Cold Water Plunge Pools

8oC to 15oC Cold water pools

Cold Water Plunge Pools Gaining Popularity

Coldwater plunge pools for most of us are a scary thing. In fact, going in water lower than 20 degrees Celsius is a cold usually only the avid ocean surfer or swimmer go through. Yet over the last decade or so the health benefits of cold water bathing has now become the go-to solution for many athletes, health gurus and rehabilitation experts.

Plunge pools are no longer just for sportspeople – SMH Story

Coldwater plunge pools usually sit between 8 degrees to 15 degrees with 12 degrees the most common setpoint temperature.

Key Health Benefits of Cold Water Plunge Pools

Believe it or not, there are some great benefits to performing cold water swimming!

Here is a brief summary:

1. It boosts your immune system

The thermal shock of entering cold water causes your body to boost the white blood cell count as it reacts to the changing conditions. Over time, your body becomes better at activating its defences.

2. It gives you a natural high

Coldwater also brings us close to the pain barrier. The thermal shock then causes the release of Endorphins, the brains reaction to pain. Endorphins help us to feel good and can also assist in reducing depression.

3. It improves your circulation

Coldwater also flushes your veins, arteries, and capillaries as it causes an increase in blood flow to warm our extremities. Repeated exposure adapts us to the cold.

4. It increases your libido

Coldwater was traditionally seen to repress sexual urges. The fact is that it increases libido! A dip in some cold water boosts oestrogen and testosterone production, adding an edge to fertility and libido.

The benefits of increased libido include more confidence, higher self-esteem, and enhanced mood.

5. It burns calories

The heart has to pump faster in cold water and the body must work harder to keep everything warm while swimming. You thus burn far more calories in cold water.

6. It reduces stress

Coldwater swimming places stress on the body physically and mentally. Many studies have identified the link between cold water and stress reduction. Coldwater swimmers become calmer and more relaxed.

7. It reduces Inflammation

Coldwater can cause inflamed areas to reduce and settle. Used after a rough game of football or a workout can prevent or reduce injuries. Similar to the ice pack treatment.

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Plunge Pool Chillers Verse Heat Pumps


Toyesi specialises in designing and building heat pumps, and have done so for over 30 years. Time and time again we see many people make do with off the shelf reverse cycle heat pumps for cold water applications.

Although heat pumps are very efficient in heating water, they are not originally designed to chill water. But, as temperature control and cold water plunge pool concepts became more popular reverse cycle heat pumps became more popular.

However many “ready to install off the shelf ” heat pumps are designed with 24 to 36 degrees Celsius in mind. This means that they are not designed for 10 to 12 degrees of the coldwater plunge pools.

These systems tend to underperform and have freeze-up issues.

Plunge Pool Chillers

Toyesi’s range of plunge pool chillers is designed for cold water conditions. They are sized based on user conditions including usage ambient conditions, pull downtime, desired water temperature and other heat loads.

Once we have determined the chiller sizing, we can look at plant room (indoors) installation or outdoor installations and power and airflow requirements.

Toyesi then will design and build the system to meet our clients’ project requirements. This design and build offer our clients’ a unique peace of mind that the system has been designed for them and their needs.

Our plunge pool chillers also include safety features from crankcase pressure regulators to liquid injection for high load compressor protection. Ensuring a problem-free chiller from the get-go.

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Plunge Pool – Spa Combo

The growing popularity of plunge pools has crossed over with the popularity of spas. Many people cannot afford or have the space for both a spa and a plunge pool.

Toyesi has addressed this issue with a cleaver system with dual operation. A heat pump & Chiller system.

When considering a combo system special considerations must be taken into account. It is not recommended that the difference between the high temp and low temp be more than 20 Degrees. So a 15-degree plunge pool can be coupled with a 35-degree spa.  However, an 8-degree plunge pool will not work with a 38-degree spa.

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