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Creating Airflow where Nature Can’t

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Creating airflow where nature can’t

There are thousands of issues and problems in this world of which most have their own solutions or management methods. With the development of the Turf Jet range of products, we are only looking at providing products, services and solutions to provide assistance to areas where nature or other solutions do not provide adequate air-flow or air movement.

Known Air-Flow issues include but are not limited to:

  • Frost management – prevention & dispersion.
  • Humidity management – disperse humidity and improve airflow.
  • Dampness management – increase natural evaporation.
  • Disease management – reduce humidity, dampness and prevent excess frost by increasing airflow can help keep diseases and rot from setting in.
  • Plant health – gentle airflow has been known to strengthen and improve grass and other plants health.
  • Safer working & play environment – by reducing dampness and slippery surfaces by evaporating the excess surface moisture through airflow.
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Turf Jet Suggested Uses

  • Turf Maintenance
  • Golf Greens & Sports fields
  • Orchards, Fruit Growers or Vineyards
  • Race tracks or Astro-Turf  drying

Excess Dampness, Moisture & Humidity

Areas prone to long term dampness and/or humidity from buildings to plants will eventually be affected by the build-up of mould.

Excess moisture, humidity saturation and water pooling can contribute to uneven or humpy/dimply playing surfaces or even unsightly diseased playing fields, golf greens and food crops.

Frost Damage

When temperatures drop and where there is a lack of airflow in a gully, or a sheltered space, the formation of the nightly dew risks freezing, and frost forming, often causing damage to greens, fruit causing expensive loses and delays.

Turf, Lawn & Horticultural Diseases

When any living plant is subject to long term stress they become susceptible to diseases and pests, especially areas that are prone to constant underfoot damage, dryness, frost, humid or damp conditions are at a higher risk.

Care should be taken to not allow long term, and sometimes non-reparable, damage to set in.  It only takes a few weeks or even a few days to ruin an entire crop or bring an expensive golf course to the look of being un-kept & unloved.

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Turf Jet – Lamina Flow Technology

Turf Jets -golf green fans – utilise Super Laminar Flow Technology to throw (push) air up to an astonishing 25m to over 50m (165ft) (model dependent). Furthermore, the Turf Jet uses airwave technology to oscillate the throw of air from side to side to maximise greater area coverage and mimic nature’s natural wind movement. and can assist:

  • The natural evaporation process of excess water across turf canopy and plant foliage and the space above and surrounding it.
  • Help prevent frost build-up & its dissipation.
  • Dissipate humid micro-climates through airflow.
  • As part of a disease preventative plan. Can significantly assist in reducing the use of chemicals required in turf management.
  • Linear, oscillating – natural flow technology
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Dp = Pressure q = Capacity
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Laminar Flow Technology – Other benefits

  • High Efficacy,
  • Compact design
  • Low energy consumption
  • Ability to handle changes in air pressure without affecting out-put air volume.
  • Low noise emission
  • Constant positive air-flow
  • Stable and Linear (Laminar) airflow (Propeller fans cause turbulent and vortex air-flow)
  • Higher air-flow volume and velocity

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