Quantum Purity UV a Clean Testimonial

Is Urine in the pool, peeing you off?

Quantum Purity UV Sterilisation

Most people who have worked around or swam a lot will know the issues with polluted pools and hygiene risks. This is more so true with many swim schools where children not wanting to hop out half way through a lesson, take the easy cut and pee in the pool. I think its true to say most people have experienced this problem at some time.

With Quantum Purity new into Australia it was decided to gain the review from one such swim school and compare the results.

So What is Quantum Purity?

Quantum Purity UV Sterilisation was developed for the swimming pool industry as a new way to approach UV treatment.

Quantum’s advanced cleaning technology replicates nature’s own techniques for sterilising our planet. A photo-catalytic Oxidiser, known as the Natures Silver Bullet neutralises what chlorine cannot and achieves exponential reductions in unwanted bacteria, pathogens and viruses like never seen before.

Wanting some actual test results it was arranged for a swim school in Victoria to run a before and after UV treatment test. The following two tables is the summary of the before and after test results, and speak for themselves.

Quantum Purity - Pool Test Results
The Before and After

Test Results Before Quantum Purity was Installed.

quantum before test 600x255 - Quantum Purity UV a Clean Testimonial

Test Results After Quantum Purity was Installed.

quantum after test 600x254 - Quantum Purity UV a Clean Testimonial

Clear Results

When you look at the results from the before to after tests, you can see quite clearly the effects of the Quantum Purity UV System.

This Swim School in the Quantum Test already had a UV system in place, so when it was swapped out with the Quantum unit you could truly get a feel for the change over the standard UV System.

If you would like to know more about the Quantum Purity UV System feel free to contact Mark on 02 9679 9400.

However, due to having our client used as a reference for other projects, we requested their testimonial to reduce undue number of calls our client had to receive.

Testimonial from the Swim School

8 May 2017.

Our Swim School operates in a small pool approx. 10m x 3.5m having a water volume of 62,000 Litres. The pool temperature is maintained at 32 C. Catering for mainly for babies and young children.

A Quantum 55 Watt single tube was installed during September 2016 with the unit operating continually since that date. Following installation swimming teachers commented saying the water felt pleasantly softer. While water clarity has always been very good, following installation the water developed a new sparkle. Combined chlorine levels have always complied with Public Health Regulations, but are now generally lower than previously.

Although more time is required to establish any changes in Chemical usage, at this stage liquid chlorine use has reduce by 5%.


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