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Toyesi’s Head Office Contact details: (02) 9679 9400 or

New South Wales & Australian Capital Territory: (02) 9679 9400

Western Australia and South Australia: (08) 7906 2343

Queensland & Northern Territory: (07) 2101 4107

Victoria & Tasmania: (03) 8312 5079

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Toyesi can assist you with.

  • Heat loads
  • Chilling loads
  • Selecting the right heat pump
  • UV Solutions
  • Connecting you to a Toyesi Affiliate
  • Project advice
  • Air Source, Water Source Solutions
  • Custom designed solutions
  • Sound attenuation
  • Construct on site solutions
  • Indoor or outdoor installations


So If you are looking for the best quality Australian designed and built Heat Pump – Contact us for more information. We care about your project and your outcomes today, tomorrow and into the future.

More Information?

Toyesi is renown for its quality built and efficient heat pumps for 30 plus years right across Australia. We not only paved the way in Australia for heat pump technology, we were the corner stone and the go to guys for engineering and advice. So feel free to call us.

Toyesi’s Contact details: 02 9679 9400 or email us on

Or if you just want to know more about Toyesi, feel free to peruse one of the following links.

  • Our Maintenance  Agreements
  • Spare Parts & Components
  • Quick Overview of the Toyesi TET Heat Pump Range
  • FAQ and Downloads.

Can’t find what you are looking for, please let us know and we can assist in answering your question, of include the information in a future web update.

Australia’s most reliable manufacturer of technically advanced commercial quality HEATER-CHILLER HEAT PUMPS… Unmatched For Technical Expertise & Meticulous Manufacturing



+(612) 9679 9400



Do you Value Premium Quality?

Have you been let down before?

Toyesi has been designing and manufacturing heat pumps in Australia for 30 years.
We know Australian conditions, and we support our product, so when you are fed up with off the shelf solutions give Toyesi a Call and see how the Toyesi Difference can do for you.


2/27 Binney Road, Kings Park
NSW 2148, Australia
ARC Licence RTA AU02886
Phone: (612) 9679 9400
Phone: (612) 9679 9402

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