tap water to generate steam by running current through the water.
  • The electrodes do not “heat” the water as in a resistive electric humidifier.
  • Heat caused by electrical resistance (current) in conductive fill water between submerged electrodes boils the water into steam.
  • Auto tuned drain/fill cycles keep electrical current within demand parameters, based on water conditions and steam production.
  • 2.7 to 46 kg/hour output.
  • Link up to 16 units for capacities up to 740 kg.
  • Disperse steam through duct-work with dispersion tubes or panels, or directly into a room with a Space Distribution Unit mounted remotely or on top of the unit.
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Technical Information

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Other Greenhouse Solutions & Links

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Temperature & humidity Monitoring

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Greenhouse Air Conditioners

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Visit ~ Dehum Australia ~ for Larger Humidifier & Ventilation Solutions

The Dristeem XT series is an ideal solution for the more advanced hobby greenhouse or smaller commercial ventures. For more information do not hesitate to drop us a line.

Toyesi specialises in all things heat pump and associated technology. Heating, Cooling, Hot Water, Humidification and Dehumidification as well as much more.

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