Toyesi – Recognised for Green Efficiency

Toyesi, a history of efficiency

Toyesi opened its doors way back in 1989, and has been renown for it meticulous designs of recognisably Green Efficient Heat Pumps and Chillers.

With careful selection of components, and hand crafted chassis and piping, has allowed Toyesi to focus on quality and building systems that truly surpass our opposition in efficiencies, customisation and longevity. Being at the forefront of efficiency Toyesi’s heat pumps had COPs of 5 or more before most of the other brands even pasted COPs of 3.

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These days, with the invent of inverter technology, many of the more domestic rated heat pumps claim COPs of 6 to 10. However, most of these numbers appear to come from where the least power input is required verses the biggest output in power, creating a potential misleading COP, that may not actually be achievable.

The other issue is that these pumps may never turn off, they just back off. But, when heat is really needed and they are fully on, meaning they are no different to an “off on” heat pump.

Continual Research and Development

Through extensive R&D and investment over the years our Engineers are continually looking at advancements.  However, when it comes to refrigerants there is only so much you can squeeze out of them. The refrigerant capacity.

So our team has investigated what else can our systems do to add value to our clients.

From Dedicated In-plant Solutions, Process Air Handling, Dehumidification, Space Temp Control as well as Reverse Cycle Heat Pumps we have been able to take the humble heat pump right up to some solutions giving well over COPs of 10. Providing true green efficient heat pumps.

Toyesi being Recognised across many industries.

Through our research and development Toyesi has expanded its range across many different industries. We have never been a company pushing for recognition or rewards, because we do not build our systems for merit, just results for our clients.

With that said we have been recognised for our efficient designs both locally and internationally as well across the different industries. Here a few of these recognitions.

  • Pool Industry – 2010 Splash Finalist
  • Internationally – 2014 Montreal Heat Pump IEA Conference – Energy Efficient Solutions Finalist
  • Climate Control – 2017 CCN Green Leadership Award Finalist for Energy Efficiency, Savings and Sustainability. The only Heat Pump recognised.

This year (2019) Toyesi is once again being recognised for its efficiency and value add solutions in the Australia Construction Awards. We are one of the short listed finalist for ‘Process Innovation of the Year’.

We look forwards to seeing the results, as well as seeing the other solutions and products recognised in the construction industry. And at this stage we are so proud to be the only heat pump company being shortlisted.

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