Toyesi business values

Toyesi business values

Australian Designed & Built – Proven Efficient & Economical Performance Right Across Australia

Toyesi is very proud to be an Australian Company.

Since its creation in 1989 we have been building our Heat Pumps and Chillers right here in our humble factory in Sydney.

Although not all products and components are made in Australia, where we can, we support our Australian suppliers first.  Keeping business here helps to strengthen all Australian businesses and helps keep Australia Strong. 

Keeping Australia strong is at the core of Toyesi’s business values.

Customer Focused – Custom designed and built equipment – Easy to install & Service.

From our standard heat pumps through to our dedicated Aquaculture range (Trident Aquaculture) we take a serious approach to selecting equipment for our clients and we support our local customers with care, service and attention and believe that Australian’s respect quality and value in what they buy.

When we do business with our customers we try our very best to understand our clients’ needs, requirements and desired outcomes. We custom build our heat pumps and chillers to meet these needs, as well as work within the projects’ specific environmental restrictions and conditions.

We understand that a Heat Pump installed in Darwin has different performance for the same unit installed in Hobart. Thus, we select the right equipment by doing an in-depth heat load calculation on each project. We do not just sell you an off the shelf system and hope the supplier guessed the selection correct.

We Support Training, Education & Research

The foundation of any industry is the quality of its Training, Education and Research elements. We believe that if these areas can produce quality outcomes, then they will provide a positive flow through effect right into the core or all businesses in the industry right across Australia.

We believe that by focusing on these areas of Australia, then we can truly help to strengthen this foundation and add real value to all businesses Australia Wide.

We also focus a lot of what we do at swim schools. Learning to swim in a safe environment, where it is comfortable for kids and parents, will only boost and support the future of Australian people.

Strengthening Australia is at the core of Toyesi business values

Support the Industry by Supporting Airah

Value For money – Long Life-cycle & Quality Equipment & parts –  Lifetime Serviceable Design

Toyesi builds its heat pumps and chillers with quality 304 & 316 Stainless steel chassis, Baked Epoxy Dipped Coils and provide internal segregation of critical components. We also select quality & proven readily available parts and components where possible for true ease of service.

It may cost a little more to focus on such quality in our builds, but our systems were designed to last, and we have systems in operation 10, 15 and even 20 years on. Unlike today’s throw away industry, we have seen many of our units being purchased as second hand systems, still at premium prices, showing that our units are still holding their true value.

We believe that since our systems are built to last, then we add true value for money, significantly reducing downtime, reduced service requirements, fewer break downs, reduced plastic use & mostly recyclable components thus less land fill coupled with the efficiency of the equipment leading to significantly reduced energy use and reduce running costs, our heat pump systems are truly Value for Money and an environmental friendly solution.

The New Logo and how we wanted it to represent Toyesi business values

Toyesi business values

  • Green leaf – environmentally friendly solution –
  • Green Semi-Circle – health and balance embracing all principles within
  • Blue water drop – professional, honest, dependable is at the core of our business
  • Blue Water Drop – also conveys that water is also at the core of our business
  • Red/orange band – a call for action with a sense of enthusiasm and adventure
  • Red/orange band – warmth, heating after all we deal with heating water projects
  • Toyesi Red – High energy, stand out we are here and want to get the job done.
  • Green Australia – Again environmental focus with Australia in mind – We are Australian manufacturer designing equipment for Australian conditions.
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There is no substitute for product life cycle

true long Life-Cycle efficiency and serviceability

Efficiently making “green” commercial heat pumps and chiller projects since 1989

heat pumps made in australia - About Toyesi: Toyesi Business Values
Proudly 100% Australian
environment 3420055 640 e1538963352499 110x90 - About Toyesi: Toyesi Business Values
Energy Efficient Design
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Unmatched Design Flexibility
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True Green Solution

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There is no substitute for product life cycle

We stand behind our product to have a lifetime serviceability life-cycle.


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