Titan Companion Range

Commercial Quality Heat Pumps & Chillers Ideal for Project Requiring 6 kW to 18 kW

Ideal for Small to Medium
Pools & Spas

Even the smallest of Toyesi’s heat pumps (Spa Heaters & small pool Heaters) have been designed using premium commercial grade parts and quality products to ensure that small pools and spas enjoy heating all year long, and with the Long Life-Cycle that comes with the peace of mind that only the Toyesi difference delivers. With COPs ranging from 5 to 8, depending on weather and water temperatures, the Titan range offers a great bang for your buck.

Unique in-house patent designed coaxial tube in tube heat exchangers

Using in-house patent designed and built heat exchangers, we can offer energy efficiencies that others are envious of.

  • Seamless copper-nickel coaxial tube-in-tube design
  • Extremely high heat transfer coefficients to deliver optimum performance and efficiency.
  • Designed to last and hold up against any titanium heat exchanger for longevity. With units still in operation 20 years on.
  • Full metal inner and outer to ensure no plastic component failures or leaking connections. High-pressure rating compared to U-PVC.
domestic range e1622777882608 - Product Information - Titan Companion Range
Titan Companion Range

Intelligent Energy Management Controller

  • An intelligent energy management controller ensures reliable operation throughout the swim season.
  • Coupled with this controller is electrical, refrigerant and water flow safety devices ensuring equipment protection and peace of mind.
  • External Contact points for BMS System connectivity via Voltage free contact points. +15V power from the board.
  • Advanced, yet simple to use, thermostat for trouble-free easy operation

Increased system safety inclusions and special features for longevity and peace of mind

Toyesi has spent a lot of time on product development and longevity and includes more safety features than many other brands. Even our spa heaters are given the love and attention renown across our range.

  • 304 Stainless steel chassis
  • Water flow detection
  • Low and high-pressure detection
  • Anti-freeze thermostat for protecting the heat exchanger
  • Suction accumulator to protect the compressor from liquid refrigerant return failure during defrosting.
  • Soft Starter for all 1-phase systems
  • Advanced in-house designed defrost cycle system.
  • Lower water flow requirements compared to other heat pumps.
heated spa pool - Product Information - Titan Companion Range
The Joy of Spas

Solving the Plug and Play Water-Flow Issues

Most heat pumps are just plumb in, and you hope you have the correct water flow to provide the heating or chilling performance levels for the unit. Too little or too much water flow will provide a very under-performing heat pump.

Toyesi’s Unique Water Balance Valves are used to adjust water flow levels through the heat exchanger, allowing for excess water flow to safely bypass the heat pump and delving the correct amount of water through the heat pump for optimum heat pump performance.

tet titan companion range - Product Information - Titan Companion Range

COP & Efficiency Data

250 cop graph - Product Information - Titan Companion Range
300 cop graph - Product Information - Titan Companion Range
400 cop graph - Product Information - Titan Companion Range

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