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Technical Specifications – Turf Jet – Standard

* For an approximate distance of airflow and for Sizing charts that follow use the following:

  • 1 litre/second = 3.6 cubic meters / hour
  • 1 meter per second = 3.6 Kilometres per hour
  • All calculations are based on Nominal conditions. Location, Temperature, Humidity and other factors will alter values.
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Design Benefits and Options

Turf Jets utilise Super Laminar Flow Technology to throw (push) air up to an astonishing 130m (model dependant). Furthermore, the Turf Jet uses airwave technology to oscillate the throw of air from side to side to maximise greater area coverage and mimic nature’s natural wind movement. and can assist:

  • The natural evaporation process of excess water across turf canopy and plant foliage and the space above and surrounding it.
  • Help prevent frost build-up & its dissipation.
  • Reduce the use of chemicals and water used in frost prevention in horticulture.
  • Dissipate humid micro-climates through airflow.
  • As part of a disease preventative plan.
  • Linear, oscillating (natural flow) airflow solutions

Additional Options, Features & Benefits

  • Improved plant & turf growth & health
  • low noise operation output
  • Comes with 25 mm acoustic foam
  • Reduced electricity usage
  • An easily serviceable system
  • Fixed & adjustable oscillation controls
  • An adjustable fan speed control
  • An easily manoeuvred solution
  • An irrigation & cooling spray option
  • Turf Jets have fixed, portable & tow-able versions
  • Mini, rotational & mountable models

Laminar Flow Technology

The Turf Jet utilises Super Laminar Flow Technology.

Laminar flow technology uses an engineered air directional system that maximises the power and efficiency behind an air induction fan system.

Unlike turbulent airflow from a bladed fan-based system, our technology uses an air induction system that causes air particles to travel in a tangential path reducing the likelihood of any intersecting airflow or eddies occurring.

This technology creates the opportunity for the air to slipstream as the air particles tend to slide over the adjacent particles without disturbing their motion thus creating a laminar flow.  The induction system creates a static layer of air in the system, similar in concept to that created by the dimples on a golf ball, reducing drag and causing the surrounding adjacent air to actually increase in velocity increasing the “Push” and velocity of the airflow produced.

Also, a Laminar flow system is more consistent than a turbulent flow system.

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