Toyesi Heat Pumps to Assist Australian Farmers

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As I do each morning I was going through Hortidaily for projects and information to learn more about the Horticulture, Protective Cropping and Hydroponic projects.

This morning I came across this story “The climate-neutral greenhouse is getting closer and closer”

What caught my eye mostly about this story, is that this research group at Wageningen University in the Netherlands is creating as close to an emission  free green house.

Three themes were leading in the sustainable design of the greenhouse: CO2 emissions, water & nutrients and crop protection. To start with CO2. The greenhouse uses no gas for heating. It is in fact a so-called all-electric greenhouse, including full LED lighting. A heat pump is used to dehumidify the greenhouse. In this way, latent heat is recovered and the greenhouse remains more closed in winter and spring. No own electricity is generated for the greenhouse; that is purchased.

The greenhouse also does not discharge any drain and condensation water into the sewer. So no nutrients are lost, the water is used optimally and no residues of plant protection products end up in the sewer. Ozone is used to disinfect the water, so that the water can be reused in cultivation. Finally, crop protection is fully integrated, with as much use as possible of natural enemies.


They have moved away from gas heating and discharging waste water and have begun using Heat Pumps, Dehumidification and water recycling.

One thing Toyesi has been heavily researching over the last few years is how our heat pump equipment can be used in the green house environment very similar to this research group.

We can help Australian farmers with:

  1. Heat Pumps – standard and custom designs
  2. Energy Capture, Storage & Reuse
  3. Dehumidification
  4. Cross project applications – Aquaponics for example.
  5. Space temperature control
  6. PAS & PCVER Systems for better control
  7. Geothermal Heat Pumps

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