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From our standard Commercial Heat Pumps & Solutions through to our dedicated high-end Titanium range (Trident Farm Fresh Range for Horticulture & Aquaculture projects) we take a serious approach to selecting equipment for our clients and we support our local customers with care, service and attention and believe that Australian’s respect quality and value in what they buy.

Here at Toyesi we also know that heat pumps are not just heaters or just chillers, and that each industry and business have different needs and outcomes for their equipment. So unlike an off the shelf product where you just get what you get, we tailor our systems in line with our customers’ needs to ensure a long trouble-free system that exceeds your expectations.

To assist different heat pump solutions & associated industries we have broken our focus into these subgroups below:

Swimming Pool & Spa

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Swim Schools & Commercial Swimming Pool Projects
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Heated Water Safe Fun For the Whole Family

“The Bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”

Pools are a life-long investment, so we build our equipment to last the distance.

Regardless if your swimming pool is for your backyard, apartment, or for a commercial venture they represent a significant investment and as a major part of the Australian lifestyle, their design and maintenance are very important.

Whether for pleasure, fitness, rehabilitation or for swim-training, making sure the pool is fit for use may include many processes like filtering and chemicals but also providing heating for full swimmer comfort.

With increasing choices available today for pool heating, it is important to know which suppliers have the experience & expertise to size and select the right equipment as well as having quality built, energy-efficient equipment that will last the distance.


Toyesi has tacit knowledge & experience, as it has been researching, designing and manufacturing heat pumps in Australia since 1989. Giving Toyesi 30 plus years of direct hands-on experience, and even more, combined cross-industry knowledge.

We are not just simply reselling someone else product. Our production and service teams know our products intimately. We even offer free lifetime phone support of all our heat pumps and chillers (new & 2nd hand), and as our units are known to last 10, 15 or even 20 years plus, this is a huge commitment offered to our current and future customers.

Toyesi is also renowned for not just its premium quality heat pumps, but also for the ability to provide 40 plus standard designs covering 6 kW to 300 kW of heating, which is customisable as we manufacture them here locally.

This added benefit of customising our systems is that we can modify our systems as we manufacture them to suit the requirement of a given project. This may include outdoor or indoor installations, sound attenuation, humidification and energy management designs.

So if you have a need for a quality solution feel free to let us know and we will work hard to design and then build a unit for you.

“The Bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”

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Aquaculture & Aquatic Ventures

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Aquaculture Temperature Management Systems
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Aquarium Exhibit Heat Pumps & Chillers
Heat Pumps & Chillers for Fresh & Saltwater Ventures

We noticed that the Aquaculture and other Aquatic Ventures were subject to just re-purposed pool equipment. Although they do the job, our research showed that they just did not last in the potential harsh aquaculture environments. To overcome this shortfall in the Heat Pump Supply, Toyesi made the decision to create a heat pump range specifically for Aquaculture.

We called this our Trident Range.

The Toyesi Trident Series was developed through consultation with a few Australian Aquaculture Industry Consultants and a few aquatic farm ventures to ensure our systems stood up to the harsh environments and could stand the test of time in both fresh and saltwater farm conditions.

With full metal titanium heat exchangers, 304 or 316 stainless steel chassis options, we have created a truly dependable premium quality heat pump. Coupled now with Toyesi’s Transthermal reverse-cycle heater-chillers system, allows for controlling dead-band temperature ranges for precise temperature control. They are not just heat pumps but smart self-managed heater-chillers.

When you are dependent on your commercial heat pump’s performance and reliability, as your business livelihood is directly linked and paramount to your business success, you can trust that Toyesi’s units will be there for you. With COPs ranging from 5 to 8, depending on weather and water temperatures, the Toyesi ranges offer superior dependability that will keep the temperature of your tank controlled all year round.

Keep your Fish Happy and Increase your Profitability

Horticulture & Protected Crops

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For all types of protected Crops.
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Hydroponics & NFT Solutions
Horticulture, Aquaponics, Hydroponics & Protected Crops

In today’s ever-changing farming industry the process of getting different crops to market has changed as dramatically as the difference in growing methods and produces available.

More and more plants, flowers and food crops are produced in protective cropping, greenhouses, and via different hydroponic methods. And as technology changes and improves, brave farmers, engage in this technology with a hope to reduce running costs and at the same time increase yield potential and thus improve their bottom line.

There are many industry specialists covering all aspects of protective cropping. Covering aspects such as design, irrigation, filtration, nutrients, nursery aspects and much more.

Here at Toyesi, we know we cannot address all the problems and issues with a greenhouse or hydroponic set-up, however, we have developed several key heating and cooling solutions through our Smart Transthermal Technology Solutions.

Our Horticulture Systems are designed to aid Greenhouses, Hydroponic setups via:

  • Dehumidification
  • Irrigation water temperature control
  • Heating & cooling of space temperature
  • Improve plant living conditions
  • Helps to reduce disease occurrence
  • Helps reduce maintenance costs
  • Reducing overall running costs
  • Decrease gas heating costs
  • Help provide optimal growing conditions
  • Assist to increase plant health, growth rates and yields.
Control water quality and improve plant yield

Energy Management & Multi Function Heat Pumps

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Transthermal Family Range Image
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As we seek to provide an efficient living for Australian residences and a sustainable future, we all seek equipment and solutions that assist in this process. Here at Toyesi. Efficiency is near the top of the list. Here are some of our solutions that can help in the achievement of your Green Star Construction Projects.

