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Greenhouse Temperature and Humidity Control Needs

An Introduction

Farmers have been using greenhouses for many hundreds of years. They are used to grow plants such as flowers, vegetables, herbs and, these days, medical marijuana. The reason greenhouses are used is because of the huge benefits that they offer. Included in these benefits is the localised environmental protection and control that the greenhouse provides.

Environmental protection includes protection from ice, snow, hail, winds and other negative impacting natural weather conditions. Furthermore, greenhouses also provide protection from birds and other animals and the damages they cause, along with general produce consumption. Some animals, especially insects still can infest a greenhouse and other solutions are available but are not being addressed here.

As a result of the greenhouses protective environmental barrier, many growers and farmers alike enjoy the benefits of increased quality of plant and boosted produce yields. Thus, increased revenue potential.

Despite all the positive benefits of greenhouses, they do bring in their own issues and problems.

Some of these issues may include:
  • The greenhouse overheats during the day.
  • The greenhouse becoming too cold at night.
  • Perspiring plants, watering and misters can cause humidity levels to build up inside the greenhouse. Thus causing even more issues such as mould or mildew.
  • Ventilation and space heating can cause the greenhouse to become too dry and thus not humid enough for some plants.
  • In greenhouses with restricted or no ventilation and/or no circulating airflow can cause stagnant air, wet pockets and other issues.
  • To keep the greenhouse cooler shade cloth is used and the lighting is required to be introduced. Now you have the added issues of controlling light & UV influx but still, require lighting.

To manage all these issues many solutions have been put into play. From gas heaters, roof ventilation to internal fans, cooling towers, misters and so many other systems and processes.

Enviro Green Heat Pump System

It’s About Scalability

As mentioned, there are a lot of areas to manage within a greenhouse. Not all the issues were listed or covered here. However, all indoor growing areas suffer similar issues. More so, larger greenhouses have the added issue of increased scale and magnitude of the same problems. Thus large greenhouses utilise advanced control systems to manage all the different aspects of the greenhouse. Many large operations also utilise monitoring and automated solutions to reduce the huge manual burden that comes with resolving such conditions.

Smaller greenhouses come with the same issues but on a much smaller scale. Many smaller greenhouse owners and operators still rely on, physical and time consuming, manual handling solutions. The reason for this is often financial and operators can get stuck in a rut of doing the same thing over and over again.

Simplified Controls

Some small greenhouse owners in both commercial and domestic settings do gain the advantages of simplified controlled systems, or just automating a few of the processes. We saw that there was a niche opportunity to assist these farmers with a solution that can control a fair few of these processes. Providing a single control system to drive temperature control and humidity control along with a few other benefits such as day and night modes. We are calling this system the Enviro Green Heat Pump System.

Toyesi’s NEW Enviro Green Heat Pump System is a lower cost singular control system to provide an efficient yet simple solution.

The Enviro Green Heat Pump System goes a long way to offer many of these advanced automated controls but in a simplified design set-up.  But with space temperature and humidity controls coupled with ventilation you have a long way forward. Then by incorporating dual timers, the system can handle many on/off or open/close outputs in a single system design.

The Environ Green System will not address all the issues in a greenhouse. However, if we work together to understand your main concerns. Together we can develop an Enviro Green Heat Pump Solution for your greenhouse.

Some of the key areas the Enviro Green System can address includes:
System Options:
Indoor room temperature control
    • DX (refrigerant-based) fan coil system
      • Heat & Chill Mode,
      • Heat only Mode,
      • & Chill only Mode.
    • Water Loop System
      • hydronic Heat Loop
      • Water Heating Coil Loop
Humidity Control
    • Humidity control
      • Turn on your misting system
      • Ultrasonic or similar humidifier
    • Dehumidification
      • Can turn on your dehumidifier
      • or DX-Fan coil dehumidification.
Additional Optional Controls
    • Night and day modes are available.
    • Exhaust fan or ventilation fan On/Off
    • Lighting control On/Off
    • Damper control Open/Close
    • Roof vents Open/Close
    • And additional timer for other On/Off or Open/Close outputs.
Contact Toyesi

Toyesi is developing new ideas and custom solutions all the time. So if you have any greenhouse problem that you feel may be resolvable. Then give us a call or drop us an email.

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Space Temperature Control

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Greenhouses Air Conditioners

Space Humidity Control

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Day Night Mode

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With so many options configurable the Enviro Green Heat Pump System is an ideal solution for the more advanced hobby greenhouse or smaller commercial ventures.

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