Heat Pumps on the Water

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Heat Pumps on the Water

Boat-mounted heat pumps for an open-water research project.

One of the things I love about working at Toyesi is the privilege of actually helping to improve our country by producing critical equipment for many different research projects. And assisting in designing heat pumps that can go on the water by becoming boat-mounted is one such project.

Over the last few years, we have helped several Universities, Schools, and private research companies with their projects.

Unfortunately due to some of their privacy policies, and the critical nature of the research project we are often unable to let the world know just how exciting and valuable this research is.

With that said our current boat-mounted system has allowed for a unique opportunity for our research customer to do live on-site research projects. Minimizing downtimes by not having to bring the stock back into a land-based lab, and thus improve the viability of the research.

Again the nature of this project prevents us from disclosing this valuable research, however, they were kind enough to give us a small testimonial overview. We thank them for these kind words and look forward in help them and others in similar projects.

Heat Pumps on the Water a Client Testimonial.

The National Sea Simulator (SeaSim) at the Australian Institute of Marine Science developed temperature-controlled experimental aquaria systems to enable testing of corals’ ability to withstand increasing seawater temperatures. We worked together with Toyesi to create a mobile heat pump system to be taken out to the reef on our research vessels.

We took a couple of Toyesi’s dedicated Aquaculture Heater Chillers and mounted them onto skids and developed a vinyl cover to provide protection from the elements whilst in the field. The units are now in use and were all set up for their life on one of our research vessels.

After 2 years of operation along the Great Barrier Reef and in North Western Australia the units have been functioning with no issues in the harsh marine environment.

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Toyesi & Trident Heat Pumps and Chillers.

If you want to know how Toyesi and its Aquaculture Affiliates can help you and your Aquaculture business increase energy efficiency, reduce running costs or minimise your waste energy then give us a call. From Heat exchangers to chillers and from UV filters to heat pumps we have a solution that can help.

Contact us at 02  9679 9400 or by email at info@toyesi.com.au and we can discuss how we can best assist you in your projects.

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