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Indoor pool aquatic projects have some distinct advantages over outdoor pools. They can be in use all year round. Bad weather, storms, heatwaves, and the big chills do not influence their use.

They are also cheaper to heat, maintainable all year round, and more comfortable for staff to observe swimmers for safety.

However, they do come with their own distinct issues. Ventilation, Chloramine build-up, humidity, indoor mist and rain of the ceiling are just some of the conditions unique to indoor aquatic projects. Article

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Points to Consider

  • Available Space
  • Pool and spa heating
  • Above ground or In-ground pool
  • Insulation around the pool or spa
  • Air Quality & Ventilation
  • Controlling Chloramines.
  • Filtration systems
  • Plant rooms or outside installation of equipment
  • Humidity issues & space fogging
  • Mould build-up, rusting
  • Dripping water off ceiling and glass
  • Waste energy
  • Pool blankets
  • etc.

Each of these points may require a different solution and supporting equipment. Also installing a solution to fix one thing can actually make another one worse.

For example: Adding room ventilation to reduce Chloramine levels has the effect of increasing evaporation levels and dropping the pool temperature. This may then require a larger pool heater, or adding a pool blanket.

Toyesi has over 30 years of seeing these points and how they interact with each other. Unfortunately, we cannot solve all the needs of an indoor pool, but we can go a long way in addressing and resolving many of them.

In fact, our PCVER system is well worth considering for most indoor pool aquatic projects, as it addresses pool heating, space cooling, ventilation, dehumidification, and reusing waste energy to increase efficiency, all in a single system.

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Foggy Indoor pool room.

Links to Indoor Aquatic Solutions

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PCVER Dehumidification & Ventilation: for Passive Cooling, Ventilation, Dehumidification and Energy Recover Systems

PAS Enviro-Air Solution: Process Air Solution for room temperature control.

Energy Management: for more ideas in reducing running cost and using energy more efficiently.

More on our PCVER System

Capital and Running Cost Savings

Utilising our efficient PCVER system to do the work of a pool heater, as well as for ventilation, dehumidification, energy recovery and pool room temperature manager, we can significantly reduce the overall capital equipment outlay. Also, overall running costs will be much lower due to only having to run one efficient system.

“No system or combination of systems can manage the variables associated with
pool and space heating as we fight against mother nature”.
However, the PCVER system goes a long way to solve several issues in one system.
Great Value!
Simon – Swim School Owner NSW

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