Energy Recovery Ventilation & Multi-Function Heat Pump Solutions

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Toyesi’s Smart Transthermal Technology & Multi-Function Heat Pumps.

Toyesi’s R&D department is constantly reviewing how to increase efficiencies, reduce running costs, as well as increasing product versatility for our clients.

Part of this R&D is to develop customisation options for your heat pumps, multi-functional heat pumps and provide superior efficiencies and maximise our heat pump’s capabilities.

Some of these improvements include:
  • Build on Site Options
  • True Reverse-Cycle Solutions
  • Multi-Function Units
  • System Connectivity & Mobile Applications
  • Air handling & conditioning solutions
  • Air to Water & Water to Water & Hybrid systems designs
  • Customised solutions.
So if you want more out of your heat pump?
Consider these options from Toyesi…
  • PCVER – Aquatic Water Temperature control coupled with Energy Recovery, Ventilation & dehumidification
  • PAS – Process air handling systems. Indoor space temperature control. Designed for humid and wet spaces.
  • NEW Transthermal Smart Systems – Control both Space Temperature and Aquatic Temperature in one “Smart” energy sharing system with our Patented Transthermal Technology.
  • Geothermal Systems – Special water to water heat pumps for energy transfer and geothermal applications.
  • NEW Geo-Hybrid – Water to Water to Air Hybrid to maximise energy transfer efficiencies.
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Passive Cooling, Dehumidication Ventilation And Energy Recovery Systems And Upgrades

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Indoor Pool Applications

A majority of companies that design heat pumps, design them for outdoor applications and installations. Toyesi however has designed a range of heat pumps from 6 kW to 300 kW that are design specifically for in-plant installations.

This dedication to in-plant designs, along with our growing Transthermal Technology Research, has enabled us to use a heat pump to an ever-increasing versatility and economical performance.

Addressing the Issues

Whilst increased energy efficiency began to solve power, and running costs issues, indoor pools and the aquatic environments suffered aspects that outside pools don’t. Heat and Humidity, along with other moisture build-up related issues. Let alone customer and user comforts.

The Solution

Toyesi’s PCVER System. Our system provides Passive Cooling, Dehumidification, Ventilation & Energy Recover all from a single system.

Want to know more see our full system brief.

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Process Air-Handling System Tropicalisation of Space Temperature

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Space Temperature Management

Many of our clients who had heat pumps already installed, or were unable to take advantage of our PCVER system, still had indoor humidity and airflow issues that needed to be addressed..

Addressing the Issues

We found that many of our clients had tried many methods to resolve these issues including, installing air-conditioners, however slowly over time, the humidity in the rooms would still accumulate inside the air-conditioners causing mould, rusting and corrosion of parts and circuit boards.

Frustrated at the fact that they would have to replace their air-conditioning entire system every 2 to 3 years our customers looked to us for a PCVER type solution.

The Solution

We took our Transthermal Smart Technology and Created a “true” reverse cycle temperature control of the aquatic space and passive dehumidification of the air. The design also allowed for all critical components to be outside the room, so if the humidity corrodes parts, it is only the internal fans that needed to be replaced, saving huge maintenance costs.

Like to know more about our PAS system follow the links to the solutions page.

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NEW Transthermal Smart Technology

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Combining Smart Technologies

We have many customers with various aquatic projects from Aquaculture, Horticulture and Swimming Pools, each with their own water temperature and space temperature control issues.

The PCVER works exceptionally well in energy recovery & ventilation in an aquatic heating project. However, when our clients had a chilling project or were not able to install the PCVER System, Toyesi has the PAS system to support their needs. However, our development team wanted to do one better.

Combine the PCVER with the PAS Smart Technologies in one unit.

Expected Outcomes

  • One capital out lay
  • One running cost
  • Easy to service & maintain system
  • True reverse-cycle aquatic heating & chilling
  • True reverse-cycle air heating and cooling
  • Transthermal Smart Technology – For energy capture & sharing
  • Improves heat pumps performance significantly
  • With expected COPs well over 10 one of the most efficient heat pump systems in the market.

R&D Timelines

This product is currently in development. It has passed the initial stages of testing and should be due for live testing early in 2019.

If you are interested to know more or be an active partner in our development, we are keen to hear from you about being a trial site. Installation & Equipment Savings and a win for you, and a great help for our development team.

Can’t Wait – follow the Managing Energy Loss – The Story below and find out other ways to save on energy usage.

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Geothermal & Hybrid Geothermal Solutions.

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Geothermal, Water to Water & Ground Source Heat Pumps

Many countries with adverse weather conditions realise that air-sourced heat pumps did not solve all their heating needs. As the colder winter months kicked in, their heat pumps began to freeze up or struggle with minus temperatures.

The ground is a natural buffer to vast temperature changes in the ambient environment. So by installing either vertically or horizontally heat exchangers inside the earth, you can use the earth as a heat emitter or as a heat sink to generate heating or cooling solutions.

R&D Timelines

Water to Water Heat Pumps

Geothermal systems, utilising water to water exchange, are currently available and can be custom designed and built for your project.

Hybrid – Geothermal System

The idea is that an air-source heat pump is more efficient during the warmer months and that the Geothermal ground-sourced heat pumps are more efficient during the cooler months. So this means to have the maximum efficiency of your heating project is to have both units in your project.

A Hybrid system means rather than having 2 supersaturate units you have one unit with two water circuits and one air circuit. Utilising Transthermal Smart Technology that monitors both ambient and groundwater temperatures and picks the best circuit to draw on to maximise heat pump efficiencies.

This product is currently in development and should be available in 2019

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