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For over 30 years, since 1989, Australian owned Toyesi still strives to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations and thus continue to succeed strongly in the highly competitive business of manufacturing large-scale and commercial heat pumps and water chillers for pools, spas and other aquatic or water management projects.

Offering over forty highly energy-efficient, fully customisable designs, we are considered one of the most flexible in the industry. Choose from capacities ranging from 6kW–300kW and larger.

We are well able to work on high-value commercial swimming pool projects, some valued well over $100,000 in heat pump equipment, with some of the industry’s best-known construction and building companies as well as lower-valued domestic projects, where quality and longevity is paramount.

With continued dedication to being both technically up to date (and frequently leading the way) we dedicate ourselves to offering the right solutions — ones that offer the ultimate in performance, energy efficiency, reduced running costs and ease of maintenance in mind.

Typical Toyesi solutions are all customisable

While most of our more than forty designs and configurations meet a very wide range of needs, ‘straight out of the box”, we believe strongly in customised solutions and builds. Thanks to our in-house engineers, we are able to fully meet non-standard requirements.

These can include space limitations, noise attenuation requirements (as in hum-free space ventilation), tamper-proofing, dehumidification and effective energy management.

Thanks to our open-minded approach and flexibility throughout the entire design to manufacturing to installation cycle, Toyesi meets the needs of an extensive cross-section of widely differing client categories and requirements, currently including but not limited to:

  • Aquatic centres
  • Apartments
  • High-value homes
  • Caravan parks
  • Retirement villages
  • Swimming schools
  • High-end domestic pools and spas
  • Chiller pools
  • Council pools
  • Aquaculture projects
  • Food manufacturing
  • Tooling
  • Hotels
  • Leisure centres
  • Gyms
  • Sports ground turf management
  • Schools
  • Rehabilitation centres
  • Chiller pools
  • Temperature management facilities
  • Residential strata units
  • YMCA aquatic centres
  • Horticultural installations
  • University research centres

As you can imagine being in business for 30 years has to lead to some amazing projects, and an even more amazing array of clients. We have had the privilege of working with some of Australia’s elite sportspeople, Top 500 list,  hotels and resort chains, commercial & council pools and an abundance of domestic clients of all sizes and backgrounds.

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Leisure Swimming Pool Projects
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Indoor Swimming Pool Projects
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Swim Schools & Commercial Swimming Pool Projects

Small Domestic System

pool party 250x250 - Project Pages - Swimming Pool

Client issue

  • Pool details: 11m x 3.6m x 1.4m
  • Temp required: Estimations are done at 28oC
  • Pool Construction: concrete in-ground pool.
  • Swim Season: Best 9 months
  • Sizing Factors: Outdoor pool, sheltered but may have high shade 50%
  • Pool Blanket use: used when not in use
  • Miscellaneous: Heat pump to be installed outdoors – 1-Phase Power
  • Weather Data used: Coffs Harbour


  • After considering the heat load on the pool.
  • The temperature, Surface area and volume and solar exposure
  • We determined that the pool could use the TET 400 SSD for the best 9 months or the TET 600 SSD for the whole year’s heating needs.
  • The client after the review went with the TET 400 and was very happy with the result.
  • Well placed with good airflow.
  • We even use the picture for our heat pump placement documents as a great outdoor example.
heat pump placement 432x356 - Project Pages - Swimming Pool

Resort Living

Client issue

  • Hydroponic Winter Heating System
  • 22,500 L in an insulated tank
  • Water Temperature 20oC to 24oC
  • 10,000 L used per day (over a 12-hour period)
  • Used in batches each hour or so.
  • 835 L per hour flow rate.
  • Top up water estimated at around 2oC in Winter
relaxing 3112750 1920 e1622777339547 250x250 - Project Pages - Swimming Pool
053109311084049 - Project Pages - Swimming Pool


