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Aquaculture Research – Toyesi’s Trident Farm Fresh range of Heat Pumps used to play a key role in being able to provide reverse cycle narrow band temperature control for a major Coral Reef Study.

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Here at Toyesi, we put a lot of love into our equipment and many of our clients rely on their reliability for the livelihood of their aquatic animals.

Not only is the lives of the aquatic animals important, our equipment is used in aquaculture research projects that requires accurate temperature control. Being able to take full advantage of our reverse cycle heat pumps / chillers enables our client’s very narrow band temperature control, thus helping these projects produce accurate results for their critical aquaculture research.

James Cook University’s ARC Centre of Excellence has worked with Toyesi on many such Aquaculture research projects, and it is very exciting when we get to hear about the results and findings. And that our equipment were successfully used to produce the valuable outcomes of months or even years of dedicated work.

Below is a snap shot of one of their success stories which Toyesi is very pleased to help provide quality and reliable heating & chilling for.


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Reef fish inherit tolerance to warming oceans

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Researchers found that baby spiny chromis (Acanthochromis polyacanthus) were better able to tolerate warmer water when their parents were exposed to elevated water temperatures. Credit: Joao Krajewski

Thanks to mom (sic) and dad, baby reef fish may have what it takes to adjust to hotter oceans.

In a rapidly changing climate, the decline of animal populations is a very real concern. Today, an international team of researchers report new evidence of reef fish adjusting to global warming conditions at the genetic level.

For the first time, researchers from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies (Coral CoE) and the King Abdullah University of Science & Technology (KAUST), have found that reef fish can inherit from their parents the genetic tools to adjust to ocean warming.

“When parents are exposed to an increase in water temperature, we found that their offspring improved their performance in these otherwise stressful conditions by selectively modifying their epigenome,” said senior author Prof Philip Munday of Coral CoE at James Cook University.

Epigenetic change refers to chemical modifications in the DNA that signals genes to be switched on or off. A range of factors, including disease, famine, or in the case of this research, heat stress, can stimulate these subtle changes.

In this study, when both parent and offspring experienced the same elevated water temperatures, responsive changes in their epigenome, via selective DNA methylation, were observed that enhanced the next generation’s ability to cope with the new, warmer temperatures.

“We reared spiny chromis damselfish, a common Indo-Pacific reef fish, for two generations under three different water temperatures, up to 3 degrees Celsius warmer than current-day ocean temperatures,” explained co-author Prof Timothy Ravasi of KAUST.

“The next generation appeared to be advantaged by parental exposure to elevated temperatures. The offspring’s altered gene expression, also referred to as ‘acclimation,’ allowed them to maximise oxygen consumption and energy use.”

“Acclimation may buffer populations against the impacts of rapid environmental change and provide time for genetic adaptation to catch up over the longer term,” said Prof Munday.

The authors of the study note that while this is good news for reef fish, the decline of their coral habitat, as a result of climate change, will continue to be an overriding concern for their survival.

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