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Temperature Control of Your Environment.

There are many industries that have unique temperature control system requirements for indoor environments. Many issues can simply be addressed through ventilation and air-conditioning. However, there are unique environments where neither of these can address, let alone fix these conditions.

Here at Toyesi, we know that we cannot solve all the different unique conditions that arise, but we know that our PAS & Transthermal solutions go a long way in fixing quite a few of them.

Some Examples of Special Heating of Chilling Needs:

  • Wet room air conditioning & High Humidity & Wet Rooms: Electrical components have an aversion to water and so air-conditioners tend not to fare well in these environments. Much like wet rooms. Rooms with high humidity are prone to mould and other similar issues to wet rooms
  • Animal Space Conditioning: People often do not think about animal comfort as much as we do for ourselves. But when you have bread stock indoors, controlling ideal room temperatures can be a real benefit.
  • Clean Rooms: Some environments such as pharmaceutical, food, beverage, scientific & medical cannot have external air intake and stringent space temperature control is very critical.
  • Heat, Energy & Temperature Management: There are some projects where you can use energy (heat) from one room to actually cool another by using smart Transthermal technologies. These types of projects take advantage of multi-function heat pumps capabilities.

High Humidity & Wet Rooms

A room temperature control system becomes particularly difficult if the system being used continuously needs repair or replacement due to a wet or humid environment.

Air conditions, although can have protective sprays applied, contain electrical components and control boards. As water and humidity enter these systems it can cause corrosion, shorting, and mould to build up.

mould 250x250 - Industry Page - Temperature Control System
Mould build up due to humidity issues
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Wet rooms include such spaces as food preparation to clean down bays. Water is physically sprayed and splashed in these spaces. Although care may be taken, eventually this excess moisture will find itself in unexpected spaces.

Often this is into any air-condition system located in the area. This ten risks repairing damaged air-conditioners or replacing them.  Although a fairly easy process and not overly expensive, this cost adds up over time.

Many companies often resort to just venting the space or no creature comforts at all.

High humidity rooms are even more tricky to manage. Often very warm and wet environments. They can include such places as indoor swimming pools, aquaculture rooms or even drying rooms & industrial laundry rooms or any room where heated water is present for extended periods of time.

These spaces need careful ventilation and circulating air to avoid mould buildup and very uncomfortable working conditions.

Air-conditioners are often disregarded in these environments due to the high air moisture content.

In these situations and projects Toyesi’s Space Temperature Management Process Air Handling Systems (PAS) are perfectly suited.

The PAS’s success is due to the fact we have removed all critical electronics from the indoors components so that they can provide a heating and cooling solution that will run long term and trouble free.

If mould does start to grow inside the equipment,  often all you need is simple maintenance or cleaning of the system, and it will be back up and running.

Worst case scenario when corrosion sets in, it is often just a change of a fan motor or fan bearings.   Making it a far quicker and lower cost solution, with a much shorter down time period than standard air-conditioners.

Animal Space Conditioning

We initially never thought about using room temperature control solutions for animals or farms. But then we came across an assortment of interesting projects to work with.

Two of them were in Chicken farming. One was in improving environments for the chicken hatchery. This improvement sped up their growth rate from chick to adult. They came to us as they needed to be able to build a system with UV filters and Hepa filters.

The second was in a chicken shed. We worked with Prihoda ducting to design a system that would cool the whole chicken barn. This dramatically improved their living conditions, and in return increased the egg production quality and quality.

The chicken farm could not use normal air-conditioning due to the caustic nature of chook poop and fumes that rise corroded several standard systems before we helped work on a PAS solution.

13.1. e1622778049191 500x283 - Industry Page - Temperature Control System
Chook Farm Project

Since then we have looked at other situations that could benefit. Milking sheds, aquaculture (human comfort), animal recovery centres and more.

Clean Rooms

There are many types of rooms that need room temperature control. There are some really tricky ones as well which cannot bring in outside air into the room. They must manage by controlling the space temp from within the room.

Some do rely on air-conditioners however many need a custom look at air handling with HEPA filters, UV filters and more installed into the system. A standard air-conditioner just does not have the customisable nature of these requirements.

Such rooms may include food preparation, pharmaceutical, medical and research laboratories.

Also air-conditioners usually only have a heat or chill mode. And thus in temperature-sensitive rooms, tight control of the space temperature management cannot be maintained.

Toyesi’s PAS system has the ability to both heat and chill in a reverse cycle dead-band control. So selecting the control temperature for room space may just help prevent bacteria or mould growth or assist in maintaining ideal conditions for a scientific project.

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Heat, Energy & Temperature Management

Image having control not only of your room temperature control, but being able to move waste heat from one room into another, or maybe producing heated water at the same time.

Imagine being able to reduce the humidity of one space whilst heating a body of water (such as a pool or aquatic area) and producing hot water or cold water for that matter as well.

Imagine a drying room providing excess heat to heat up hot water and at the same time provide chilled water and cool air to cool down a room for human comfort.

Toyesi often faces interesting projects where space temperature management has exciting multi-purpose solutions. They are often very challenging, and sometimes there are no complete solutions, however, when we can see a solution it is very exciting for both Toyesi and its clients alike.

How Can We Do This?

We have taken all the smarts from our Toyesi PC control board and written them into smart coding for the Innotech controllers. We then took years of engineering knowledge and our understanding of heat dynamics and refrigerants and expanded this to provide our smart Transthermal technology.

Having the controls at our fingertips also allows us the ability to customise the thermal outputs across different solutions, thus providing some unique flexibility for our clients.

omni range c40 - Industry Page - Temperature Control System

NEW “Temperature & Humidity Monitoring”

Using our knowledge of heat pumps and chillers coupled with what we have learnt from DDC Controllers, Toyesi now has integrated data capture & storage solutions coupled with remote monitoring, Mobile Apps and Web portal solutions. Click here to know more

For a smart temperature control System click button to find out more – Process Air System – PAS

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