Maintenance & Service Agreements

Maintenance & Service Agreements

Lifetime Serviceable Design – Maintain a problem-free Heat Pump and book a Maintenance Agreement or Service Call.

Toyesi builds its heat pumps and chillers with quality 304 & 316 Stainless steel chassis, Baked Epoxy Dipped Coils and provides internal segregation of critical components. We also select quality & proven readily available parts and components where possible for true ease of service.

It may cost a little more to focus on such quality in our builds, but our systems are designed to last, and we have systems in operation 10, 15 and even 20 years on. Unlike today’s throw-away industry, we have seen many of our units being purchased as second-hand systems, still at premium prices, showing that our units are still holding their true value.

Lifetime Serviceable Design

Toyesi has taken great care in our design stage for constructing our heat pumps. These unique design features enable our units to have their long life-cycle as well as make them serviceable for life.

  • Quality 304 & 316 Stainless Chassis
  • Baked Epoxy coated coils.
  • Compartmentalised components
  • Inbuilt condensate drip trays
  • Prop fans or upgrade to low noise, high-efficiency fans
  • Quality components, readily available in Australia
  • Majority of spare parts stocked here at Toyesi
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Even though we have designed our heat pumps and chillers to last, from time to time parts and components within the heat pumps and chillers do wear and require replacement.

Since Toyesi uses quality yet readily available components you can get your local service provider to service and maintain your equipment, or one of our quality service providers please see our Affiliate page. Affiliates Click Here

Toyesi also has its own service and maintenance department and f you are within 2.5 hours of Sydney then we can arrange one of our experts to come out and service your equipment for you.

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Maintenance & Service Agreements

Toyesi supplies all Across Australia and Internationally.

However, for those located within 2.5 hours for Sydney Toyesi can offer heat pump maintenance service solutions to suit your business. Outside of this area, special services may be arranged, or we could put you in touch with one of our recommended service agents. Affiliates Click Here

Preventative Maintenance Care Schedule

The majority of in-service related problems occur as a result of maintenance programs not being carried out. This Schedule is structured with the objective of ensuring that:

  • The equipment is operational with minimal periods of downtime;
  • Major problems do not eventuate by actively addressing minor ones (as applicable);
  • Prevent premature failure of equipment and/or major components;
  • Minimise undue costs of operation, service and/or repair;


Good housekeeping measures, improved maintenance and minor adjustments can subsequently produce significant long-term financial savings to equipment owners. Owners need to ensure that existing plants and services are operating and maintained as efficiently and as economically as possible, thus eliminating unnecessary consumption of energy.

Maintenance actions that need to be considered include:

  • Planned maintenance for efficient operation;
  • Replacement of faulty plant and controls;
  • Repair of refrigerant gas and water leaks;
  • Regular refrigerant filter/drier replacement;
  • Regular water filter replacement and/or cleaning;
  • Regular inspections of control settings and operation;
  • Maintaining proper water flow and chemical balance.

Contact Peter or Christine in our office on 02 9679 9400 to find out more about how our Maintenance solution can help you.

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