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Heat Pump News by Toyesi – Toyesi from time to time comes across some amazingly awesome projects that we thought would be worth sharing with you, we also are often asked some very good questions and wanted this forum to share these questions and answers with you.

We also realise that there is often heat pump news & articles we come across that may also add some great value to the industry, as well as supplier and affiliate posts offering unique opportunities, products and services worthy of note.

So if you want to know more about our heat pump news, our builds, projects and systems, or have a service question or want to know more about a specific project please drop us an email and we will attempt to keep you up to date with the latest information we have.

We are also happy to post free of charge appropriate 2nd hand equipment for our customers. So if you are thinking of updating your heat pump or chiller, then we can also assist by listing your old system here for others to review.

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The following Heat Pump News and Articles will cover such topics as:

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  • New Heat Pump Technology
  • Heat Pump News from around the world
  • Swimming Pool News, Aquaculture News, Horticulture News
  • Product Reviews & Updates
  • Environmental Impact & Footprint reduction
  • Saving Costs & Efficiency News
  • Climate Control News
  • ETC.

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Custom Heat Pump Design – Marlow apartments

Custom Heat Pump Project Confined space, removal and onsite build project Marlow apartments located near Georges River in Sylvania offers its residence wonderful amenities from tennis courts to an indoor swimming pool. This is where Toyesi comes in. Their swimming pool is not just an indoor pool, it is available all year round to the [...]

Toyesi COVID-19 Update

We are Open for Business Toyesi COVID-19 Update: Toyesi COVID-19 Update: With the growing concerns over COVID-19 and business in Australia, and how it will affect us all. Toyesi is taking a very serious stance and has implemented company wide discussions and changes in internal policies leading to changes in practices to ensure both its [...]

Toyesi Heat Pumps to Assist Australian Farmers

As I do each morning I was going through Hortidaily for projects and information to learn more about the Horticulture, Protective Cropping and Hydroponic projects. This morning I came across this story "The climate-neutral greenhouse is getting closer and closer" What caught my eye mostly about this story, is that this research group at Wageningen University [...]

Quantum Purity UV a Clean Testimonial

Is Urine in the pool, peeing you off? Most people who have worked around or swam a lot will know the issues with polluted pools and hygiene risks. This is more so true with many swim schools where children not wanting to hop out half way through a lesson, take the easy cut and pee [...]

Students in the Philippines must plant 10 trees to graduate

SummaryArticle NameStudents in the Philippines must plant 10 trees to graduateDescriptionA new law in the Philippines hopes to fix deforestation and teach young people about environmental stewardshipAuthor Mark Whorlow Publisher Name Toyesi Publisher Logo

Hot Water Heat Pumps & Refrigerants

Heat Pumps & Refrigerants What heat pump solution to consider. There are many uses for hot water. From Showers to Air-Conditioners. However the nature of the hot water system comes down often to demand and temperature ranges required. Understanding the differences for hot water heat pumps & different refrigerants and their properties will help you [...]

Pool Heat Pumps Sydney

30 Years of Pool Heat Pumps Sydney Toyesi is celebrating its 30th year this year and I wanted to write a story on some of the builds that Toyesi had installed in Sydney. However, looking through the archives over the last 30 years to find some awesome pictures and the stories to go with them, I [...]

Toyesi – Recognised for Green Efficiency

Toyesi, a history of efficiency Toyesi opened its doors way back in 1989, and has been renown for it meticulous designs of recognisably green efficient heat pumps and chillers. With careful selection of components, and hand crafted chassis and piping, has allowed Toyesi to focus on quality and building systems that truly surpass our opposition [...]

Greenhouses Meet Aquaculture – Aquaponics Boom

Good swimming water for walleyes thanks to geothermal energy from greenhouses - Aquaponics in Greenhouses Greenhouses do not have to be heated in the summer. In fact, there is often even a surplus of heat, especially if geothermal energy is being used. With that surplus it is possible to heat the water for indoor fish farming. [...]


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