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Testimonials are important to many potential new customers, but there are many reasons to consider Toyesi as your supplier of premium quality heat pumps and chillers.

Toyesi has been around for over 30 years and has serviced many amazing customers. We have many reasons to celebrate our success and welcome many clients’ to the Toyesi Family.

Making the right choice in heat pump applications is easy with Toyesi because of the standards we hold.

  • Australian Manufactured Heat Pump
  • Custom Designed Heat Pumps
  • Designing solutions to be commercially viable yet customer-friendly and easy
  • Easy to install, easy to use, easy to service
  • Energy-efficient – easy on the pocket
  • The “go-to” company for custom and difficult builds
  • Over 30 standard models from 6kw to 300kW — all customisable
  • In-plant and outdoor units are available for all models
  • Work with both on-site upgrades and new builds
  • Reliable and proven performance & longevity – with some units well over 10, 15 and 20 years in operation
  • We actually give a damn.
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  • We took a couple of Toyesi’s dedicated Aquaculture Heater Chillers and mounted them onto skids and developed a vinyl cover to provide protection from the elements whilst in the field. The units are now in use and were all set up for their life on one of our research vessels. After 2 years of operation along the Great Barrier Reef and in North Western Australia the units have been functioning with no issues in the harsh marine environment.

    Justin Heat Pumps on the Water
  • “No system or combination of systems can manage the variables associated with pool and space heating as we fight against mother nature”.
    However, the PCVER system goes a long way to solve several issues in one system. Great Value!
    Simon Swim School Owner - NSW
  • Aquatic animal husbandry in the tropics can present a myriad of challenges, we have to select equipment which will afford us the confidence to know that our animals will be safe no matter how adverse the weather becomes. It's fir this reason that we choose to use Toyesi Chillers on our aquariums and holding systems; superior engineering partnered with world class technology support means that can relax when the the temperature being to soar.  

    Bruce Senior aquarist & tank maintenance specialist
  • Well over 14 years ago we sought heating equipment for our indoor swimming pool. After reviewing several different heating systems, the choice was to go with a local Australian manufacturer who focused on pool heating systems. We are pleased that we chose Toyesi, as over the last 14-odd years their ongoing commitment to service, advice, support and backup has been outstanding. So much so that in the last few months we have purchased an upgrade t replace our current unit due to its ongoing reliability and heat capacity. We are looking forwards to many more years of enjoyment in our pool. We also looking forward in working with Peter and the professional team at Toyesi for other upcoming projects we are working on. We do not hesitate in recommending Toyesi as a quality heat pump manufacturing company.

    John McPhee Private Premises
  • I have known Toyesi for over 10 years now and have watched my swim centres grow and build over years. They assisted me from project planning, through to installation and service and maintenance across three of my sites. Toyesi has been fantastic from the word go, their service, customer service, and approach to our business has been exceptional. I am happy to recommend Toyesi's business and products.

    Craig Burns Aquabliss Swim Centres
  • “After hundreds of thousands of patrons smiling faces enjoying 8 years of round 32oC water, we are glad to say that the Toyesi heat pump is still our number one choice. It provides an efficient source of heating with low maintenance and has proven to be the best value system in Australia - Hands down."

    Swim School NSW Hill Swimming
  • Totally impressed with the personal attention directed at my initial text. I have purchased the product from you and will happily provide your company and customer service section with my highest recommendation and praise. Thank you again for brilliant service. Thanks Mark, it arrived today and is exactly what I was looking for. Please feel free to use me as an extremely happy customer in any advertising you may make. Many thanks for your supreme customer care.

    Bill Melbourne Vic
  • “Owning a swim school that operates all year in a relatively remote suburban area means high dependence upon the pool heater to perform economically without failure. I am very pleased to say that I made a very smart decision as the Toyesi heat pump paid for itself in the first 8 months of running."

    Swim School NSW Gwandalan, NSW
  • We are really impressed with our current Toyesi unit. It gets regular servicing and inspections half yearly and has some replacements but for how it performs and for where it is situated we are really impressed.

    Dan Hoare Central Regional Tafe WA


Toyesi like most businesses tries to become a place of excellence. However, many of our installations are all over Australia. We would love to gain feedback on our equipment. The Good, Bad and Ugly. This feedback will allow us to improve our product solutions, services and also help us to stay as Australia’s Best Premium Heat Pump Manufacturer. 

If you would like to provide us with testimonials and a picture it would also be greatly appreciated, as it will assist Toyesi and potential future customers.

Thank you.

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