Zeus Power Range

Commercial Pool Heat Pumps & Chillers 96 kW to 300 kW or More

Ideal for Commercial Pool Heat Pumps, & Outdoor Aquatic Projects

Dependability – When you are dependent on your commercial pool heat pump’s performance and reliability, as your business livelihood is directly linked and paramount to your business success, you can trust that Toyesi’s units will be there for you. With COPs ranging from 5 to 8, depending on weather and water temperatures, the Zeus range offers superior dependability that will keep your pools warm all year round.

Since 1989, Toyesi has been designing, manufacturing and servicing the owners of our Toyesi heat pumps. This experience ensures that our customers have confidence when in time of need, assistance is never far away.

Ease of Service – Toyesi systems have been designed for ease of service, allowing for almost any qualified tradesman to service and maintain our equipment.  Also, we have where possible, used readily available quality parts, meaning that your heat pumps’ downtime will be minimised during your time of need.

No Pool Too Big – Toyesi units are also totally stackable creating an almost endless amount of pool heating power for even the largest of pools, and like all Toyesi equipment they are built to last the distance. Ideal for all your 25m to 50m or larger commercial pools, where reliability means income and customer satisfaction.

All the benefits and options from the Titan Companion and Poseidon Power Range and more.

Front Fans are Standard

Like all large capacity commercial pool heat pumps, the Zeus Power range produces a plethora of cool air discharge. Unlike many of our competition, which pumps the air straight up, all Toyesi’s systems come with front or side-mounted air discharge.

This is to ensure maximum air dispersal capability away from the heat pump and prevents the cooler discharged air re-circulation. This leads many other heat pumps to decrease in capacity and freeze up.

img 1247 e1622777726439 - Product Information - Zeus Power Range
Small & Large Sound Attenuation.
tet 2400 x 2 531x400 - Product Information - Zeus Power Range
Custom Exhaust Systems

The TET 3600 Outdoor Installation was a replacement system. →

The square concrete slab seen under our unit was the size of the original Opposition heat pump installation.

Not only did our units have a slightly higher kW rating than the older unit, but you can also see that the space-saving and noise reduction would add some real value to many of our clients.

tet 3600 - Product Information - Zeus Power Range
TET 3600 (150 kW) Outdoor Installation @ Council Pool.

Custom Build Options Available:

  • Stage Splitting – Limited space, can’t fit several units then use a single larger unit to drive multiple pools.
  • Stack-able units – Limited space, reinforced units to allow for vertical unit stacking.
  • Extra service access points – for ease of maintenance
  • Complete custom designs – To meet special project needs
  • Fan location options – Standard Front, Top and left and right discharge options.
  • Sound Attenuation – Bodywork Kits and Acoustic foam inlays available
  • In-plant or Outdoor Builds – To suit almost any build location
  • Air to Water or Water to Water – Different methods of heat transfer.
  • Energy Recapture & Ventilation Options – Improve efficiency by capturing lost pool heat energy.
  • Heater, Chiller or Heater Chiller Reverse Cycle – All our systems can be set up for different water heating or chilling requirements.
tet zeus power range - Product Information - Zeus Power Range

COP & Efficiency Data


Toyesi now offers 13 & 15 HP Systems. Now we can offer systems up to 400 kW or more.

2000 cop graph - Product Information - Zeus Power Range
3000 cop graph - Product Information - Zeus Power Range
2400 cop graph - Product Information - Zeus Power Range
3600 cop graph - Product Information - Zeus Power Range

Download Brochure: toyesi-zeus-power-series-96kw-to-300kw

COP & Efficiency Data

Disclaimer: COP & Efficiency Data is not available on all units due to the Custom nature of many of our designs and project builds. Tabled data and graphs are interpolated from factory tested equipment and components in optimal conditions and may vary from heat pump to heat pump. Typical COPs for Toyesi heat pumps will vary between 5 and 8 between 150C to 35oC.

Installed systems will vary, depending on the heat pump’s set up, ambient conditions, and installation location etc.  Ambient temperatures above 35oC and below 15oC will also affect the kW capacity of all refrigerants and should be considered in selecting the correct size of your heat pump. It is recommended to size heat pumps for the equipment’s highest demand period to prevent disappointment.  This is usually during the coldest months for pool heating and the hottest for chilling.

Water flow rates may also vary depending on required water turnover rates, heating or chilling temperature levels required and individual project needs. We take advantage of the use of a water balance & COP kit; included with all Toyesi Heat pumps. These kits allow the user to adjust the water flow through the heat pump to optimise the heat pumps performance.  

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