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The Toyesi

Australian Manufactured Heat Pump

Designed & Built and Tested Right Here in Australia with Proven Efficient & Economical Performance and Installations Right Across Australia.

Back in 1989, Toyesi did not just pave the way for efficient Australian manufactured swimming pool heat pump technologies, it became the industry’s cornerstone for custom designed heat pumps & heat pump efficiency. Engineering and manufacturing heat Pumps with only the highest of quality components, Eco-friendly materials and with efficiencies unparalleled by much of the industry. For which Toyesi became renown for, and still today maintains its premium quality reputation.

Also, unlike many of our competitors that only offer “off the shelf” products, Toyesi custom builds its own heat pumps locally here in Sydney. Giving us the control of all elements of design, quality control and the vigorous testing of all our heat pumps, ensuring our customers get the premium quality they expect, and deserve.

More so, having control over our own manufacturing processes, allows for the heat pump design flexibility that is unmatched by our competitors in the industry. Now with over 50 standard (all customisable) designs, ranging form 6 kW to 300 kW, we know we can manage just about any indoor or outdoor heating and cooling project.  Whether it be of any sized swimming pool, spa or other fresh and salt water aquatic project.

Toyesi Future is Ensured.

Over these last 30 years Toyesi has also enjoyed the privilege of long term staff, with the average tenure well over 10 years. With such dedication to the business, by its owner Peter Savtchenko and key staff, has enabled the true quality and meticulous engineering of our heat pumps, that everyone of our customers have become to know and love.

With on going training in refrigerants, new technology, BACnet controls and R&D works, we are able to offer more and more advanced & smarter system.

Director’s Personal Guarantee

Toyesi’s Director & Head Engineer, Peter Savtchenko, believes in all of Toyesi’s  products that he personally supports every single one of them both new and second hand.

Every unit sold carries with it a Unit Identification Plaque and at the bottom of that plaque is Peter’s Mobile contact number. This means if any customer or service agent needs support they do not have to call a help line and get bounced around, they get to speak directly with Peter himself.

No other heat pump company, or any product even, carries this kind of commitment of support.

This is Peter’s Personal Guarantee: That all of Toyesi’s Heat Pumps & Chillers will be supported and our best efforts to ensure that no customer will be left in limbo.

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Proudly an Australian company since it’s creation in 1989.

  • Australian Manufactured Heat Pump
  • 30+ Years of industry experience
  • Immense Tacit Knowledge
  • Designed, Manufacture, Tested & Supported Right Here in Australia
  • Local supplier, Local Support, Local Knowledge
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Eco-Friendly Energy Efficient Design

  • Industry leader in efficient heat pumps since 1989
  • Typical COPs of 5 to 10 or more achievable, pending set up
  • Up to 1000% more efficient than other heating technologies
  • Water Balance Kits & COP Gauges as standard for tweaking performance
  • R407C Refrigerant Used
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Unmatched Design Flexibility

  • Because we manufacture our own equipment we have this unmatched flexibility.
  • Customisable Chassis – Low-line, Slim-line, stackable, 304 or 316 Stainless Steel & Coatings.
  • Heat Exchanger Options – Copper-Nickle & Titanium options
  • Standard outdoor designs, Dedicated In-plant systems
  • Sound Attenuation, Ducting and more.
  • New Transthermal Technology offering amazing multi-function heat pumps.
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True Green Solution

  • Energy Efficient
  • Long life-cycle design
  • Serviceable for life
  • Minimum plastics used
  • Design to be as close to 100% recyclable as possible.
  • Being an Australian Manufacture means we build to Australian standards.
  • Multi-function Transthermal Technology unique to Toyesi


It’s all about water, energy and air handling solutions

Toyesi Pty Ltd. Services & Solutions

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Heat Pumps & Chillers
Leading Australian Solution Provider for True “Green” Energy Efficient Pool & Spa Heat Pumps & Chillers. Built & supported right here in Australia.
Where our premium quality production makes all the difference.
Solutions Cover: Pools, Spas, Plunge Pools, Process Chilling & Heating, Engineering & Tooling Projects.
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Farm Fresh Heat Pumps & Chillers
Boosting the Value and Sustainability of Australia's Aquaculture & Horticulture industries through smart think & smart technology.
Designed & Developed specifically for the Aquaculture & Horticulture Industries to withstand both salt & fresh Water Projects as well as Australia's varied environmental conditions.
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Getting far more from your heat pump than just heating!
Unleash the True Potential of Heat Pumps
Dehumidification, Ventilation, Water Reclaim, Reverse-Cycle Space Temperature Control,
Energy Capture & Reuse and still heat or cool your Aquatic project & much more.
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Australia’s most reliable custom designed heat pumps manufacturer of technically advanced commercial quality HEATER-CHILLER HEAT PUMPS. Unmatched For Technical Expertise & Meticulous Manufacturing

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The easy choice for all the right reasons

Making the right choice in heat pump applications is easy with Toyesi because of the standards we hold

  • Australian Manufactured Heat Pump
  • Custom Designed Heat Pumps
  • Designing solutions to be commercially viable yet customer-friendly and easy
  • Easy to install, easy to use, easy to service
  • Energy efficient – easy on the pocket
  • The “go to” company for custom and diffcult builds
  • Over 30 standard models from 6kw to 300kW — all customisable
  • In-plant and outdoor units available for all models
  • Work with both on-site upgrades and new builds
  • Reliable and proven performance & longevity – with some units well over 10, 15 and 20 years in operation
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