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We pride ourselves in Australian Manufactured Pool Heating & Chilling solutions from our standard heat pumps through to our dedicated Aquaculture range (Trident Aquaculture) we take a serious approach to selecting equipment for our clients and we support our local customers with care, service and attention and believe that Australian’s respect quality and value in what they buy.

Here at Toyesi we also know that heat pumps are not just heaters or just chillers, and that each industry and business have different needs and outcomes for their equipment. So unlike an off the shelf product, where you just get what you get, we tailor our systems in line with our customers’ needs to ensure a long trouble free system that exceeds your expectations.

To assist different industries we have broken our focus into these subgroups below:

  • Toyesi – Australian Manufactured Pool Heating – Heat Pumps & Chillers
  • Trident Aquaculture – Heat Pumps & Chillers
  • Thransthermal – Energy Management and Multi-Function Heat pumps
  • Turf Jet, Easy Lever & Other Assorted Products
  • Water Quality Products – UV Filters, Filters etc.
  • Toyesi & Refrigeration Spare Parts & Components

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Australian Manufactured Heat Pumps & Chillers

Toyesi designs and manufactures their heat pumps here in Australia. Our base range the TET series can be either for outdoor or for plant room applications. If your project is a little different, then we can work with you on a custom design or even a build on site solution.

Titan Companion Range

Titan Companion Range

For Small to Medium Pools & Spa Projects
6 kW to 18 kW Heating Capacity
4 kW to 13 kW Cooling Capacity
Zeus Power Range

Zeus Power Range

For Large Pools & Outdoors Aquatic Projects
96 kW to 300 kW Heating Capacity
67 kW to 210 kW Cooling Capacity
Poseidon Performance Range

Poseidon Performance Range

For Medium to Large Pools & Aquatic Projects
20 kW to 80 kW Heating Capacity
14 kW to 56 kW Cooling Capacity
In-plant Options & Upgrades

Upgrades & Options

For all your extra features and options
In-plant, Sound Attenuation, Ducting,
Chassis Upgrades & Custom builds.

Heat Pumps & Chillers for Farms & Hatcheries

Working closely with farmers and different industry experts, Toyesi developed some very high quality, industry specific, heat pumps and chillers for the Aquaculture, Aquarium, Hydroponic, Protected Cropping and Aquaponics industries. Hence why we called the range Trident – Farm Fresh Range.

The TAC range comes with a specially designed full metal titanium heat exchangers with high heat transfer capabilities in both heating and cooling modes.

Trident Farm Fresh Heat Pump - Aquaculture Project

TAC – Trident Aquaculture Chiller/Heater

Reverse-Cycle Chiller/Heaters Dedicated for Aquaculture
6 kW to 58 kW Heating Capacity
4 kW to 40 kW Cooling Capacity
Installing a Toyesi Water to Water Geothermal System

WTW- Water to Water Chiller/Heat Pumps

Energy Recovery & Transfer Solutions
6 kW to 58 kW Heating Capacity
4 kW to 30 kW Cooling Capacity
Trident Farm Fresh - Aquaculture System for Oysters & Shellfish

TCL- Trident Cleanable Chiller/Heaters

Special Custom Built Manual Cleanable Heat Exchanges
6 kW to 40 kW Heating Capacity
4 kW to 30 kW Cooling Capacity

Horticulture Heat Pumps & Chillers

NFT & Hydroponic Root Temperature Control
Dehumidification & Energy Management
Greenhouse Heating or Cooling Solutions
Thransthermal Logo

Energy Management & Multi-Function Systems

In Australia consumers are spoilt for choice with an influx of budget priced imported heat pumps. To ensure that Toyesi stays at the forefront of heat pump development we have invested in our equipment by including internal safeties, customisable features and tweaking our systems for maximum efficiencies on a job per job basis.

We have now also begun developing solutions unique to Toyesi called our Transthermal range. These systems take the humble heat pump and increased their functionality including everything from dehumidification, energy management and multi-purpose solutions.

Transthermal PCVER System - Air Flow Management, Passive Cooling, Ventilation


Passive Cooling, Ventilation, Dehumidification
& Energy Recovery Solutions
26 kW to 58 kW Plus Heating Capacity
Installing a Toyesi Water to Water Geothermal System

Geothermal – Water to Water

Energy Recovery & Transfer Solutions
6 kW to 58 kW Heating Capacity
4 kW to 30 kW Cooling Capacity
Transthermal - PAS System - Process Air System

PAS-Process Air Handing System

Air Handling System for wet & humid conditions.
Reverse-Cycle Heating and Chilling
Custom Built for each project.
Transthermal energy Management solutions

Tranthermal – Energy Management

Concepts, R&D and Methods of Saving Energy
Manage Air, Water Temperature Control
Custom project and builds.
Turf Jet Logo

Turf Jet, Easy Lever & Other Products

Toyesi is renown for its quality heat pump solutions, but sometimes to solve our clients needs we have had to think a little differently.  From UV Filters, Fire Rated Ducting & Dampers to easy engineered ideas like our Easy Lever & Turf Jet, Toyesi has added some real valued products into our arsenal to help our clients wit their water & air handling needs.

Turf Jet Cropped

Turf Jet

Creating Air Flow Where Nature Can’t
Assorted Sizes and custom builds
Laminar Flow Technology
Easy Lever Image
Easy Lever Logo

Easy Lever

Brake Handle Rod Extender
Ideal for Caravan & Trailer Owners
Adds leverage when you can’t
UV Water Treatment

UV-Guard – UV Filters

More than 4 ranges and over 40 sizes
For Air Treatment to Water Treatment
From Small to Olympic Pool Sizes available
Lorient Fire Dampers

Lorient – Fire Damper

For Indoor Ventilation Safety
Assorted shapes & Sizes
Off the shelf and custom sizes.
Daisy Pool Blankets

Pool Blankets

Link to Daisy Pool Blankets Site
Assorted shapes & Sizes
Off the shelf and custom sizes.
UV Water Treatment

Quantum Purity – UV Treatment 

Perfect for Swim Schools & Rehab Pools
2 Sizes Available 55 W & 110 W
Nano-Crystal Technology
Assorted Waterco Products

Waterco Products

Link to WaterCo Website
Find what you need and let us know.
Bio-Filters, Water Pumps and more.
Toyesi Heat Pump Logo

Toyesi Equipment Spare Parts

From PC Control Boards to Heat Exchangers
The following lists the more common components
Can’t find it there give us a call. 02 9679 9400

Australia’s most reliable manufacturer of technically advanced commercial quality HEATER-CHILLER HEAT PUMPS… Unmatched For Technical Expertise & Meticulous Manufacturing

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