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For Optional Extras, Features & Upgrades

Following is a long list of upgrade options & Sound attenuation options and extras you may or may not have known that we can do for your project.

However, if you do not find an option that you are looking for please let me know, as not all options have been listed.

AUTO-CYCLE PUMP TIMER: Reduce Running Costs

  • 24/7 Water temperature sampling pump operation timer
  • Reduce running costs & Saves energy use by checking water temperature at set intervals reducing the need for 24/7 water pump operation.
  • Both reducing water pump use and heat pump demand to when you need it.

DIGITAL TIMER – Ideal for Time of Use Control:

  • 24/7 Off Peak & Event Timer
  • Perfect for projects requiring off peak & shoulder control, or increased operation during peak use periods like weekends.
water timer - Product Information - Upgrades & Options
Digital Water Timer

CHASSIS UPGRADE: 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Chassis:

  • 304 Stainless steel chassis are standard.
  • Significantly increase the lifespan of your heat pump.
  • Increased warrantee on chassis to 10 years.
  • Providing a highly durable and attractive clean finish with low maintenance costs.


tet banner - Product Information - Upgrades & Options
  • Lowline – Reduced unit Hight for limited space builds like, under the pool or in a car park.
  • Slim – Reduced unit width for where serviceable space is limited
  • Extra service access points – for ease of maintenance
  • Complete custom designs – To meet special project needs
  • Fan location options – Standard Front, Top and left and right discharge options.
  • Sound Attenuation – Bodywork Kits and Acoustic foam inlays available
  • Inplant or Outdoor Builds – To suit almost any build location
  • Stage Splitting – Limited space, can’t fit several units then use a single larger unit to drive multiple pools.
  • Stackable units – Limited space, reinforced units to allow for vertical unit stacking.
  • Air to Water or Water to Water – Different methods of heat transfer.
  • Energy Recapture & Ventilation Options – Improve efficiency by capturing lost pool heat energy.
  • Heater, Chiller or Heater Chiller Reverse Cycle – All our systems can be set up for different water heating or chilling requirements.


  • When upgrading a pool heating system, often there are site restrictions, an onsite build helps address these
  • 1# We build the unit in-house and complete all in-house testing.
  • 2# Disassemble unit into major components, keeping the integrity of the heat pump
  • 3# Deliver unit components to project site. Allows the carrying of components into location
  • 4# Rebuild unit in place.
  • 5# Re-test unit and commission for use.

COIL UPGRADE: Baked Enamel Coated Coils:

  • Extremely durable coating that will significantly increase the lifespan of your heat pump.
  • Helps to prevent or significantly reduce coil deterioration especially in highly corrosive environments.
  • Deep Set coils used to increase surface area whilst minimising space.
naked coil 300x435 - Product Information - Upgrades & Options
coated coil 300x435 - Product Information - Upgrades & Options

Now Standard

  • Made by Toyesi with patented design.
  • High efficient tri-core coaxial tube in tube heat exchangers.
  • Seamless cooper-nickel coaxial tube-in-tube design
  • Extremely high heat transfer coefficients to deliver optimum performance and efficiency.
  • Fully powder coated for high resilience to corrosion
  • Thick wall tube construction with high heat transfer efficiency.
  • Tube in tube configuration to prevent fouling problems
  • Fitted with copper tell-tale that indicates corrosive water problems.
heat exchanger toyesi - Product Information - Upgrades & Options
heat exchanger full titanium - Product Information - Upgrades & Options


  • Thick walled titanium inner water heat exchanger offering long life-cycle even when put under high pressure.
  • Stainless steel outer for increased corrosion resistance and long life-cycle.
  • Extremely high heat transfer coefficients to deliver optimum performance and efficiency.
  • Easy to silver-braze connections.
  • A little dearer than other titanium heat exchangers, but they do not suffer from PVC splitting, and plastic connections failing; so well worth the investment!


  • Pre-programmed sophisticated safety and control logistics.
  • Intelligent energy management controller ensures reliable operation throughout the swim season.
  • Coupled with this controller is electrical, refrigerant and water flow safety devices ensuring equipment protection and peace of mind.
  • External Contact points for BMS System connectivity


  • Crankcase Heaters: prevents cold liquid refrigerant migration.
  • Compressor thermal over-temperature cut-out.
  • Compressor pressure safety switches (LP & HP)
  • Anti-Freeze thermostat for protecting heat exchangers
  • Low water pressure or paddle flow safety switches C/W fault light indicator
  • Suction accumulator to protect compressor from liquid refrigerant return failure.


  • This device alleviates hassles commonly experienced by domestic customers having to pay additional costs associated with installing 3-phase metering systems.
  • It enables selection and use of our larger single-phase heat pumps at a marginal cost to the pool owner.
  • No need for expensive inverter technology when you have a soft starter installed.


  • Pressure switches are standard for heat pump protection
  • Prevents heat pump running with no water flow.
  • Paddle Switches required when heat pump is more than 2m higher or lower than the pool level


  • Crankcase Heaters: prevents cold liquid refrigerant migration.
  • Compressor thermal over-temperature cut-out.
  • Compressor pressure safety switches (LP & HP)
  • Anti-Freeze thermostat for protecting heat exchangers
  • Low water pressure or paddle flow safety switches C/W fault light indicator
  • Suction accumulator to protect compressor from liquid refrigerant return failure.