  • Heat Pumps & Booster Systems
  • Geothermal Heat Pumps
  • Energy Recovery & Management
  • Innovation & Custom Designs
  • Improved Energy Efficiencies.
Transthermal – Energy Management Systems

Most people understand that Commercial Heat Pumps provide heating solutions that are around 50% more efficient than an equivalent gas-based heater. However, there are a lot of things about heat pumps that even many heat pump manufacturers don’t know.

The Toyesi Difference

Here at Toyesi, we know that heat pumps have some amazing properties. They not only draw heat out of the air and heat aquatic projects but they can also be designed to reject heat into the air and act as chillers.

But, that is not where they stop, our unique designs also allow our heat pumps to be set up as reverse-cycle. This means that we can maintain an aquatic project in a dead-band temperature zone by heating and chilling as required to maintain ideal temperatures.

We also use Toyesi Transthermal Smart Technology to allow for other processes with the same system creating some very smart multi-function heat pumps including:

  • Energy Capture & Recovery Systems
  • Dehumidification & Water Reclaim Designs
  • Ventilation and Efficiency Boosting Systems
  • Room Temperature Control Options
  • Water to Water & Hybrid Systems and much more

Want more out of your heat pump? Consider options from Toyesi…

Water & Air Quality Management

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Creating Air-Flow Where Nature Can't
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Assorted Waterco Products
Turf Jet, & Other Air & Water Quality Handling Equipment.

Although Toyesi specialises in commercial heat pumps in relation to heating and chilling solutions, we realised that the quality of the water and air greatly improves both equipment longevity but also customer satisfaction.

There are so many companies that focus on water filtration, and air conditioning so we wanted to focus on speciality equipment that could add value to our heat pumps, and to our customers.

Some of these solutions include:

  • UV Filters – UV-Guard & Quantum Purity
  • Bio-Filters, & Water Pumps – from WaterCo
  • Turf Jet – Environmental Air Handling Systems to create airflow where nature can’t.
  • Ventilation, Dehumidification,  Temperature Control Solutions
  • Fire Dampers Grills & 4 Zero Rated Flexi-Ducting

Improve air & water quality to improve customer satisfaction

Research & Education

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Research Lab Equipment & Room Temperature Control
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JCU Aquaculture Project Qld
We Support Training, Education & Research

Toyesi’s core belief is that the foundation of any industry is the quality of its Training, Education and Research elements. We believe that if these areas can produce quality outcomes, then they will provide a positive flow through effect right into the core of all businesses in the industry right across Australia.

We believe that by focusing on these areas of Australia, then we can truly help to strengthen this foundation and add real value to all businesses Australia Wide.

  • We can work directly with research organisations and assist with heat loads calculations, advice and engineering concepts.
  • We have an active distribution system with a key specialist in different fields to be able to offer turn-key solutions and full product support.
  • From energy management, heating, chilling and Aquatic & space temperature control project.
  • We aim to reduce running costs, increase efficiencies and develop multi-function heat pumps and chillers.
  • System Connectivity & Mobile Applications

Getting Things Right Today for a Better Tomorrow

Process Heaters & Chillers

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Medical Equipment Cooling
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Parker Hyperchillers
Toyesi’s Sister Company Add Cool

Add Cool specialises in alternative Heat Pump Solutions, Custom Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning systems.

Areas that Toyesi-Add Cool mange includes:

  • Cool Rooms & Food Storage
  • Process Heating and Chilling Processes
  • Scientific & Medical Equipment Chilling Equipment
  • Palatable Water System
  • Space Temperature Control.


Add Cool Solutions Includes:

  • PAS – Process air handing systems for true reverse-cycle heating & cooling (See Transthermal)
  • Process Heat Pumps & Chillers. (See Heat Pumps & Chillers)
  • Parker Hyperchill Process & Palatable Water Chiller Systems

Australia’s most reliable manufacturer of technically advanced commercial quality HEATER-CHILLER HEAT PUMPS… Unmatched For Technical Expertise & Meticulous Manufacturing

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It’s all about water and air handling

Toyesi Pty Ltd. Service Solutions

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Heat Pumps & Chillers
Leading Solution Provider for True “Green” Energy Efficient Pool & Spa Heater & Chiller Pumps.
Leading Solution Provider for True “Green” Energy Efficient Pool & Spa Heater & Chiller Pumps. Covers
Engineering & Tooling Projects.
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Aquaculture Heat Pumps
Working with Key Industry Consultants to Ensure Turnkey Solutions for Every Project.
Boosting the Value and Sustainability of Australia's Aquaculture & Aquaponics industry with Trident.
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Getting far more from your heat pump than just heating
Unleash the True Potential of Heat Pumps
Dehumidification, Ventilation, Water Reclaim, Reverse-Cycle Space Temperature Control,
Energy Capture & Reuse and still heat or cool your Aquatic project & much more.
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Turf Zone Maintenance
Remove humid, stale air and improve turf growth & health. Creating air flow where nature can’t.
Remove humid, stale air and improve turf growth & health. Creating air flow where nature can’t..


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