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Toyesi’s Smart Transthermal Technology & Multi-Function Heat Pumps.

Toyesi’s R&D department are constantly reviewing how to increase efficiencies, reduce running costs, as well as increasing product versatility for our clients.

Part of this R&D is to develop customisation options for your heat pumps, multi-functional heat pumps and provide superior efficiencies and maximise our heat pump’s capabilities.

Some of these improvements include:
  • Build on Site Options
  • True Reverse-Cycle Solutions
  • Multi-Function Units
  • System Connectivity & Mobile Applications
  • Air handling & conditioning solutions
  • Air to Water & Water to Water & Hybrid systems desgines
  • Customised solutions.
So if you want more out of your heat pump?
Consider these options from Toyesi…
  • PCVER – Aquatic Water Temperature control coupled with Ventilation, dehumidification, Energy Recovery
  • PAS – Process air handling systems. Indoor space temperature control. Designed for humid and wet spaces.
  • NEW Transthermal Smart Systems – Control both Space Temperature and Aquatic Temperature in one “Smart” energy sharing system with our Patented Transthermal Technology.
  • Geothermal Systems – Special water to water heat pumps for energy transfer and geothermal applications.
  • NEW Geo-Hybrid – Water to Water to Air Hybrid to maximise energy transfer efficiencies.

Transthermal Technology is Toyesi’s Latest Division Offering Unique Energy Management Designs & Multi-Function Heat Pumps

Australia’s most reliable manufacturer of technically advanced commercial quality HEATER-CHILLER HEAT PUMPS. Unmatched For Technical Expertise & Meticulous Manufacturing

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