Aquaculture Projects

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Aquaculture Projects

In Australia, there are many species of seafood that are now grown and produced on farms. Most if not all of these species start their life in a hatchery.

Using Toyesi’s Trident heat pumps during the breeding and grow-out stages can really make the difference. Some species can really benefit from continued environmental and temperature control right through the farming-to-customer process.

We have worked with Zoos, Universities, Aquariums and Farmers covering a wide range of species including Oysters & Shellfish, Barramundi, Trout, Crayfish, Marron, Lobsters, Eels, Atlantic Salmon,  Perch, Catfish, Crocodiles,  and a lot of research projects with an even wider range of species.

Aquaculture Research – Reef Fish Temperature Study

Aquaculture Research – Hunting Squid CO2 Study


Following are some other sample aquaculture projects:


broodstock image 250x250 - Project Pages - Trident Aquaculture
Source: Barra Farming Handbook

Broodstock holding tanks.

Barramundi are kept in holding tanks and a Toyesi Trident Aquaculture Heater Chiller heat pump is used to maintain around 28oC to 30oC.

To assist the control of breeding conditions these tanks can be dropped to cooler temperatures of 23oC to 24oC once or twice a year.

Thus simulating artificial seasonal changes to stimulate extra breeding season.

Live Barramundi project

barramundi tanks e1622776872867 250x250 - Project Pages - Trident Aquaculture
Barramundi Farm NSW South Coast.

Client issue

  • Looking primary to control winter water temp at around 24o
  • Outside ambient temperature down to -2oC at night
  • Insulated enclosure (shed) around 19oC ambient
  • Over 150,000 Liters of water in system
  • 5% of water lost as waste each day (5% make up water)
  • Required around 50kW of heating


  • Installed a “TAC1200 SSD Ti” Toyesi Trident Aquaculture heat pump with Titanium heat exchanger into the system. Rated at 58kW heating at 15oC
  • When in line with filter system the pressure drop was too great for the require tank water flow in this project.
  • The fix was to operate the heat pump directly with the water sump – problem solved
  • Plant area had to be set up as an indoor model with humidity control.
  • “Fish Happy” = “Client Happy”
inplant setup at barra farm e1622776861650 250x250 - Project Pages - Trident Aquaculture
Barra Farm Setup

Trout – Rainbow, Sea, Brown, et. al.

Toyesi’s Trident Aquaculture are ideal for trout farming used mostly as chillers, and it may pay to get a dedicated chiller due to the low temperature many trout’s require.

trout - Project Pages - Trident Aquaculture

Live trout grow out pond project  Western Australia

trout farm 250x250 - Project Pages - Trident Aquaculture
Trout Farm - WA

Client issue

  • To maintain 20oC in winter and 26oC in summer.
  • Out-door heat pump solution
  • 2 x 12,500L Polyethylene tanks & 1 x 11,500 bio filter tank.
  • 1% of water lost as waste each day (1% make up water)
  • Required around 9kW chilling in summer and 14kW heating in winter
  • Solution

    • Installed a TAC300SSD Ti Toyesi Trident Aquaculture heater/chiller heat pump with Titanium heat exchanger into the system. Rated at 14kW heating & 10kW chilling.
    • The heat pump was fitted in line with filter system with no issue – problem solved
    • “Fish Happy” = “Client Happy”
domestic range e1622777882608 400x268 - Project Pages - Trident Aquaculture


Australia has over 550 oyster growers & farmers mostly concentrated from lower Queensland down the east coast of New South Wales, Tasmania and in South Australia.

Australian oyster growers farm three species of oyster in Australia’s coastal waters:

oysters map - Project Pages - Trident Aquaculture
  • Pacific Oyster (Crassostrea gigas sp.) in SA, Tas and some in NSW
  • Sydney Rock Oyster (Saccostrea glomerata sp.) in NSW, QLD and some in WA
  • Angasi (flat) Oyster (Ostrea angasi) in small volumes across all states.
  • The Milky Oyster (Sacostrea cucullata) and the Blacklip Oyster (Striostria mytiloides) are also found in small volumes.

For best growth an oyster needs relatively clear water with a salinity less than 35ppt, pH between 6.75 to 8.75, temperature between 14 – 30oC (Sydney Rock) and 10 to 18oC (Pacific), and low concentrations of metal compounds.

Source: Oysters Australia.

oysters - Project Pages - Trident Aquaculture
  • Spawning Oysters can be a tricky process with water temperature control critical during this process.  The Sydney Rock Oyster commonly is held at 24oC and once acclimatised allowing the water to increase to 30oC over at least 30 minutes. This temperature control is ideal for a Toyesi Trident Aquaculture heat pumps.
oyster life cycle 400x200 - Project Pages - Trident Aquaculture
Oyster life cycle (Picture Source: John Norton).
oster spat 250x250 - Project Pages - Trident Aquaculture
Source: Dpi Hatchery Manual

live oyster project – South Australia

oyster sa 250x250 - Project Pages - Trident Aquaculture

Client issue

  • To maintain 25oC in winter and 26oC in summer.
  • 1-phase power restrictions
  • Out-door heat pump solution
  • Located on the coast with high salty air environment
  • Repeat client with expansion project


  • Installed a TCL175SSDs-Ti in 2011 & TCL250SSDs-Ti in 2016 Toyesi Trident Aquaculture heater/chiller heat pump with Titanium heat exchanger into the system.
  • Special 316 marine grade chassis upgrade and baked epoxy coil coating to prevent environmental corrosion.
  • Special extended surface, Manual cleanable, titanium heat exchanger.
  • “Shellfish Happy” = “Client Happy”
cleanable  e1622776824233 400x300 - Project Pages - Trident Aquaculture

Other Sample Client Images & Aquaculture Projects

Sample Aquaculture Project Layout With Heat Pump

standard set up - Project Pages - Trident Aquaculture

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