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Making the Right Choice in Swimming Pool & Spa Heating is easy with Toyesi

Swimming pool & spa heating experience for over 30 years. Toyesi brings a wealth of knowledge almost unparalleled in the swimming pool heating and heat pump industry and is one of Australia’s leading heat pump designers & manufacturers enabling us to know our systems inside out. This gives Toyesi an edge over our competitors who import their systems.

Toyesi musters a wide choice in system setup and sizes and upgrade options, with over 40 base models to choose from. These include outdoor and in-plant installation options, custom setups, and even onsite build options. Even with these wide ranges of options, you will find our designs are easy to install, easy to service and with readily available components, which means that our heat pumps and chillers are serviceable for a lifetime and unmatched for after-sales support.

Toyesi is proud to introduce the Toyesi high-efficiency ‘TET Series Heat Pump’ designed and manufactured in Australia since 1989.

Now even more advanced Transthermal Smart Technology enables Toyesi the ability to offer even more flexibility with our inclusions of multi-function heat pumps and solutions. This means we can offer solutions beyond the humble heat pump – See Transthermal 

The Clients We Love

Thanks to our open-minded approach and flexibility throughout the entire design-manufacturing-installation cycle, Toyesi meets and exceeds the needs of an extensive cross-section of widely differing clients and meets their individual needs, currently including but not limited to:

  • Strata & non-strata apartments and retirement villages
  • Aquatic centres and swimming schools
  • Council and school swimming pools
  • and other commercial swimming pool heating projects.
  • Resorts, Motels, Hotels, leisure centres, and caravan parks
  • Rehabilitation heated and chilled pools
  • High-end domestic pools & spas
  • Non-pool-based solutions including tooling and food manufacturing
  • And other fresh or saltwater Aquatic projects.

High efficiency ‘TET Series Heat Pump’

Swimming pool & spa heating with Toyesi’s Heat Pumps offer a level of control that is both easy to operate and economical to run and can reduce your operating costs from 40% to 70% compared to an equivalent gas-based system.

  • Australian designed & Australian made since 1989.
  • No obligations – Heat Load estimates for your peace of mind.
  • Built in Sydney, but designed so that your local specialist can install, maintain and service our equipment keeping downtime to a minimum.
  • Smart yet serviceable internal controls and components for peace of mind.
  • Readily available local parts mean NO long waits for overseas parts to arrive.
  • Easy to Operate, economical to run, serviceable for life.
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Performance When it Counts

When Dependability Matters.

When you are dependent on your commercial heat pump’s performance and reliability, as your business livelihood is directly linked and paramount to your business success, you can trust that Toyesi’s units will be there for you. With COPs ranging from 5 to 8, depending on weather and water temperatures, the Toyesi ranges offer superior dependability that will keep your pools warm all year round.

To assist you in managing your projects’ swimming pool & Spa heating designs we have broken our standard heat pumps into 3 main categories.

Indoor Pool Heating Specialist

Also if you have an indoor pool or aquatic project, take the time to understand how Toyesi’s PCVER or PAS Smart Transthermal Technologies can help you.

Toyesi is the leading cornerstone of indoor pool heating technologies and has transformed heating solutions with multi-function heat pumps to handle humidity, space temperature as well as pool temperature.

Links for Heat Pump Solutions

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Australia’s most reliable manufacturer of technically advanced commercial quality
Unmatched For Technical Expertise & Meticulous Manufacturing

It’s all about water,energy and air handling solutions

Toyesi Pty Ltd.

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Get a New Perspective on Pool Heating
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Getting far more from your heat pump than just heating!
Unleash the True Potential of Heat Pumps
Dehumidification, Ventilation, Water Reclaim, Reverse-Cycle Space Temperature Control,
Energy Capture & Reuse and still heat or cool your Aquatic project & much more.

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