  • Ideal for sound sensitive environments.
  • Different designs available pending installation restrictions and needs.
  • High Performance fans
  • Air flow diffraction
  • Acoustic foam inlay
  • Available for majority of our air to water heat pumps
sound attenuator - Product Information - Upgrades & Options
inplant - Product Information - Upgrades & Options


  • High performance fan upgrade
  • Top discharge to ducting as standard
  • However, to assist in installation front, let or right-side fan locations can be used.
  • 4Zero Rated Flexi-Ducting used where possible
  • Units built for the purpose


  • When under extensive use, request our fan upgrade options.
  • Heavy duty P-Block Fans
  • Greaseable P-Bock with sealed bearings for wear protection.
  • Increases the life of your fans significantly


  • All models come standard with front fan discharge
  • Have you considered left or right sides or when required top-discharge
  • Design flexibility to maximise cold air dispersal and reduce space for installation.
fan locations - Product Information - Upgrades & Options

Toyesi’s Unique Water Balance Valve & COP Kit – An Efficiency Maximising Solution

  • Most heat pumps in the market you simply plumb the water pipes to the unit and turn on the water.
  • However too much or too little water flow will affect your heat pumps performance and heating capacity.
  • If too much water goes through a heat pump the water does not stay in the heat exchanger long enough to pick up the heat required to bring the pool to your desired levels.
  • This will cause you to unnecessarily run the heat pump for extended periods of time to make up for the inefficiencies caused by the low internal pressures and low water flow.
  • Too small amount of water flow will also cause your heat pump to run inefficient and drive up internal pressures, potentially to critically high levels.
  • These high levels can cause refrigerant issues such as burnt refrigerant, leaks and other known issues.
  • Variable speed water pumps can also have a negative effect on heat pumps by acerbate these issues.
tet ballance kit rear view - Product Information - Upgrades & Options
  • Winter Verses Summer: Did you know that the amount of water passing through a heat pumps’ heat exchanger will also vary in correlation with the ambient temperature.
  • Most heat pumps do not address this issue causing either too much or too little water flow through the heat pump’s heat exchanger.
  • Most heat pumps address these seasonal issues by allocating a water flow rate mid-way between the two in the attempt to minimise the water flow impact.
  • Or set the unit for maximum flow rate and let you wary about excess running costs.
  • Toyesi’s Unique Water Balance Valves are used to adjust water flow levels through the heat exchanger, allowing for excess waterflow to safely bypass the heat pump and delving the correct amount of water through the heat pump for optimum heat pump performance.
  • This means you can set your water pump up and not wary about any variable speeds of flow.
  • You can adjust the value as often or as little as you like, but we recommend a minimum of twice a year to allow for maximum efficiencies during the cooler winter or hotter summer month
ballance valve e1535953620430 - Product Information - Upgrades & Options
cop guage - Product Information - Upgrades & Options

On-Board External Control

  • Voltage Free contact points with + 15V power from board to operate circuit.
  • External Flow switch must be used
  • 24 Volt Relay option to utilise on board flow switch.
controls 2 - Product Information - Upgrades & Options
controls 1 - Product Information - Upgrades & Options


Have you ever purchased a piece of equipment and whish that you could change its look and feel to fit in better with your environment? Maybe even a change in colour, or maybe a whole look and feel.


  • Toyesi stainless steel chassis are known for their professional and desirable finish
  • Improve the pool athletics by changing the outward appearance of the heat pump.
  • Powder Coating Common Colour Choices:
    • Cream
    • Green
    • Blue
    • Black
    • PMS Colour Matching may cost extra
white powder coated unit - Product Information - Upgrades & Options
colour wheel - Product Information - Upgrades & Options


  • Toyesi stainless steel chassis are known for their professional and desirable finish
  • Improve the pool athletics by changing the outward appearance of the heat pump.
  • Change the outward appearance of the heat pump using wraps and skins.
  • Common Choices:
    • Wood Grain
    • Garden Scene
    • Black and white Cow, Camo and other prints
    • Logos
skins - Product Information - Upgrades & Options

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Heat Pumps & Chillers
Leading Solution Provider for True “Green” Energy Efficient Pool & Spa Heat Pumps & Chillers.
Where our premium quality production makes all the difference.
Solutions Cover: Pools, Spas, Plunge Pools, Process Chilling & Heating, Engineering & Tooling Projects.
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Aquaculture Heat Pumps & Chillers
Boosting the Value and Sustainability of Australia's Aquaculture & Aquaponics industry with Trident.
Designed & Developed specifically for the Aquaculture Industry to withstand Both Salt & Fresh Water Projects as well as Australia's varied environmental conditions.
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Multi-Purpose Rod Extender
Caravan and trailer Sway-Bar, Handbrake Lever & Car Jack lever extender.
Tooling ideas made to make life easier for those with reduced mobility, arthritis etc.
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Turf Zone Maintenance
Remove humid, stale air and improve turf growth & health. Creating air flow where nature can’t.
Remove Humidity, Build Grass Strength, Reduce Mould & Mildew in Areas of Stagnant Air Pockets. Creating air flow where nature can’t..
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Getting far more from your heat pump than just heating!
Unleash the True Potential of Heat Pumps
Dehumidification, Ventilation, Water Reclaim, Reverse-Cycle Space Temperature Control,
Energy Capture & Reuse and still heat or cool your Aquatic project & much more.

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