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Heat Pump News by Toyesi – Toyesi from time to time comes across some amazingly awesome projects that we thought would be worth sharing with you, we also are often asked some very good questions and wanted this forum to share these questions and answers with you.

We also realise that there is often heat pump news & articles we come across that may also add some great value to the industry, as well as supplier and affiliate posts offering unique opportunities, products and services worthy of note.

So if you want to know more about our heat pump news, our builds, projects and systems, or have a service question or want to know more about a specific project please drop us an email and we will attempt to keep you up to date with the latest information we have.

We are also happy to post free of charge appropriate 2nd hand equipment for our customers. So if you are thinking of updating your heat pump or chiller, then we can also assist by listing your old system here for others to review.

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The following Heat Pump News and Articles will cover such topics as:

  • Toyesi Projects – Trials and Tribulations
  • New Heat Pump Technology
  • Heat Pump News from around the world
  • Swimming Pool News, Aquaculture News, Horticulture News
  • Product Reviews & Updates
  • Environmental Impact & Footprint reduction
  • Saving Costs & Efficiency News
  • Climate Control News
  • ETC.

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Do you have a story?

If you have a story relevant to Toyesi, and or heat pumps & Chillers. Then let us know (Contact Us) about it and we can do a feature article.  This could be equipment, new division, expansion, research project or you may be happy to provide great feedback on Toyesi and how our heat pumps assisted you.  Also, a great way to also promote your brand and products. Working together to strengthen Australian companies.

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Aquaculture Fish Farming – Increasing Importance

Status of Australian Fish Stocks 2018 Report from Ocean Watch Australia April 2019 The Fisheries Research and Development Corporation's (FRDC) annual Status of Australian Fish Stocks 2018 (SAFS) report is out this month. The report covers 120 species made up of 406 stocks across finfish, crustaceans, molluscs and sharks and rays – an increase of 37 species on the previous report released [...]

Greenhouse Heating Breaking Tradition

Greenhouse Heating Breaking Tradition Greenhouse heating has been traditionally done by gas based systems, and cooling done through fans and ventilation. However, as technology advances more and more growers are seeing the running cost benefits of using heat pumps instead. An example of how heat pumps can be used for heating and cooling greenhouses can [...]

True Heat Pump Flexibility

True Heat Pump Flexibility What heat pump solution to consider into the future. Heat Pumps A Wise Investment The journey to true heat pump flexibility began over 15 years ago, when there was a shift in the Australian Market. As prices of power supply costs shift across the Australian market, many consumers and businesses alike, [...]

Swimming Pool Heating Comparison

Swimming Pool Heating Comparison Are swimming pool heat pumps the way to go, or are their other options? There is a growing trend with pool owners today, especially with increasing power costs, to consider different options in pool heating, and the humble swimming pool heat pump is up there in consideration along with other forms [...]

Get What you Pay For

Get What you Pay For Story as Posted by Steve Paoli• 1st National Advertising Sales and Strategy at Australian Traffic Network • There's a valuable lesson here from a tradie that works in every industry: A customer asked me how much it cost to do this job.... I answered him: $ 1500 He said: So [...]

Farm Business Coaching Opportunity 

Business Coaching Opportunity for Farmers Toyesi is very proud to promote the DPI Farm Business Coaching Opportunity. The NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) is the backbone to the industry offering valued industry administration, research and development. Covering many subsets of the primary industries including agriculture, fisheries, aquaculture, forestry and biosecurity. The NSW DPI has [...]

Heat Pump Coil Coatings

Heat Pump Coil Coatings Heat Pump Coil Coatings & Corrosion Protection. Heat pump coil coatings come as either pre or post manufacture for evaporator coils that are used in the HVAC & Heat Pump markets. Heat pump coil coatings all provide a degree of protection covering different potential uses. The most common coatings used  in [...]

Asia-Pacific Water Heating Exhibition 2019 (AWHE 2019)

SummaryEvent ​AWHE 2019 Exhibition Location ​ China Import & Export Fair Complex, Starting on August 16, 2019Ending on August 18, 2019Description AWHE 2019 Exhibition – Asia-Pacific Water Heating Exhibition 2019. The most professional water heating show in China

Pool Heat Pumps Sydney

30 Years of Pool Heat Pumps Sydney Toyesi is celebrating its 30th year this year and I wanted to write a story on some of the builds that Toyesi had installed in Sydney. However, looking through the archives over the last 30 years to find some awesome pictures and the stories to go with them, I [...]


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