Toyesi Heat Pump Specifications

Toyesi High Efficiency TET Series Heat Pumps

Easy to install and simple to maintain, you’ll find the TET Series heat pumps a pleasure to work with. Regardless of the site’s landscaping or site design. Toyesi has over 40 different model capacities from 6 kW – 300 kW and larger in both outdoor and in-plant models; with either end, side or vertical fan discharge configurations available, and a copper-nickel heat exchange technology.

Designed and Manufactured in Australia​ since 1989.

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Product Features

  • Distinctive, robust and corrosion-resistant stainless-steel case and fasteners throughout.
  • Low ambient ‘winter heating capacity ratings
  • Compact slim case design offering a small footprint.
  • Commercial grade compressor technology
  • High heat transfer coefficient pool-spa water heat-exchangers for use with salt or chlorinated water
  • Self-managing ‘reverse cycle’ defrost logic.
  • Optimum flow rate water balancing valves
  • Visible operating performance needle gauges.
  • Self-diagnostic energy management control board.
  • Slow rotation ‘quieter’ side fan operation.
  • Digital LED display thermostat controller
  • Compressor ‘soft start’ control.
  • Factory operation and performance tested.
  • Long-term after-sales technical support and service
  • Warehouse stocked spare parts ‘ready to ship’.
  • Fully welded condensate recovery drip tray.
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Efficiency key to Toyesi Heat Pumps.

Toyesi heat pumps are built to have an average COP of 5 between 15C to 18C ambient conditions.

Some companies use EER, SEER or HSPF as references for heat pumps or chillers. Although useful as a guide these values are based around the use of BTUs rather than kW as their energy rating systems.

For Estimation Purposes.

COP = Energy out (kW) / Energy used (kW)
SEER = EER ÷ 0.9
SEER = COP x 3.792
EER = COP x 3.413
HSPF = COP x 3.792

Brief Term Explanation:

COP ~ Coefficient of Performance – Usually used in heating, but can be used in cooling applications.
EER ~ Energy Efficiency Ratio – Usually only used in cooling applications
SEER ~ Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio – This is used as a typical seasonal performance in a given location. So SEER values are usually only project-based values.
HSPF ~ Heating Seasonal Performance Factor ~ basically the same as SEER but for heating only. So HSPF values are usually only project-based values.

For Example:

a COP of 5 is equivalent to an EER of 17, an HSPF or SEER of around 19

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Toyesi Heat pumps are renowned for their superior efficiency over other forms and types of Heat Pumps. With typical COPs of 4 to 8, depending on Ambient and water temperatures and conditions. Meaning that our systems offer performances equal to most inverter models and well above other standard heat pump models.

When directly comparing heat pumps, make sure you look at the ratings of the heat pumps at similar water and ambient conditions. Many brands list COPs at 27C water and 25C ambient conditions, where there is actually very little heating to be done.  If Toyesi listed COPs at this level, you would see COPs of 7 to 8. However, this does not truly reflect an overall average performance across most of the year. By sizing heat pumps at 15C to 18C ambient conditions will give you a good average guide, for the year-long, performance of your heat pump.

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This system offers many features & options found in Toyesi’s renowned high-end systems, including digital temperature control, advanced refrigerant management technology and sophisticated state of the art direct digital logic controller/s variable speed drives, proportional water flow control & plant management options aimed at delivering enhanced operating efficiencies that maintain capacity during critical periods. They are uniquely designed in a slimline and compact chassis suitable for limited plant space requirements.

Be assured that installation, commissioning and maintenance issue is fully supported by our technical sales engineers and service agents, making Australia’s TET series heater – chiller heat pumps the right solution for every kind of project.

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Customised Options

  • Harsh environment ‘316 Marne” grade stainless casings for added corrosion protection
  • Positive flow paddle safety switch.
  • Season dependent heater and/or chiller operation
  • Water temperature sampling pump operation timer.
  • Dual pool-spa changeover thermostat and motorised water valve control.
  • In-plant ducting and ventilation installation kits
  • Sound attenuator ‘fan noise reduction kit”.
  • On-site unit builds for sites with limited access.
  • Automatic air purge relief valve.
  • Tamper proof and pad-lockable control covers.
  • Multi-function pool controller compatibility.
  • Thermostatically controlled mechanical air space ventilation of pool hall.
  • Compact in-plant unit casting design with various high-static fan discharge positions.
  • Passive dehumidification cooling and/or ventilation of pool hall with waste air energy recovery.

Locally designed and manufactured in Australia

Ensuring long-term serviceability and local product support.

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