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Golf Greens Maintenance Issues

There are many golf green maintenance issues that plague a golf superintendent as they fight nature to create the perfect playing fields and conditions for the players of golf, and most of which must be done whilst dodging golf balls during the days’ play.

Some key issues include:

  • Turfgrass disease
  • Micro-climates across different greens
  • Constant changing weather
  • Tree Management
  • Over-watering or under-watering
  • Use of Pesticides
  • Vandalism
  • Keeping putting greens in condition
  • The amount of play and hours of play
  • And much more

Addressing Turf Grass Disease

Every golf course is different and every hole on every course is different, however, only some greens seem to suffer from turf disease whilst others seem to never have issues. This creates a unique issue for golf supers.

So, what conditions within a microsystem on a golf green that makes them more subject to turf diseases?

  • Stagnant air pockets – Lack of air movement
  • High levels of trapped moisture
    • Humidity levels close to the green
    • Nighttime dew being trapped on the grass
    • Frost prone areas
    • Inadequate drainage
  • Warm to hot environments
  • Damaged or stressed turf
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Golf Greens Maintenance

There are two main ways to solve the issue of turf disease.

  1. Prevention – Put management plans in place to prevent the issues in the first place.
  2. Repair – constant upkeep and repair of turf

Prevention is often better than cure. To help prevent turf disease in the first place there are several key processes you can consider:

  • Design and build your greens with ideal practices.
  • Thin or remove trees or undergrowth to allow airflow
  • Allow for adequate drainage systems
  • Raise mower height
  • Reduce soil compaction through aeration
  • Avoid drought stress by cooling the soil and plants in the mid-afternoon

Regardless of how hard you work or prepare there is often that one problem site. Maybe it is a tree edge you cannot thin, a mountain you cannot move. In these situations, mechanical methods of creating airflow are often a great solution.

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Giving the Breath of Life

The Turf Jet range of products utilise a unique linear, oscillating natural air flow technology aid areas where nature does not provide adequate air-flow or air-movement.

Known Airflow issues include but not limited to:

  • Frost management – prevention & dispersion.
  • Humidity management – disperse humidity and improve air-flow.
  • Dampness management – increase natural evaporation.
  • Disease management – reduce humidity, dampness and prevent excess frost by increasing air flow can help keep diseases and rot from setting in.
  • Plant health – gentle air flow has been known to strengthen and improve grass and other plants health.

Laminar Flow Technology – Benefits

  • High Efficiency – Low energy consumption
  • Low noise emission
  • Easy Serviceability
  • Ability to handle changes in air pressure without affecting out-put air volume.
  • Constant positive air-flow
  • Stable and Linear (Laminar) airflow (Propeller fans cause turbulent and vortex air-flow)
  • Higher air-flow volume and velocity
  • 1-phase & 3-phase options available.
  • Custom sizes and accessories are available on request
  • Need a specific shape or colour just ask.
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