Why Choose Toyesi

Proven Efficient & Economical Performance
Right Across Australia

Toyesi is proudly 100% Australian, and with 30 years of tacit knowledge, we have been supplying our customers with the highest efficiency and premium quality heat pumps and chillers since the beginning.  No other company offers the design and manufacturing flexibility that Toyesi can offer. This is due to the fact that we design and build our units right here in Sydney and not imported off the shelf products.

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Proudly 100% Australian
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Energy Efficient Design
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Unmatched Design Flexibility
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True Green Solution
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There's No Substitute for Product Life Cycle

Toyesi has a modern outlook to an old school mentality. We build our units to be easy: Easy to Install, Easy to Maintain & Service, But built with quality parts and components. With units 10, 15 and over 20 years still in operation we have a tried and tested solution.

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Commercially Built Premium Quality 

Low end and domestic clients may ask why to choose Toyesi when we do not produce “low-end domestic” products. Our answer is simple, why would you not, if you value your projects and future. We invest a lot of time, love, quality parts, quality labour and much more to provide Premium Commercial Quality Heat pumps and Chillers.

We also don’t just say we are environmentally friendly by just using the right refrigerants, we make sure that our systems last as long as possible, and that you want to service them and not just throw them away. We also have designed our units to be as close to 100% recyclable as possible meaning we leave very little carbon footprint behind.

So regardless if you are a domestic user or a high-end commercial prospect, if you value a long term solution that will give you years of trouble-free, reliable pool heating then we want you as our customer.

This is why our saying is “There is no substitute for product life cycle”

Flexibility & Customised Designs

Toyesi has the industries most flexible designs and ranges in Australia. Having over 40 units covering from 6 kW right up to 300 kW. Each of our units can be combined meaning no pool is too big.

  • We have one of the highest-rated 1-Phase units at 26 kW
  • We have one of the smallest 3-phased units rated at 14 KW
  • We have over 40 standard designs which are all customisable.
  • Heat Pumps designed for outdoor installation.
  • Heat pumps that are actually designed for In-plant installations.
  • We have the largest front-mounted fan units in Australia, right up to 300 kW
  • Fan locations can be customised to front, side or top discharge.
  • Multi-staged systems can be built to control multiple pools with one unit.
  • Custom chassis options, slim-line or low-line.
  • We can even build our units on site for those difficult projects.
  • And a lot more.

30 Years of Proven Performance

Why choose Toyesi, Well over the last 30 years we have seen many different heat pump brands come and go. We have seen the influx of imported systems. We have seen our competitors bring in truckloads of low cost, non-conforming, and poor quality units and simply flooding the market. And yet our customers come back to us because they know that our units last, are economical to run and offer true long term value for money.

Toyesi has been building heat pumps with amongst the highest COPs since the very beginning. With Heat Performance COPs ranging from 4 to over 8, giving our systems unbeatable performance year in year out. Also with our unique water balance kits & COP Gauges enables our customers to tweak water flow to maintain maximum performance all year round.

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Based on Pool Temp 27C

Continuous and ongoing tangible savings.

Toyesi heat pumps will save you over 40% to 70% of your running costs when compared with an equivalent electric element or gas-based system. To assist you to know how much you could save we offer a free assessment of your pool’s heat load demand and a forecast of your running cost comparisons.

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Continually working towards a True Green Solution 

Toyesi’s new Transthermal Technology allows for energy hand-shacking driving our heat pumps efficiency to ever new heights. It also allows for multi-function heat pumps offering even more performance and energy-saving solutions.

Ask us about our PCVER and PAS systems and keep an eye out for when we release the brand new Transthermal Flag Ship in the near future. One heat pump that will manage pool heating or cooling, space heating and cooling as well as dehumidification all in one very efficient system.

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Proven Efficient & Economical Performance Right Across Australia

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100% Australian
since 1989

There is no substitute
for product life cycle

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About Toyesi

There is no substitute for product life cycle

true long Life-Cycle efficiency and serviceability

Our Brands
The Toyesi Family
Trident Farm Fresh,
Add Cool,
Turf Jet & Easy Lever
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Heat Pumps & Chillers
✓ Pool & Spa Heat Pumps
✓ Outdoor & In-plant Specialists
✓ Custom Engineered For You
✓ Supplying All Australia & NZ
✓ Built in Australia
✓ Heat Pumps (6kW to 300kW)
✓ Chillers (4kW to 210kW)
✓ Or True Reverse Cycle
✓ Heater-Chillers.
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Getting More From Your Heat Pumps
✓ Multi-Function Heat Pumps
✓ Energy Recovery Solutions
✓ Space Temperature Control
✓ Boosted COPs up to 10 Plus.
✓ True Reverse Cycle Systems
✓ Space Temperature Control
✓ Energy Storage & Reuse
✓ Dehumidification
✓ R&D Development
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Air Flow Systems
✓ Golf Greens, Turf, Orchards
✓ Create air flow where
nature can’t
✓ Remove humidity, stale air to improve plant health
✓ Frost Management
✓ Humidity Management
✓ Dampness Management
✓ Disease Managment
✓ Safer Working Environment
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✓Dedicated For Aquaculture
✓ Titanium Heat Exchangers
✓ For Fresh or Salt Water
✓ Heater-Chillers for Maximum Temperature Control
✓ Designed Through Consultation
✓ Built to Last Across Australia
✓ True Temperature Control
✓ Local Built, Local Support
✓ Easy to Service to
Reduce Downtime.
Contact Customer Services
Let us help
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Need Help With Finances: Toyesi Heat Pumps are Supported by FlexiCommercial – Click Image for Project Calculator.

There is no substitute for product life cycle

We stand behind our product to have a lifetime serviceability life-cycle.


2/27 Binney Road, Kings Park
NSW 2148, Australia
ARC Licence RTA AU02886
Email: toyesi@toyesi.com.au
Phone: (612) 9679 9400
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