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Value For money – Long Life-cycle & Quality Equipment & parts –  Lifetime Serviceable Design

Toyesi builds its heat pumps and chillers with quality 304 & 316 Stainless steel chassis, Baked Epoxy Dipped Coils and provide internal segregation of critical components. We also select quality & proven readily available parts and components where possible for true ease of service.

It may cost a little more to focus on such quality in our builds, but our systems are designed to last, and we have systems in operation 10, 15 and even 20 years on. Unlike today’s throw away industry, we have seen many of our units being purchased as second hand systems, still at premium prices, showing that our units are still holding their true value.

Lifetime Serviceable Design

Toyesi has taken great care in our design stage for constructing our heat pumps. These unique design features enables our units to have their long life-cycle as well as make them serviceable for life.

  • Quality 304 & 316 Stainless Chassis
  • Baked Epoxy coated coils.
  • Compartmentalised components
  • Inbuilt condensate drip trays
  • Prop fans or upgrade to low noise, high efficiency fans
  • Quality components, readily available in Australia
  • Majority of spare parts stocked here at Toyesi
assorted build pic - Products - Spare Pars & Components

Even though we have designed our heat pumps and chillers to last, from time to time parts and components within the heat pumps and chillers do wear and require replacement.

Following are some of the parts that you can source here at Toyesi, however many of these products can also be sourced by your local service providers or to see some of our quality service providers please see our Affiliate page. [CLICK HERE]

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Assorted Heat Pump HVAC Components & Parts

lae ltr5 thermostat 288x200 - Products - Spare Pars & Components


Single Stage
Two Stage
Duel Stat for heating and chilling
heat exchanger toyesi 1 177x200 - Products - Spare Pars & Components

Heat Exchangers

Made by Toyesi
Custom Built to Suit all TET Models
fan e1536540434640 219x200 - Products - Spare Pars & Components

Fans – Prop

Prop fans for all models
Quality built
Ideal for outdoor system setups
123 2389 emc cpu board 293x200 - Products - Spare Pars & Components

PC Control Boards

TET Build Specific Boards
Quality built
Ideal for all Toyesi Systems
coplan compressor 200x200 - Products - Spare Pars & Components


Copeland and Other Brands to suit
Quality built
Ideal for all Toyesi Systems
coated coil 1 115x200 - Products - Spare Pars & Components


Coated and Nude Coils
Pressed and high performance coils.
Ideal for all Toyesi Systems
2nd hand units 297x200 - Products - Spare Pars & Components

2nd Hand Units & Components

Assort Components & Refurbished Units
Removed when Upgrading Systems
Whats available? Just ask.
cop guage 1 210x200 - Products - Spare Pars & Components

Assortment of Gauges

COP – Pressure Gauges
Heating Side
Chilling Side
heat exchanger full titanium - Products - Spare Pars & Components

Heat Exchanger

Full metal titanium heat exchanegr
Designed to last salt water and fresh water projects
Full metal for easy instillation.
fan 2 200x200 - Products - Spare Pars & Components

High Efficiency Fans

Ideal for in-plant setups
Sizes to suit all TET models
Corresponding motors available.
166 6697 273x200 - Products - Spare Pars & Components

Assorted Timers & Sensors

Pump Cycle Timers
Water Flow Pressure Switches
Water Paddle Flow Switches
ballance valve 1 122x200 - Products - Spare Pars & Components

Water Balance Kits

Water Balance Kits
3-Way Valves
Ideal for all Toyesi Systems
firebreakductplus4zero 200x200 - Products - Spare Pars & Components

Assorted Ducting & Grills

4 Zero Rated Flexi-Duct
Fire Rated Fire Dampers
Inlet & Outlet Grills
assorted build pic 300x200 - Products - Spare Pars & Components

HVAC & Other Refrigeration Components

Assort Components
Filters, Dryers, Safety LP/HP
Ideal for all Toyesi Systems

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