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Custom Heat Pump Project

Confined space, removal and onsite build project

Marlow apartments located near Georges River in Sylvania offers its residence wonderful amenities from tennis courts to an indoor swimming pool.

This is where Toyesi comes in. Their swimming pool is not just an indoor pool, it is available all year round to the residences at a wonderful 28 Celsius.  Their old pool heating system had come to its natural end of life and they engaged Toyesi with some interesting project requirements and difficulties.

This was one project destined to be a custom heat pump project!

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Site Requirements

There were several site requirements critical to the success of this project.

  1. The unit mad to be installed into a very narrow passage besides the pool room next to a rock wall.
  2. The unit had to have ducted air discharge
  3. Noise levels had to be reduced compared to the older system.
  4. Air intake was to come from the pool space.

The original system in place was a Carrier top discharged unit with prop fan. A makeshift duct was put over the prop fan and used a hard duct to take the air out of the space.

The main issues here is prop fans are not designed to be ducted, and become less efficient when they are. They are also noisier when ducted as the chopping sounds of the blades is often exacerbated by the vibrations down the metal duct.  With the nest result being a noisy and inefficient heat pump installation.

marlow apartment pool old system measuring up 1 e1622776275732 400x225 - Custom Heat Pump Design - Marlow apartments

After measuring up we realised that the outgoing unit would need to be dismantled, and any new unit would need to be built on site.

marlow apartment pool old system 225x400 - Custom Heat Pump Design - Marlow apartments
marlow apartment pool old system duct 225x400 - Custom Heat Pump Design - Marlow apartments

The Solution

First step is to understand the custom heat pump project

Project Overview:

  • Pool details: L 18.5m x W 4.5m x D 1.3m
  • Temp required: 28oC
  • Pool Construction: Concrete, Light Blue
  • Swim Season: 12 months
  • Sizing Factors: Enclosed space L 23.2m x W 6.12m x H 2.5m
  • Pool Blanket use: Not in use
  • Heat Pump Operation Time:  Based on 12hr use time.
  • Miscellaneous: Near beach, In-plant unit, 3-phase unit – exiting ducting and ventilation may need modifying or removal. Tight space, floor space for pump 900mm x 1800mm however would lead no space for install and service therefore will require custom design to fit space, pre-build with assembly and install on site.

Once we understood the project on hand we went away and did our own heat load on the pool. We may use the existing equipment as a guide, but by doing a fresh heat load also enabled us to realise the old system was also slightly undersized.

Knowing now that this space required around 50kW of heating we set forth to recommend the TET 1200 SSD Indoor system.

The instant advantages this system offered included:

  • Upgraded centrifugal fan – Designed for ducted projects, quieter and efficient under these conditions. Offering an instant benefit to one of the brief points of a quieter system.
  • Correct heat pump connections for ducting connections.
  • 4Zero Rated flexible ducting to reduce sound vibration noise issues.
  • Superior efficiency heat pump due to no drop in performance from being in a plant room and ducted.

We built the unit in our factory and then went through the standard quality checking and testing prior to dismantling the unit into components ready for onsite install.

Work commenced with the removal of the old system and ducting. We then then took each component into the space and reassembled and completed the install.

The net result was a wonderful warm pool all year round with a quieter operation meeting our clients brief.

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