Poseidon Performance Range

Commercial Quality Heat Pumps & Chillers
Ideal for Project Requiring 20 kW to 80 kW

Ideal for Medium to Large Pools

When performance and longevity really matter, Toyesi holds nothing back in the design and construction of its heat pumps. Taking advantage of our in-house patent heat exchanger technology and stepping it up to a tri-core for even more energy efficient energy transfer, Toyesi really delivers with the core of its Poseidon Performance range. Ideal for swimming pool heat pumps, swim schools and commercial pools where reliability and ease of service, where customer satisfaction is paramount. With COPs ranging from 5 to 8, depending on weather and water temperatures, the Poseidon range offers a long efficient lifespan ensuring reduced running costs and a serviceable system for 10 to 20 years plus.

Unique in-house patent designed Tri-Core coaxial tube in tube heat exchangers

Using in-house patent designed and built heat exchangers, we can offer energy efficiencies that others are envious of.

  • Seamless cooper-nickel tri-core coaxial tube-in-tube design
  • Extremely high heat transfer coefficients to deliver optimum performance and efficiency.
  • Designed to last and hold up against any titanium heat exchanger for longevity. With units still in operation 20 years on.
  • Full metal inner and outer to ensure no plastic component failures or leaking connections.
  • Patent Efficient Design – Liquid Refrigerant build up addressed: As refrigerants release heat to the pool water, it goes from a gas state to a liquid state inside the heat exchanger. This liquid can build up inside the heat exchanger, taking up valuable space and significantly reducing a heat pumps heating capacity. Toyesi’s patent designed & in-house built heat exchangers addresses this issue with a space saving design with room spare, to allow for the liquid build up, without compromising heating capacity or loss of efficiency.

All the benefits and options from the Titan Companion Range and more.

Custom Build Options Available:

  • Lowline – Reduced unit Hight for limited space builds like, under the pool or in a car park.
  • Slim – Reduced unit width for where serviceable space is limited
  • Extra service access points – for ease of maintenance
  • Complete custom designs – To meet special project needs
  • Fan location options – Standard Front, Top and left and right discharge options.
  • Sound Attenuation – Bodywork Kits and Acoustic foam inlays available
  • Inplant or Outdoor Builds – To suit almost any build location
  • Air to Water or Water to Water – Different methods of heat transfer.
  • Energy Recapture & Ventilation Options – Improve efficiency by capturing lost pool heat energy.
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The Joy of All Year-Round Pool Heating
poseidon perfromance specs - Product Information - Poseidon Performance Range

COP & Efficiency Data

500 cop graph - Product Information - Poseidon Performance Range
600 cop graph - Product Information - Poseidon Performance Range
800 cop graph - Product Information - Poseidon Performance Range
poseidon perfromance specs cont - Product Information - Poseidon Performance Range

COP & Efficiency Data

1000 cop graph - Product Information - Poseidon Performance Range
053109311084049 - Product Information - Poseidon Performance Range
1200 cop graph - Product Information - Poseidon Performance Range

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