  • Heat pumps draw heat out of the air and since the unit is for heating in winter, there is less heat available to draw on. We sized the unit based on the reduced heat capacity of winter.  As TAC 1200 provides 0nly ~ 32kW of heating @ 2C ambient compared to ~ 58kW at 20C ambient.
  • The heat load includes holding kW like holding a pool at temperature, plus the kW required to ramp the cold top up water back to temperature as quickly as possible.
  • Most of the heat load in this project is the temperature of the top-up water being so cold at 2C to 5C and ramping it back up to 20C.  Temperature Ramping kW is always higher than holding kW.
  • If the flow rate is less than 835L/hr then the TAC 800 would also be a good choice for this project. The TAC 1200 will allow you more flexibility in flow rates and more capacity in case you also want summer cooling of the water.

Humidity Control

Almost everyone who has been inside or owned an indoor pool knows of the humidity issue. From foggy rooms to raining ceilings.

This is because heat leaves the pool as latent heat or moisture-laden air. This fills the room and begins to saturate the space. If the windows, walls and roof are cooler than the room, then the water comes out of the air and the rain begins.

This can not only be uncomfortable to be in but can cause all sorts of damage to the building.

PCVER Project

pcver 672018 005 e1622776674698 250x250 - Project Pages - Swimming Pool

Client issue

  • Brand New Swim School
  • Did not want issues from the last swim centre.
  • Pool Hall Details: Approx. 27m x 15m roof height approx. 4m
  • Pool details:  7.5m x 25.0m x 1.2m with wet edge 3 sides + Balance Tank
  • Temp required: 33oC
  • Swim Season:  12 months
  • Pool Blanket use: Pool blanket being used
  • Operating Hours: 5 am to 8 pm approx.
  • Want to heat the pool and control humidity levels


  • After doing the heat load we realised that the pool required around 110 kW of heat at its peak demand.
  • However, the room only required around 40kW of cooling to maintain the space temperature and humidity levels.
  • We had a choice of a single 110 kW TET 2400 or 2 units of our 58 kW TET 1200 units.
  • Since the cooling power of a single TET 1200 is around 40 kW, it made perfect sense to install a twin unit system.
  • The first unit would perform the duties of the primary pool heater with its secondary function to also cool the space and return dehumidified air to the space.
  • The 2nd unit would be the peak use backup system over winter.
  • The project then used flexible ducting rather than the solid duct. This helped with athletics as well as cost.
  • Since installing our system they have also installed a Solar Power system and the overall electricity cost is nearly nothing all year long.
pcver 672018 001 e1622776725172 250x250 - Project Pages - Swimming Pool
pcver 672018 009 e1622776653231 250x250 - Project Pages - Swimming Pool

Sound Attenuation

aeb deck 250x250 - Project Pages - Swimming Pool

Client issue

  • Many of our clients have sound restrictions.
  • They include large apartment blocks, resorts, sports venues and retirement homes to name a few.
  • Heat pumps like all equipment make noise. However, they do tend to be a little louder than air-conditioners.
  • And when you have a large pool to handle a large volume of users, the systems get quite large.
  • High-end sound attenuation can cost the same and sometimes more than the heat pump itself. Our clients needed a solution.


  • Knowing how airflow works there are a few solutions.
  • Moving the heat pump away from bedrooms or where people will be bothered by the heat pumps.
  • Plant trees and bushes around to break up sound and reduce echo.
  • Move the heat pump inside a plant room.
  • Using high tech quiet fans.
  • And then you can add a level of sound attenuation.

We have had many clients come to us with this exact issue, we have become knows as the indoor & sound attenuation place to go. We custom design the unit to produce the lowest sound possible for the money, without going into large unnecessary attenuation.

Taking a large heat pump and reducing the sound to that of an air-conditioner, has great merits and success.

img 1247 e1622777726439 250x250 - Project Pages - Swimming Pool
Small & Large Sound Attenuation.

Other Sample Client Images & Swimming Pool Projects

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